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Technical Specification

Venue: Concert Hall LOADING BAY The main loading bay entrance is located adjacent to the Drama Theatre. Accessible through Kirk Terrace via Prinsep Street. Load-in is restricted due to an elevated platform at the loading bay that access to the motorized cargo door and the size of the side stage dual swing door accessing into the venue. Loading bay entrance: 10.9m (Metal gate max. opening), 5.3m (H) (Sheltered) Elevated platform: 6.5m (W) x 2.9 (D) x 1.1m (H) Motorized loading door: 3.2m (W) x 3.5m (H) Dual swing door into venue: 2.1m (W) x 2.9m (H) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTIING SPECIFICATIONS A pre-focused set of lighting rig for performance stage area and FOH exists. All expenses related to restoring to the standard rig from any replacement, removing or amendment has to be covered by the Hirer. Local electrical power supply: 230 - 400 volts, Single - 3 phases, 50 Hz & Stage output: 32amp, 63amp & 125amp 3 phases Dimmer output: 3kw Strand EC21 Non-Dim output: 3kw Strand EC21 Lighting console: grandMA Light Control protocol: DMX 512 Connector form: 16amp, CEE 17 Followspot: 1.2kw Lighting fixtures: A wide selection of 750w ETC profiles, 1kw Parcan, 1.2kw Fresnel/PC, 1.2kw CYC floodlights to rainbow scrollers and Clay Paky Movers.


Technical Specification

Venue: Concert Hall SOUND & INTERCOM SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS A standard pre-aligned and tuned In-House Sound configuration exists. All expenses related to restoring to the standard rig from any replacement, removing or amendment has to be covered by the Hirer. Sound mixer: Midas Verona V/320/8/IP Loudspeaker: NEXO GEO - GEO S1230 Subwoofers: NEXO GEO - RS 15-P Stage monitors: Renkus Heinz PN81/12 UHF Antenna power distributor ­ Shure UA844SWB-E UHF Power directional antenna ­ Shure UA870SWB Diversity receiver ­ Shure ULXP4 Bodypack transmitter - ULX1 Lavalier microphone ­ WL184 Handheld transmitter ­ Shure ULX2/Beta 58A Directional ear set ­ Shure WCE6LTD Beldon 50' antenna cable Microphones: Shure SM 58 Microphone stand: Selection of tall or short K&M stands Stage communication: Clear-Com Intercom system SM control: Equipped with cue lights, intercom, backstage and FOH paging show timer and video selector. Playback: Tascam CD-01U-PRO VIDEO & PROJECTION SPECIFICATIONS Projector: Panasonic PT-D10000 Projection screen: 5.8m (W) x 4.3m (H), Dalite Fast-Fold (Only for front projection) Video Playback: Denon DBP 2010 Subject to availability, please do prior arrangement or request. Charges may apply. STAGE SPECIFICATIONS Floor composition: 22mm T&G timber over 2 layers of 18mm plywood and 50mm solid battens Stage dimension (front stage width): 10.6m (D) x 13.6m (W) Stage dimension (End stage width): 10.6m (D) x 13.7m (W) Dance mat: Lemark 2.0mm black semi-cushioned (Availability upon request)


Technical Specification

Venue: Concert Hall SEATING CONFIGURATION Maximum seating capacity: 708 Stall seating capacity: 378 Circle seating capacity: 250 Choir seating capacity: 80 The venue has specific area that is assigned to accommodate wheelchairs or patrons with physical disabilities. STAGING SPECIFICATIONS Hoist system: Vortex automated hoisting fly bar (15m with 150mm overlap) Fly bar load capacity: 500kg / bar Acoustic panel: Drum and shaft mechanism Orchestra riser: 4 tier manual retractable riser from the main Choir wagon Choir wagon: Positioning can be adjustable by automation DRESSING ROOM SPECIFICATIONS Each dressing room is equipped with audio, video monitoring and paging system that does include showers and facial washing area. Standard make-up mirrors along with 15w lighting bulbs and table top are part of the common standard items fixed into each room that are located along the back stage common area. Shared unisex toilets and handicap toilet can be found along common passageway. No. of dressing room: 7 Common toilets: Female, Male & Handicap Relay & Paging system: Yes Videos relay: 24" LG LCD display attached


Technical Specification

Venue: Concert Hall ORCHESTRA SPECIFICATIONS The use of piano is upon request and subject to availability. Requests are to be submitted in advance to management for prior arrangement. Music stand: Yes Music stand Light: Yes Musician chairs: Yes Conductor system: Yes

P/S: All the above information is updated as of 13/4/2011 and is subjected to change without any prior notice



Technical Brief (CH)

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