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· The Valleylab SSE2L generator provides a consistent high level of performance and safety in the surgical suite, clinic, office and outpatient surgery center. It accepts all standard Valleylab accessories to help meet the surgeon's needs, in a wide range of general procedures and in specialties including gynecology, urology, thoracic, and plastic and recovery surgery.

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7.6"H x 11.6"W x 16.6"L (19 x 30 x 42 cm) 32.5 lbs (15 kg) Cut: 500 kHz sinusoid with 65% 120 Hz modulation. Blend: 500 kHz sinusoidal bursts at 20 kHz. Coag: 450 kHz damped sinusoidal busts with repetition frequency of 20 kHz. Bipolar: 500 kHz sinusoid, unmodulated. Output power changes no more than ±20 watts in cut/blend mode, or ±12 watts in coag mode between 100-130 AC volts input. Low Frequency Leakage: Source current: less than 0.2 µA rms. Sink current: less than 100 µA rms. Patient leakage: less than 150 µA rms. Line ground leakage current (50/60 Hz) unit off ­ 10 µA rms, unit on ­ 30 µA rms High Frequency Leakage: Less than 150 mA rms, all outputs. Input Power Requirements: Operation range is 90-135 AC volts. Currents less than 12 amperes in cut, and less than 4 amperes in coag. REMTM System: Measurement frequency: 140 kHz ±20 kHz. Measurement current: 3 mA maximum. Acceptable resistance ranges: REMTM pad ­ 5-135 ohms, non-REMTM pad ­ 5 ±2 ohms Output Characteristics Mode Max. P-P Voltage Rated Load (ohms) Nominal Power CS= 10 in watts Monopolar Pure cut 2800 500 375 ±25 Blend 2440 500 250±25 Coag 4070 500 125±15 Bipolar Pure cut 700 100 90 +15/-20 Blend 640 100 85 +15/-20 Coag 1100 100 25 +5/-10 Note: CS refers to control setting Dimensions: Weight: Output Waveform:

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