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Volume 1, Issue 3

October 2011

Somerset Academy of North Las Vegas

Somerset News


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Principal's Corner Notes from Mrs. Jefferson

Dear Parents, It has been a wonderful first month of school. We had an amazing turnout at our Open House on Sept. 20. Your attitude toward school is critical to the success of your child. By your attendance at Open House, we have begun to build the home-school partnership that will have far reaching positive effects on your child's education! Each day we are dedicated to optimizing learning opportunities for your children. We work hard to make every second count! Our goal is to foster a love of learning and helping students gain skills to make good choices. These skills will help them long after they leave Somerset Academy! Thank you for your support and continued guidance in helping your child reach his/her educational goals!



Classroom Spotlight



OCTOBER 18: P.I.E. (Parents in Education) Night OCTOBER 27th--NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS Staff Development Day OCTOBER 28th--NO SCHOOL Nevada Day NOVMEBER 4th--Picture Retake Day (bring picture envelopes)

Star Stallions

Somerset Academy is proud to recognize those students who go above and beyond in academics and behavior. Each month, classroom teachers will select a student from their classroom to be STUDENT OF THE MONTH. This is a huge honor and students will work hard to receive this award. The following students received STUDENT OF THE MONTH for September: Kindergarten: Makayla Wong, Leah Okuda, Noah Christensen, Sienna Desmarais, Chase Lewis First Grade: Reina Garner, Bryson Bybee, Olivia Hammond, McClayn Wankier Second Grade: Samantha Fehlman, EmmaGrace Hurley, Eden Shamy, Sibohan Kahnke Third Grade: Ryder Bawden, Nathan Stockle, Olivia Myers, Maleah Jensen Fourth Grade: Clayton Willhite, Sophie Jones Fifth Grade: Amanda Sink Warr, Emily

Jillian Foster, Sadie Luth,

Middle School: English - Sonnet Soto, Math - Alex Pettit, History - Kirsten Lisowski, Science -- Caleb Dillard, Reading - Taryn Warner Music: Bronson Gonzales, Tucker Edwards P.E.: Isabella Martin, Sonnet Soto Art/Technology: Addilee Thiriot, Gianna Solomon Spanish: Payton Tanner, Nestor Quevedo, Lexi Hulse, Isabel Rodriguez

A special THANK YOU to Eagle Scout Jamison Abbott for making and donating 450 individual white boards to our school. YOU ROCK! THANKS to SMEAD MANUFACTURING COOPERATION in Cedar City, Utah for the generous donation of butcher paper for our students and teachers.

Congratulations to all of these students!!!!

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Volume 1, Issue 3


Check out these websites to help your students with technology skills at home: Keyboarding stage1.shtml Math Fun

Tuesday,October 18

P.I.E. Night Parents In Education

Come one, come all to join us as partners in educating our children. Each of our academic committees will present their goals for the upcoming school year. More information to follow!

This event is for parents only. Thank you!


Our library continues to grow!! Thank you to all of the parents who donated books to our library. Also, thank you to the PTO Library committee for organizing the book drive. We continue to push forward to get our AR program up and running. Look for details on the upcoming book fair scheduled for Oct. 31--Nov. 4!!

Halloween Fun! We will be celebrating Halloween (elementary only) at Somerset Academy on Monday, October 31. Students in grades K & 1 are allowed to wear costumes to school if desired. Students in grades 2--5 may bring their costumes to school. We will limit classroom parties to the last hour of the day. Look for information from classroom teachers on Halloween fun in the classroom.

Classroom Spotlight--First Grade

Students in the first grade classrooms each brought in their own apple for "Apple Day." Students sorted apples by color and size, discussed whether or not they had stems and stickers, did a taste test to see which type of apple that they liked best, and made applesauce. Classes made class charts where the students counted the number of green, yellow, and red apples and made tally marks to represent the numbers. They also created math equations (1 green apple + 2 yellow apples + 22 red apples = 25 apples all together.) A question was posed: "Do all apples have the same number of seeds?" Predictions were made whether or not they did. After that, students divided up into five teams (each with a cut up apple) to discover the answer. Students worked together to dig out and save the seeds. They made an apple cutout representation of their findings, and then introduced themselves to the class as they presented their results as a group. First grade's conclusion was that all apples do not have the same number of seeds. To wrap up the day they tasted applesauce, apple cider, apple leather, and dried apples and made a class graph of which was their favorite apple product. Yummy!!



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