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Creating One-to-One NAT Policies in OS Enhanced


This document contains configuration examples of static NAT policies and access rules to provide access to internal servers. In this scenario, there are three servers on the LAN. Each server is configured with a private IP address. The SonicWALL will be configured to translate the IP address in packets sourced from and destined to each server. The source address in outgoing packets will be translated from the private IP address to the public IP address, and the destination address in incoming packets will be translated from the public IP address to the private IP address.


The first step is to create two address objects for each server. One address object will reflect the internal or private IP address, and the other will reflect the external or public IP address. In the example below, note that the FTP Server's private address object belongs to the LAN zone, and the public address object belongs to the WAN zone.

Network > Address Objects

The next step is to create the NAT Policies. Two policies are needed: one for the outbound traffic, and one for the inbound traffic. Note that in the example below, "Create a reflexive policy" is enabled. When this is enabled on a NAT Policy, a matching NAT Policy is automatically created in the opposite direction.

Network > NAT Policies


Network > NAT Policies

The final step is to create Access Rules to define access to and from the internal servers. In the example below, the access rule is allowing all FTP traffic to the internal FTP server. Firewall > Access Rules


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