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To meet Haworth's continually changing needs, One Haworth Center relies on an agile, accessible utilities infrastructure. Power, data, telephone, sound masking, water supply and drains, and conditioned air are distributed beneath 240,000 square feet of raised floor. The Power BaseTM AI modular electrical system and our Pre-Terminated Zone voice and data cabling products have been installed in this 15inch plenum, with plug-and-play consolidation points or zone boxes within 25 feet of any location on the floorplate. The resulting grid can accommodate any space plan, now or in the future. Modular connectors and easy access allow changes in minutes, limiting work interruption. And reusable components minimize waste. Virtually invisible at first glance, users can access the utilities they need from anywhere. Within the open plan spaces, power, voice, and data is routed under the floor to each furniture cluster, and then routed to users through the furniture. In conferencing and shared spaces, utilities are routed to floor-mounted service modules, keeping moveable walls free of electrical wiring and allowing for more flexible wall relocation. Underfloor comfort distribution Conditioned air is distributed under about 240,000 square feet of the One Haworth Center access floor. More than 3,000 adjustable swirl diffusers bring air into the space -- with the majority at individual workstations, allowing members to control their own comfort. Underfloor air is kept at just 65 degrees, and the pressure is approximately 0.5 inch water gauge -- about 90 percent less than overhead systems. For the best temperature and pressure control, we partitioned the areas under the floor into 16,000 square foot zones. Each zone is individually controlled and has its own short supply duct or "air highway" -- the only ductwork under the floor. Our unusually deep floorplate requires the use of air highways to push air well into the space before its release into the underfloor plenum.

Installation view of raised access floors at One Haworth Center.

Access flooring allows conditioned air to be distributed throughout One Haworth Center.

One Fact -- Category 6a/10Gb voice and data cabling, modular power, and the use of zoned distribution helped us create a system that will serve Haworth for at least 15 years.




A variety of floor finishes One Haworth Center employs a variety of finishes on top of the access floor. Most of the floor is covered with carpet tile, with laminate flooring used in some areas. Terrazzo in the café and ceramic tile in the bathrooms are installed on three-inch mortar beds atop the access floor. The height of the access floor is adjusted at each finish transition to keep adjacent surfaces flush, no matter what the finish thicknesses. There is no underfloor ventilation in the atrium--the space is cooled by air spilling over the edges of the office tiers -- so there's no need for an access floor here. But there is radiant heating embedded in the terrazzo-covered concrete floor, counteracting heat loss through the atrium glass in the winter. A platform for Organic WorkspacesTM One Haworth Center is a model of organic, adaptable workspace, built on an extraordinarily flexible utilities platform enabled by access flooring. Combined with our modular power and data distribution systems, access flooring distributes technology to our members and visitors wherever it's needed. By providing underfloor air distribution, we reduce our energy footprint while increasing member comfort. Access flooring is key to One Haworth Center's ability to drive greater human, environmental and economic performance.

The gallery at One Haworth Center features access flooring.

One Fact -- 90 percent of the space in One Haworth Center uses Haworth's TecCrete® access flooring.




Smarter, More Sustainable Workspaces are Built on Access Flooring

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Smarter, More Sustainable Workspaces are Built on Access Flooring