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SOS Women of the ELCA President Linda Sprick-Kruse

From the President ~ Spring has sprung! A time for renewal. Take time to thank God for the blessings you have received! Come celebrate with us! The goals set by your Synod Board, after the last convention, are close to completion. Don't forget to take some time to thank your Board for their commitment. It is an honor to serve on your behalf! Come celebrate with us ~ a number of congregations have expressed wishes to become a "unit". Our Board is busy assisting these congregations in joining our ranks. Little did we imagine, a couple years ago, that we would be welcoming, or "re-uniting" new units into our midst. And all it took was a personal invitation! At least FIVE congregations has expressed an interest!! As I mentioned, nearly two years ago as I took this office, we are not a dying entity, unless we choose to be. God has not given up on us. Let us respond with like interest. We welcome Bishop Gule as the new Bishop of Tanzania. He will be installed on Sunday April 26th and Bishop Holloway will present him with a cozier (bishop's staff) on behalf of our synod. We look forward to our continued relationship with the people of Tanzania. We are continuing the `Red Eye' Fund. However, please, exchange it for `checks' or `dollar bills' before turning it into our treasurer. God be praised! The leader of Kazakhstan did not sign the law enacting `religious restriction'. So, we are continuing in the collection of funds for the "Abandoned Baby" project. When turning in donations, please designate, on the check, which program it is supporting. As we carry on our support for our companion synods, let us also be mindful of the plight of our neighbors in our community. Remember our synod's theme: God's work, Our Hands. May God bless you as you remain faithful to your calling! Linda Sprick-Kruse, President, Southern Ohio Synod Women of the ELCA


Spring 2009

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From your SOS Vice President, Nelda Chandler...Just a reminder I am the chairperson for the 2009 Convention in Columbus, OH. As Chairwoman, I invite anyone interested in contributing to please contact me at 513-742-9504 or email me at [email protected] Remember Many Hands Make Light Work! We have an opportunity for a church or conference to raise some money by have a table or tables (fee of $15.00 each) of Fair Trade Items or other items you might want to sell. The profit from the items would be yours to keep. If you are interested in doing this please contact me at 513-742-9504 or email at [email protected] or 11409 Geneva Rd. Cincinnati, Oh 45240-2411. Blessings, Nelda Chandler SOS WELCA Treasurer...Kathy Arnold I am, as is everyone else, looking forward to Spring. The last couple of days have been very comfortable. Compared to the snow and ice we recently had. I have received some misdirected checks lately, and I want to clarify where to send your monetary gifts. The only monies you send directly to Churchwide is your Thankoffering. This gift is sent to Chicago along with Form B. All other gifts (regular offerings, Red Eye Fund, conference love offerings, Lutheran World Relief, etc.) should be sent to me along with Form A Also on Form A, there is a section on the second line entitled "Cluster/ Conference." Please notate your conference name or initials in that space (Central Ohio=CO, Cincinnati=CI, Dayton=DA, Mad River=MR, Muskingum=MU, and Scioto=SC). I want tot be sure to credit the appropriate church/conference. I'm looking forward to seeing you at our Spring Gatherings. Kathy

From your SOS Secretary...

LOOKING LIKE A CHRISTIAN A little old Jewish lady is flying out of New York City on her way to Miami Beach. She looks at the businessman sitting next to her and asks him, "Excuse me sir, but are you Jewish?" The man responds politely, "No, ma'am, I'm not Jewish." After a little while she again queries him. "You're really Jewish, aren't you?" Again he responds, "No, ma'am, I am not Jewish." Barely 10 minutes later, the little old lady asks him once more, "Are you sure you're not Jewish?" To which, in exasperation and in a final effort to shut her up, he replies, "OK. Yes, ma'am, I am Jewish." "Funny," she says, looking puzzled. "You don't look Jewish!" Makes me wonder. If anyone approached me and asked me, "Are you a Christian?" and I answered, "Yes", would they be inclined to say, "Funny, you don't look like a Christian"? I'm not talking about looking like the world's stereotype of a Christian -- a sour-looking guy with a scowl on his face, not enjoying life at all. I merely wonder if my Christianity is something that can be seen by the people who see me every day. I know what I believe, but is that belief translating into action? Can anyone tell? "You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:14-16) Do you look like a Christian? God Bless, Lori Abraham


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Nomination form for the triennial Convention Name________________________________ Church_______________________________ Address_______________________________Phone________________________________ City/state______________________________email__________________________________ Conference ____________________________first time attendee _____Person of color______ Person with primary language other than English __________Differently Abled __________ I wish to nominate _________________________________as a delegate to the Triennial Convention-(signature of nominator)________________________________________ Must be signed by a member of the church unit. Please send to-- Nelda Chandler 11409 Geneva Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45240-2411 You may email to [email protected]


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Women of the ELCA - 2009 Convention, Conference Center at NorthPointe Description Day Meeting Package: (Amenities included in cost for Day Participants and Overnight guests) All service charges, lunch in our Conference Dining Room, Continuous coffee break service, meeting room, on-site recreation and standard audiovisual equipment to include upon request: 1 podium, 1 microphone, 1 overhead projector, 2 projection screens (sized up to 10' x 10'), 1-LCD projector (up to 2600 lumens,) flipcharts (maximum of 10), whiteboards and VCR/Monitor or DVD. Staff assistance. One complementary room for special guests each day. A rooming list is due 7 days prior to arrival. Complete Meeting Package: (Highlighted Amenities included in cost for Overnight Lodgers only) All service charges, guest room accommodations, High Speed Internet access, breakfast, lunch and dinner in our Conference Dining Room, continuous coffee break service, meeting room, on-site recreation and standard audiovisual equipment to include upon request: 1 podium, 1 microphone, 1 overhead projector, 2 projection screens (sized up to 10' x 10'), 1-LCD projector (up to 2600 lumens,) flipcharts (maximum of 10), whiteboards and VCR/Monitor or DVD. Staff assistance. One complementary room for special guests each day. A rooming list is due 21 days prior to arrival. $25 - has been added to all registration fees to cover convention costs apart from what Northpointe offers. This would include: partial lodging for Board and speakers; registration materials, worship folders and supplies; devotion booklets; publicity; honorariums; business meeting supplies; meals for special guests & workshop leaders; hospitality budget; stage/steps; mileage for guest speaker. An occupancy tax of 4-6% has been added to overnight lodging package fees. *** The "lodging package day" begins with SUPPER, then includes breakfast and lunch and snacks. Therefore, persons coming in Friday night have `two lodging' day rates beginning with SUPPER on Friday. The first `day' is Friday Supper, Saturday breakfast, Saturday Lunch, AM/PM Snacks. The second `day' starts with Saturday supper (banquet), Sunday breakfast, Sunday Lunch and AM snacks. Saturday only - overnight guests will first pay a `day participant fee' for lunch and snacks and their "lodging day" then begins with Saturday SUPPER and includes Sunday breakfast, Sunday Lunch and all snacks . Day participants only ­ have no overnight lodging and pay a daily fee which includes Lunch and all snacks. Keep in mind. Snacks begin at 7 AM and include a continental breakfast. Banquet (Saturday Supper) is not included in day participants package and a separate ticket of $36 would need to be purchased, if dining. This Supper will include at least five stations of 5-star food by a renowned chef. Workshops will be offered on Saturday morning and afternoon, for one hour each. You may attend one each session. Three will be offered each session. Additional description can be found in the Breeze newsletter, on our website and at the Spring Gatherings. Guest speaker on Saturday night is Raelene Phillips, with a presentation entitled "Where is Your Pineapple" focusing on the humorous side of hospitality. She will have her books available for purchase. You may check her website at: or A freewill offering will be taken to support her ministry. Other booths, vendors and items for purchase will also be available at the convention. Further information about the Conference Center at NorthPointe can be found at: . Address: 9243 Columbus Pike Lewis Center, Ohio 43035 Phone (main): (614) 880-4300 . Located on Rte 23 North, directly across from Highland Metropark, 5 miles north of Columbus (I-270) right before Rt 750 which leads to Polaris Parkway and Mall.


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Keynote Speaker for 2009 Convention Our Keynote speaker for Saturday evening (Sept 26) will be Raelene Phillips. She will be presenting a rendition of "Where is Your Pineapple: A call to return to a simpler time when extending hospitality was a way of life". She is the author of 7 books, such as "Puppy in the Pulpit" and "Birds in the Belfry", and a highly sought after speaker. Mrs. Phillips is a `pastor's wife', has two adult children and lives in Lima with her husband, Dan (her high school sweetheart) and her `grand-pets'. We will be collecting a `free-will offering" to support her ministries and she will have copies of her books for sale at the convention. Look for Raelene on websites: or Raelene Phillips

Receiving Christ as Savior at the tender age of 5 was the single most important event in Raelene Phillips' life. Reared in a Christian home, her testimony is of the continuing grace of God which has kept her in an ever-growing relationship with her Lord. Taught Philippians 4:13 by her parents, "can't" has never been in Raelene's vocabulary. She loves to share that "You CAN do all things through Christ who WILL give you the strength!" Raelene is a pastor's wife who (by her own testimony) is too ornery to fit the traditional "mold" most people associate with that job. Mrs. "Pastor Dan" is excited to be listed in Who's Who of American Woman. She is also the mother of two grown children (daughter Sonya and son Kyer) and "grandma" to a darling dachshund named Wade Hampton Wilkie and a black cat named Gumbo. She teaches Sunday School and continues to write from her home in Lima, Ohio. Thousands of people have read and enjoyed Raelene's books: ·Freedom in White Mittens ·Freedom's Destiny Fulfilled ·Freedom's Tremendous Cost ·Where is Your Pineapple? ·Puppy in the Pulpit ·Birds in the Belfry

What is your Unit doing? If you have a bible study or other program ideas for Mission Growth that you would like to share with other women in the Southern Ohio Synod, please e-mail them to me, Christine Miller at [email protected] or mail them to 1306 Broadway, Piqua, Oh 45356. I would love to include them in the quarterly articles for the Breeze. Upcoming Events for Spiritual Growth April 24th & 25th ­ Women of Faith Conference ­ Women's Conference, Columbus, Oho. To order tickets and get more information go to Tickets start at $79 and go up depending on seating preference and if you want to include a box lunch. Guest vocal artist is Stephen Curtis Chapman, Nicole C. Mullen, Sandi Patty, Lisa Whelchel (from TV's "The Facts of Life"), Sheila Walsh, Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, Luci Swindoll, and more! Schedule: Friday 10:00am ­ 3:30pm evening 7:00 pm ­ 9:30pm / Saturday 9 - 5 May 28th, 29th and 30th ­ Joyce Meyer Ministries Conference, Nationwide Arena in Columbus. This is a FREE event. Each session will include a powerful message from Joyce and feature worship with Darlene Zschech and the Hillsong band. Seating is on a first come, first served basis. Doors will open two hours prior to each session, so be sure to arrive early so you can grab a seat and have time to check out the resource tables. Interpretation for the deaf and hard of hearing will be provided. These sections will be reserved until 30 minutes before the start of each session. This conference is for people of all ages both men and women so you can bring your whole family. For more information go to Joyce's website SCHEDULE ( Schedule is subject to change) Thursday, May 28 -7:00 pm / Friday, May 29 10:00 am & 7:00 pm /Saturday, May 30 10:00 am

Volume 2009, Issue 1 TO MOBILIZE WOMEN TO ACT BOLDLY ON THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST Mission Growth SOS WELCA Board member Christine Miller:

Mission Growth

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Peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy New Year. Yes, it's that time of year that we start fresh with a new year and new goals for the coming year. I don't know about you, but I get so excited on New Year's day with all the plans I have to be a better person, lose weight, read the bible in a year, save money, pray and spend more time with God ... the list goes on and on. But if this year is anything like the past year's efforts, I will start out Gung Ho for about the first three or four weeks, then BOOM, little by little things get in the way of my plans. There is always those Christmas treats that didn't get eaten at Christmas time and are in the freezer, I'll have to eat those so they don't go to waste. There goes the plan to lose weight, because by the time I get those eaten, Easter comes along with some other consumable item. In reading the bible, I'll get through Genesis and Exodus just fine, but will hit a wall trying to read Leviticus or Numbers (boring). I usually fall asleep then get out of the habit of reading. The money I planned to save, well something will come up to consume it. Things like new tires for the car, repairs to the house, wedding gifts, etc. And about spending that solitary hour a day with God, I just can't seem to get my mind quiet for that length of time. Lists of things I need to do for the day keep running through my head or thoughts of loved ones' lives, or what I will be having for dinner. It doesn't seem to matter, something other than just being still and listening for God's word for me for the day. It is at times like these that I can really relate to the Israelites flight from Egypt and their journey to the Promised Land that took FORTY years. They kept going around the same old mountain, just as I keep trying to achieve the same old goals. We don't need to put ourselves under so much pressure. In Jeremiah 29:11 we read that God has a plan for our lives. We just need to ask him to reveal those plans to us and keep our ears, eyes, minds, hearts and souls open to receive them. This year, I think I won't put so much stress on myself to accomplish too much in one year. Yes, I'll make some goals, but will make them attainable. Like lose two pounds this year or read and study the four gospels. Or I'll try to keep in contact with God throughout the day in one, two or three minute mini conversations with him. Times like driving to work in the morning to ask forgiveness for calling the driver stupid for cutting in front of me. Or while shopping asking his guidance on whether or not I really should buy that darling dress. Or even during a movie to have the courage to walk out if it turns out to be in bad taste. This is all God wants any of us to do is to make the effort. He knows there will be times when we will try and fail. But he also knows the plans he has for us. So do yourself a favor and forgive yourself for short comings, and move forward and live with God as your guide for this New Year. God's Blessings and Peace to all, Your sister in Christ Christine Miller ­ SOS Mission Growth

From Mission Action SOS WELCA Conference Board Member Janet Dixon:

Report on the Conference Officers Training ­ On a (13 below zero) brisk January morning, 20 conference officers, attended the annual training event in Worthington. If that doesn't prove the commitment of our women, I do not know what does! They toured NorthPointe Conference Center, the site of our next convention. Decisions were made to form "two" nomination committees for the convention ­ one, for `triennial delegates' (Scioto, Muskingum & Central Ohio) and another, to handle the Synod nominations (Mad River, Dayton & Cincinnati). When they ask you to serve, please prayerfully consider answering the call. God might surprise you! We also heard the `stories' of ministry taking place in each conference and some will be highlighted in future newsletters. We thank All Saints Lutheran Church for allowing us to meet in their facility and their hospitality! Encourage them to become a unit!! As you see, many congregations are willing to support the ministry that we serve, and we are indebted to their generosity.


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Update Your Records - Churchwide Women of the ELCA has sent us the "Active Unit Contact list". We will have it available at the Gatherings. Please check to make sure your congregational contact information is correct. Forward any corrections to our secretary, Lori Abraham. This is our only means of communicating with you. Mission Community SOS WELCA Board member Shirley L. Griffin Fundraising Ventures ­ Our Synod Board will be participating in a number of fundraising opportunities, in order to offset our convention costs. We will be selling tote bags at the Gatherings which has our Convention Logo on them. The large bags sell for $5 and the smaller for $3. They are made out of "green" canvas. We will also be selling Fair Trade Chocolates (unless your conference has a program already in place) ­ remember, Easter and Mother's/Father's Day! A "Homespun" Recipe book is in the works and we will also have a Silent Auction at the Convention. If you are not able to attend our Gatherings or convention, feel free to contact any Board member for purchase of any of these items. Shirley Griffin, Mission Community Marilyn S. Lundquist, Central Ohio Conference Rep Greetings from Central Ohio! It's that time of year again ­ Spring Gatherings. The Central Ohio Spring Gathering will be held on Sunday, May 3 at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Westerville. Complete details will be on our SOS Website soon ­ we hope you can join us!

ITEMS WANTED!! We will be holding a Silent Auction at our 2009 SOS Convention. If you would like to donate an item/basket, please contact Marilyn Lundquist at 614-395-2249 or via email ­ [email protected] Items can be delivered at the convention in September; however, please let us know if you're planning to donate so that we can plan accordingly. Get together with your Circle's or sewing/quilt groups to create a theme basket or gift item. Here are some ideas just to help get you started: Scrapbooking items, zoo memberships, movie night, gift cards to restaurants or local stores, themed baskets ­ filled w/ chocolate, beach toys, dog/cat treats, gardening, cooking, home decorating items. These are just a few ideas ­ feel free to come up w/ your own. There isn't a maximum value but we do ask for a minimum value of $15.00. Funds will help cover convention expenses. Thank you for your support!! -Marilyn

Marilyn S. Lundquist, Central Ohio Conference Rep Cincinnati Conference Representative...Su Bowling As you read your "Southern Breeze" in February, I hope our days of ice and snow are behind us. I think we are all ready to spring ahead to see those early blossoms of the crocus and the sunny days that are warm. Please plan to spend a day of your spring at the Cincinnati Spring Gathering to be held at Augsburg Lutheran Church on April 25th. Our theme this year will be "Responding to God's Call". Our featured speakers will be Mona Laughlin, Kathy Schnierle and Robin Kaelin who each will bring a special message of their calling to serve WELCA in variety of positions these ladies have held. The Spring Gathering is always a special day for fellowship with our Lutheran sisters. Details for the day and directions will follow in a mailing to Cincinnati Conference congregations. If you are in need of details please feel free to call (513) 858-1919. Hope to see you at the Gathering. Su Bowling


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Dayton Conference News Greetings from the Dayton Conference We in the Dayton Conference are looking forward to our Spring Gathering and warmer weather. We received 13" of snow at our house in Arcanum yesterday on top of the 5" that was on the ground. Our Spring Gathering will be a little earlier this year on March28th. It will be held at Salem Lutheran Church in West Alexandria. Registration at 12:30 to 1:00pm. We are planning 2 workshops: 1. Boldly Growing Our Organization, by Nadine Bryan 2. AIM, by Robyn Jenkens We will also have a short talk by our own Marg Beam on her upcoming trip to the Bariadi Orphanage in Africa. Marg missed going back last year because of lack of funds so we will pass a basket for a special offering to help defray her expenses. Our love offering and In-kind Gifts will go to the West Alex food pantry. They need canned foods, personal items, and cleaning supplies. THINK SPRING--THINK SPRING--THINK SPRING Joanne Hicks, Dayton Conference Representative From Cheryl Walker, Mad River Conference rep As we approach Lent, Holy Week, Easter and spring I'm sure most of us are hoping the sickness, ice, snow, wind and power outrages of winter will soon be behind us. Spring will be an especially welcome event this year. Plans are being made for the annual spring gatherings. These are always inspirational and yes, fun, events. Mad River Conference Spring Gathering will be Sunday, April 26th. The location and program are not finalized as I write this but will hopefully be completed soon. Watch the SOS WELCA website for more updated information next month and be watching for our Mad River Connections. If you are contacted about serving as a conference officer or mission representative, please smile and say "Yes, I can do that." Below is a devotion sent by a friend that I want to share with all you ladies. I found it inspirational. Dancing With God When I meditated on the word Guidance, I kept seeing "dance" at the end of the word. I remember reading that doing God's will is a lot like dancing. When two people try to lead, nothing feels right. The movement doesn't flow with the music, and everything is quite uncomfortable and jerky. When one person realizes that, and lets the other lead, both bodies begin to flow with the music. One gives gentle cues, perhaps with a nudge to the back or by pressing lightly in one direction or another. It's as if two become one body, moving beautifully. The dance takes surrender, willingness, and attentiveness from one person and gentle guidance and skill from the other. My eyes drew back to the word Guidance. When I saw "G": I thought of God, followed by "u" and "i". "God, "u" and "i" dance." God, you, and I dance. As I lowered my head, I became willing to trust that I would get guidance about my life. Once again, I became willing to let God lead. My prayer for you today is that God's blessings and mercies are upon you on this day and everyday. May you abide in God, as God abides in you. Dance together with God, trusting God to lead and to guide you through each season of your life. I Hope You Dance Cheryl Walker, Mad River Conference rep


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Muskingum Conference representative Jackie Combs MUSKINGUM CONFERENCE NEWS Our Spring Retreat is scheduled for April 17th and 18th at Camp Friendly in Zanesville. This camp is ideal for a "spring getaway". Pastor Catrina Hawkins-Bowies, St John, Stovertown will be our leader. Staying overnight is an option but "being there" is a must. $40 is not too much to pay for this Lutheran event. Our Spring Gathering is scheduled for May 2nd at Christ's Lutheran in Cambridge 8:30am-9:00am registration & coffee. We will have election of new officers and installation will be at the Spring Gathering. Our Theme: Created in the Image

of God, a community of women Our Speaker will be Janice Barrett, Lay Ministry and our Entertainment will be Mt. Zion Youth Bell Choir Send $7.00 to: ATTENTION BEV LAPHAM , Bev, Lapham, 1133 Arjon Drive, Cambridge, Ohio 43725 By: April 25th,2009

Genesis 1:27 So God created humankind in his Image in the Image of God he created them male and female he created them. Blessings to all, Jackie Combs Scioto Conference representative Susan Morgan

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another--and all the more as you see the Day approaching. -- Hebrews 10:24,25 THOUGHT: We need each other. We cannot make it on our own. God calls us to get together regularly to encourage and to motivate each other to live vibrant lives of service and faith. With the day of Jesus' return and our ultimate victory on the horizon, we should be motivated even more to help and to encourage each other.

God's Bless, Susan Morgan NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONS Due to economic uncertainty and a proper stewardship, the Synod Board asks ALL persons to RE-REGISTER for the BREEZE Synod newsletter. We pay for each returned copy and the cost is `catching up with us'. PLEASE FILL OUT THE ENCLOSED SUBSCRIPTION SLIP and return it to Lori Abraham with a donation of $5 for (paper-mailed) copies of the Breeze or forward EMail information to receive "free" subscriptions. You may also `sign-up' at the Gatherings. Remember, all copies are available on our website, for review or copying. We encourage all congregational contacts to have at least one subscription in their congregation. The newsletter can always be copied for distribution. The Synod Board will make sure each Conference President has an issue available. Your subscription will run from Convention to Convention (2 years). Those who have already paid for a subscription in the past six months will be `grandfathered in" and will not have to `re-pay'. IF YOU DO NOT RE-REGISTER BY

MAY 3rd (last gathering), YOUR NAME WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE POSTAL MAILING LIST (EMails will still receive them).

"Stamps for Children"

have a new address:

Stamp Camp USA 117 Court St Suite A Elkland, PA 16920



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Linda Sprick-Kruse, 8090 Ulery Rd., New Carlisle, Ohio 45344 937-846-1979 E-mail: [email protected] Vice-President: Nelda Chandler, 11409 Geneva Rd., Cincinnati OH 45240 513-742-9504 email: [email protected] Secretary: Lori Abraham, 973 County Road 4, Rayland OH 43943-7959 740.859.2777 E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] Treasurer: Kathy Arnold, 2760 Rosedale Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204 614-274-0294 E-mail: [email protected] Mission:Community: Shirley Griffin, 1251 Watkins Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43207 614.491.1696 E-mail: [email protected] Mission:Action: Janet Dixon, 454 Litton Way, Gahanna, Ohio 43230 614-475-2772 E-mail: [email protected] Mission:Growth: Christine Miller, 1306 Broadway, Piqua OH 45356 937.778.9717 email: [email protected] Central Ohio Conference: Marilyn Lundquist, 4540 S. Old 3C Rd., Galena, Ohio 43021 614-395-2249 E-mail: [email protected] Cincinnati Conference: Su Bowling, 5610 Winton Rd, Fairfield OH 45014 513.858.1919 email: [email protected] Dayton Conference: Joanne Hicks, 2 Pearl St., Arcanum, Ohio 45304 937-692-8386 E-mail: [email protected] Mad River Conference: Cheryl Ann Walker, 3121 Road 32, South Bellefontaine OH 43311 937.592.0155 email: [email protected] Muskingum Conference: Jackie Combs, 12435 Ridenour Rd., Thornville, Ohio 43076 740.246.4751 E-mail: [email protected] Scioto Conference: Susan Morgan, 1767 Clary Rd, Jackson OH 45640 740.286.2498 Cell 740.418.5910 e-mail: [email protected] Churchwide WELCA Board Secretary: Betty Brandt, Grand Rapids, Minn., secretary; Southern Breeze Editor: Lori Abraham, 973 County Road 4, Rayland OH 43943-7959 E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] President:

Southern Breeze Subscription: Either email me at [email protected] or send me in the mail at Lori Abraham 973 County Road 4 Rayland Ohio 43943-7959 the following information: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Your Name ______________________________________________________________ Your office if any _________________________________________________________ your address_____________________________________________________________ your phone number _______________________________________________________ your email address________________________________________________________ your church______________________________________________________________ your conference: Central Ohio, Cincinnati, Dayton, Mad River, Muskingum, or Scioto $3.00 to help offset the cost of snail mail. Email is free. Thanks Lori [email protected]

Lori Abraham, Southern Breeze Editor St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church 56381 National Road PO Box 467 Bridgeport OH 43912 Return Services Requested

Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Bridgeport, OH 43912 Permit No. 9

Check out the Website

The Purpose Statement

As a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts, support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society and the world.


Hey...I'm allergic to dust! Please don't let me sit on a table somewhere. Make copies of me and pass me along to other women at your church. And if you are not the right person to receive this, do me a big favor and pass me along to the current president or leader of your church women. Don't forget to let Lori know about the change at 740.859.2777 or [email protected] (Thanks-God Bless)

Spring Gatherings ­ 2009 Everyone is invited to attend. Contact Synod conference representative for further information. Dayton Conference-March 28 Salem Lutheran, West Alexandria Scioto Conference-April 19 Faith Lutheran, Jackson Cincinnati Conference-Saturday, April 25-Augsburg Lutheran, Cincinnati Mad River Conference-Sunday, April 26 Muskingum Conference-Saturday, May 2-Christ Lutheran, Cambridge Central Ohio Conference-Sunday, May 3-St Paul, Westerville



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