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Sonny Burnette Permanent address: Georgetown College 400 E. College St. Georgetown, KY 40324-1696 502-863-8112 [email protected] AGE RANGE: 50-60 H: 6'-2" W: 210 (SAG eligible)

April 2013

Cell: 502-542-1911 [email protected] EYES: green-gray HAIR: bald/graying

VIDEO CLIPS AND PHOTOS: TV/FILM/WEB Black Mountain Star Trek Origins The Retirement Scorched Earth The Colors of the Rainbow The Orb Girl/Girl Scene Last Statement Nearly Dead Taylor Bertram Working Title Dirk & Canon, Ins. Detectives Acts of God Omerta Project Posers Eye for an Eye (trailer) One Week Later Cheery Point Hellhounds Morehead Today

Grandfather Dr. Fitzgerald Tom Willis Priest Mr. Foster Dr. Silverman Prison Warden Ratchet Bart Keller Joe Gibbons Mr. X Extra Vinny Sprazza, godfather Ed Landers Bus driver Henry Archbishop Roslen Ed Thornton Featured Guest

Morehead, KY, Tyler Keeton, prod. (2013) Sunrise, KY, Jonathan Jones, prod. (2013) Wilmore, KY, Erik Thein, prod. (2013) Lexington, Laureate Cable Pictures, Eric Hovis, Jeremy Bronaugh (2013) Cincinnati, Josafat Celedon, prod. (2013) Cincinnati, Brendan Moellmann, prod. UCBA (2013) Lexington, KY, Tucky Williams, prod. (2012) Lebanon, OH, Ernest Worthing, dir. (2012) Louisville, KY, Word of Mouth Pictures, Jon Maynard, prod. (2012) Mentone, IN, Oak Road Multimedia, Randy DeFord, prod. (2012) Richmond, KY, Derrick Kisabeth & Jake Tribble, co-dirs.. (2012) Cincinnati, Brandon Berning, prod. Little Chicago Prods. (2012) Shelbyville, KY, City on a Hill Productions (2012) Cincinnati, Zak Katchman, dir., Katchmonkey Films (2012) Cincinnati, David Towner, dir. (2012) Louisville, KY, Bryan Dobson, dir. Transcendent Productions (2012) Richmond, KY, Randle Taylor, dir. Northcutt Entertainment Group (2012) Louisville, Kenneth Stevenson, dir. Versa Studios (2012) Cincinnati, Eric Widing, dir. (2012) Morehead, KY, Morehead State U. Nate Merritt, host (2012)


Homeless man

Three Tears on Ol' Skinner Bloodstained Flesh The Breakup Self The Victim Fluffy 1947 Monkey Mocha Fantastique Obliquity Jack the Ripper Grandpa Barista Judge Prof. Gabana Chee

Another Apocalyptic Madeoff Executive Zombie Movie Neptune Special Agent McCarthy Pilgrim Song Too Old?? Brian Fraley Frederick Carson

Breakfast Impossible Rex Kaliber Tan Lines Villany Legacy Ricochet Blood Feud The Complex Impulse The Edge The Last Race Last Look Which Die Is That Again? Roots as Red as Blood Primate Swordbearer Judge Simms Mr. Kyle Charles Beaumont Football Coach Oscar Bob Paps / Ninja D.O.E. liaison to the Pres., Randall Rupert Pops Marvin Henry Hatcher

Bill Latacolc

Stand Like a Mountain Deputy Allen Caldwell

Georgetown, KY, Georgetown College, Ed Smith, dir. (2011) Evansville, Ind., Cinephreak Pictures, Jakob Bilinski, dir. (2011) Richmond, KY, Toni Sprague, prod. (2011) Louisville, Frozen Mercury Productions, Irvin Severs, prod. (2011) Richmond, KY, Righteous Insanity Films, John Cosper (2011) Louisville, Wallace Films, William Wallace, dir. (2011) Cincinnati, Trippy Tran Films, Anthony Rory Tran, prod. (2011) Harrodsburg, KY, Lura Ketchledge, dir. (2011) Knoxville, TN, Lampblack Label, Daniel Coy, dir. (2011) Louisville, Paper Moon Films, Memphis, Martha Stephens, dir. (2011) Cincinnati, P.L.O.T.T. Performers, Renee Maria, prod. (2011) Lexington, KY, Catnippery Productions, LLC; Claude Miles, prod. (2011) Louisville, The Group Entertainment, Tim Kirkman, dir. (2011) Cincinnati, Pokket Filmz, Iabou Windimer, prod. (2011) Lexington, KY; Henry Hanberg, prod; (2011) Frankfort, KY, Curtain Call Pictures, Boston, MA; Mike Goodreau, (2011) Louisville, Transcendent Prods., Bryan Dobson, dir./prod. (2011) Shattered Dreams Productions, Chase Dudley, prod. (2011) Salt Lick, KY,DBC Entertainment (2011) Cincinnati, David Garrison Productions; Scott Wegener, prod. (2011) Lexington, KY, Rob Thomas, prod. (2011) Cincinnati, Noobtastic Prods., Nathan Grauwelman, prod. (2010) Red River Gorge, KY, Clan Spencer Productions, Jo Spencer, prod. (2010) Stanton, KY, Jett Dudley Productions, Chase Dudley, prod. (2010) Lexington, Cineline Productions, Stephen Zimmer, prod. (2010) Harlan, KY, Terry Muncy, prod. (2010)

The Importance of Explosions A Time for Healing Haunted Lake Spiritual Vows Stuck with You Little Ole Gotham Section 5 The Last Note

Don Thornton Rev. McCarty Detective Wesley Stevens Uncle Elmer Mr. Hyam Frank Vaughn Doctor

Comic Book World: Mr. Greer The Movie Runway Marriage Self Advice Zombies R Friends Sheriff Santa Claus vs. Principal Vickers the Zombies Redneck Tiki Brigade Pap Insecurity Father Leonard

Shards of a Fairytale James White The Legend of Saul Benedict Hayswood Hospital Temporally Yours Scientist The Way Station Secretariat Paid in Full Right-Reverend Mayor Gentlemen's Club Member George, alcoholic

Fluffy 3 Red River Mystery at Locust Grove The Willows Steampunk Forgotten Soul

Dr. Spengo Snake-handling preacher Mr. Bates, curator Slave Hunter Mr. Shady God

Louisville, Good Water Pictures, Hillary Rust, prod. (2010) Lexington, KY, Chris Kelder, prod., (2010) Cincinnati, ACE Productions, Amy Chapman, prod. (2010) Cincinnati, PLOTT Performers, Brandon Berning, prod. (2010) Richmond, KY, Toni Sprague, prod., Web series (2010) Cincinnati, Pokket Films, Iabou Windimere, prod. (2010) Monticello, IN, Oak Road Multimedia, Randy DeFord, prod. (2010) Cincinnati, Art Institute of Ohio, Teague Haines & Quinton Carter, prods. (2010) Louisville, Frozen Mercury Productions, Irvin Severs, prod. (2010) Louisville, Bowman Field, Isomorphic Prod., Elliot Greenbaum, dir. (2010) Louisville, Righteous Insanity Films, John Cosper, prod. (Summer 2010) Richmond, KY, ZP International, George Bonilla, (2010) Lexington, KY, Silver Chain Films, Greg Brock, prod. (2010) Morehead, KY, D.B.C. Entertainment, James Smith, prod. (2010) Kids Gone Green, PBS/Time Warner Cable, Mary Fraley, prod. (2010) Maysville, KY, Pink Scorpio Prods., Tammy Ruggles, Prod. (2009) Lexington, KY, Claude Miles, prod. (2009) Lexington, KY, Claude Miles, prod. (2009) Lexington, KY, Fast Track Productions, Disney (2009) Louisville, Paul Pizzuti & Jay McCain, prods., Ironbridge Productions & Parables of Life Films (2009) Lexington, KY, Righteous Insanity Films, John Cosper, (2009) Eastern, KY, Tuckywood Productions, Jacob Ennis & Greg Brock, prod. ('09) Louisville, KY, DeHaan Sisters Film, Abby DeHaan, prod. (2009) Bowling Green, KY, WKU, Ron DeMarse, prod. (2009) Lexington, KY, Billy Boyd, prod. (2009) Cincinnati, Ernie Minera, prod. (2009)

Southern Belles: Louisville Billy in Action The Barbershop Brains! Price of Power Halloween Homecoming Hell House: The Legacy Continues No Town Death Fugue Alien Conspiracy Murders Nightmare Fuel Soup Kitchen The Runaway Haven Hill Mountain Mafia The AUDIT Normal Boredom The Francesco

Creepy suitor Mayor John Sonny College President Eph Lillard, KY Penitentiary Warden Det. Fritz The preacher Samson Motel man Detective Buchanon Front Guide Lenny Karl Sievers, store manager Zombie Hit man Derek Jacobson Priest Gallery architect

Louisville, KY, SoapNet (2009) Louisville, KY, Derrick Cook & Jimmy Humphrey, prods. (Summer 2009) Cincinnati, Media Bridges Cable, Christian Appleby, prod. (2009) Berea, KY, Christian Honce, prod. (Spring 2009) Frankfort, KY, Preoccupied Prods. Ron Bryant, Tamara Gregory, prod. (2009) Richmond, KY, Jones Entertainment Films, Tory Jones, prod. (March 2009) Louisville, Feathered Italian Films,Jason Crowe, T.J. Moreschi, prod. (2009) Lexington, Champion Productions, Aaron Champion, prod. (2008) Cincinnati, Eric Mattimore, prod. (2008) Lexington, Goatboy Films, Jerry Williams, prod. (2008) Ravenna, KY, Strobe Lantern Productions; Hilljack, prod. (2008) Georgetown, KY, Silver Chain Films, Greg Brock, prod. (2008) Georgetown, KY, D.B.C Entertainment, James Smith, prod. (2008) Burlington, KY, Haven Hill Film, John Zanardelli, prod. (2008) Lexington, KY, JustUs League Films, Cherokee Hall, prod. (2008) Louisville, The FilmMakers, Abigail DeHaan, prod. (2008) Lexington, Dithyramb Productions, Jonathan Walls, prod. (2008) Lexington, McKinley Film LLC, Kenton McKinley, prod. (2008) Paris, KY, 148 Productions, David Gooslin, prod. (2008) Louisville, VSM Productions, Vin Morreale, prod. (2008) Louisville, C&T Productions, Chase Dudley, prod. (2008) Somerset, KY, SCC, Steve Cleberg, prod. (2008) "Mabe in America" show with Tom Mabe for Country Music TV (2008) Lexington, ZP International, George Bonilla, prod. (2008) Louisville, The FilmMakers, Abigail DeHaan, prod. (2007)

Haddonfield: Haddonfield News A Halloween Reporter Fan Film In Mysterious Ways Extra Last Breath Nancy Barry's Big Case Mabe in America Hell-ephone Movie Trailer for "The AUDIT" Police Cptn. Mead Professor extra Speaking extra Father Davis, priest Jacobson

Gimme 12 Steps Lives Left Clowndemonium (horror) Joy TruTV

Neal Rox Embo & Uncle Mac Frank Tabor, stepfather Extra Lawrence Baker, father of felon

Louisville, Vivid Media, Inc., Scott Shuffitt, prod. (2007) Lexington, KY, FILMdyne, LLC, Tom Stern, prod. (2007) Clay City, KY/Silver Chain Films, Gregory Brock, prod. (2007) Cincinnati, Red Love Films, Drew Money & Julie Hassett, dirs. (2007) Wilmington, OH/Libby Sallaway, Prod. Storyhouse Productions, Missing Persons Unit, "Carrie Culberson Case," Episode 13 (2007)

Cincinnati, Tim Clarke, dir. (2007)

Cornhole: The Movie Surviving Guthrie Doc Doc Tammy's House Party PTL Club INDUSTRIAL Don Juan

Extra Cory, campus cop Wilson, attorney Guest chef Guest chef

Gtwn Coll, Ed Smith, dir. (2007) Gtwn Coll., George McGee, dir. (2006) Inspirational TV Network (1980s) Inspirational TV Network (1980s)

Don Juan Energy consumer

Medical Training Film Patient Music video Wise old man

Boomtech N.A.M.I. Guest Rap Music Video

Self College Professor Actor interviewee Priest

AED Training Video Heart attack man Antibiotic Optimization Medical Doctor Lilly Pharmaceuticals Insulin KwikPen hand model Rotary Lift Mechanic model Luxottica/Sears Rock Music Video Sears optician Creepy Piano Player

The Pampered Chef

Dr. Poindexter, mad scientist

Audio project, Louisville. Michael Hilsenrad, dir. (2012) Studio One, Louisville; director Elliot Greenebaum (2012) UK School of Nursing (2012) Louisville, "South of Ohio" for The Ravenna Colt; William Wallace, dir. (2010) Georgetown, KY, Frontline Films, PJ Halloran, Prod. (2010) National Alliance on Mental Illness Comm./PSA, Jeff Jones, prod. (2009) Derby City Film Chat, BlogTalkRadio, Kris Rommel (November 17, 2009) Louisville, "Se7en" for horrorcore rap artist Cap1, Jakob Bilinski, Prod. (`09) Lexington, Video Prod. Serv., Ryan Rivard, Dir. (2009) Lexington, Prosper Media Group, Kyle Lake, prod. (2008) Photo shoot, Thompson Creative Imaging, Columbus, OH (2008) Photo shoot, Thompson Creative Imaging, Columbus, OH (2008) Barking Fish Lounge Studio; Prod., Michael Weber, Cincinnati (2008) "All My Balloons," Children 18:3, Tooth and Nail Records; prod. Andy Reale; Cleveland (2008) Live at Cincinnati convention, produced by Scott Thompson,, Dallas, TX (2008)

Medical Training Film Dr. Edwards, pediatrician Stock Footage COMMERCIAL Commercial Image of My Life Construction Co. Owner

Prosper Media Group for Kentucky Child Now (2007) Louisville, Thought Equity Motion


Chet Lee WWII veteran

Toyota Tundra Construction worker Commonwealth Grandpa Credit Union KY Psychiatric Assoc. Corporate interviewer

RV Commercial w/ race car driver Kenny Wallace Done in 60 Seconds

Turner, security guard

Louisville, Fearless Wonder Films, Adam Lewis, prod. (2013) Louisville, Avalanche Film & Video, Chris Gibbs, prod., (2012) Toyota Motor Manufacturing (2012) Frankfort, KY, Jason Epperson, prod. (2011) Richmond, KY. P.S.A. for Nat. Allia. on Mental Illness, Jeff Jones, prod. (2008) Louisville,, Speed TV; Doug Tower, prod. (2007) Internet Video Advertising, Prosper Media Group, Lexington, KY; Kyle Lake, prod. (2007)

Avalanche Film and Video Studios (2007)


Shamrock Foundation auctioneer's assistant

(Louisville) Christopher Gibbs, dir. RADIO INTERVIEWS Kids Rock Nashville interview of "Stuck with You" cast, August 11, 2011., radio/video interview re "Swordbearer," hosted by Dusty June, Louisville & L.A. markets, December 12, 2010 DragonTalk Radio, hosted by Jon Klement, interview regarding "Swordbearer,", St. Louis market, December 2, 2010 Derby City Film Chat, hosted by Kris Rommel, personal interview,, Louisville market, November 17, 2009 OTHER ACTING EXPERIENCE Portrayed Kentucky historical characters in costume as part of live dramas presented at regional Kentucky Historical Society gatherings (2003-04). Two acting courses at Georgetown college: Acting, & Acting for the Camera Acting class with Silvana Gallardo Burning Up the Stage acting class with Vin Morreale RELATED EXPERIENCE Teach graduate-level Digital Video Techniques course at Georgetown College. EDUCATION Ball State University (D.A.), Northwestern University (M.M.), Univ. of South Florida (B.A.) ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND INFORMATION Member of Paragon Music Theatre Orchestra, performing on saxophones, flute/piccolo, clarinet: Crazy for You, Man of LaMancha, Ain't Misbehavin', Sweet Charity, Anything Goes, Kiss Me Kate, The King and I, Hello Dolly, Sound of Music, and for other area musicals.

Music performances with: Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Ed McMahon, Jerry Lewis, Rich Little, John Davidson, Lou Rawls, The Lettermen, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Michel Legrand, Crystal Gayle, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Andrae Crouch, Amy Grant, Sandi Patti, others. Studio musician, arranger/composer for PTL Television Network for nine years (1979-88). Professor of Music, Georgetown College (since 1990). Music Chair (since 1994). Elected Faculty Chair (2002-04). Director of Foust Artist Series (since 1992). Teach music theory, MIDI computer music, history of rock music, saxophone; graduate courses in audio and video technology. Taught English as a Second Language to Japanese Coordinators at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, and to Japanese engineers at Vuteq Corporation (20032008) Kentucky Music Teachers Association (KMTA) 2001 Commissioned Composer. Church organist/pianist, Frankfort, Kentucky (since 2004).



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