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Downloading and installing the Southcoast Meditech Workstation. Open your browser (Internet Explorer) and go to . (Note: this is case sensitive) You should be prompted to enter a Username and Password, as below:

Enter the username and passwords that you were given from our HelpDesk. You should now see a screen similar to below:

Either using the pull-down or scroll down to "Meditech NUI Workstation". There are two available options ­ Installation Instructions or the installation. This document is the Installation instruction. Please select "click here to install the Southcoast Meditech NUI Workstation". When you receive the dialog box below, select "Open".

The software will download and automatically start to install. You will see some screens similar to this:

Once the software is downloaded and extracted, you will see this screen:

Please click "OK" to continue.

The Meditech workstation should be installed. Please go to "Start->Programs>Meditech-> Magic Workstation 4", right-click on the icon, and select "Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut). This will place the Meditech Workstation icon on your Desktop. Please double-click on the Workstation Icon that it placed on your Desktop. The following setup screen should appear:

Select "Add" to get to the following screen:

Please enter "Southcoast Telnet" in the Connection name, and select "Telnet" as the Connection Type.

Click "OK". The next screen determines the Meditech host to connect to. Typically, this would be the host that accesses PCI information. Enter "" as the Host Name, insure that the "Terminal Emulation Mode" is "Magic", and the "Telnet Port" is "23", then click OK.

You should now see the following screen:

You may (optionally) uncheck the box for "Show list of connections at startup". If you have only one connection, it will save you a mouse click in the future. Please click on "Close". You should have already installed the VPN Client (if installing from home) and verified that it is functional. Please use the VPN Client to connect to the hospital network. Once you have successfully established a connection via the VPN, please start the Meditech Workstation by double-clicking the desktop icon. If you did NOT uncheck the "Show list of connections at startup", you will see the following screen:

Click on "Connect" to continue. If you had unchecked the "Show list of connections at startup, or clicked on "Connect", you will now see the Dictionary selection screen.

The final step is to set up printing. On the screen above, in the upper left, Click on the Terminal Icon -> Workstation Menus -> Options -> Printer Setup

The Default Printer your computer uses should be displayed after "Default Printer:" In the "Print Driver:" field, type in "PPII" and click OK.

When in Meditech, any time you are presented with a PRINT ON dialog box, the response should be "LOCAL". This will instruct Meditech to pass the printed information back to your windows printer. This completes the Meditech Workstation installation and setup. Please remember to disconnect from the VPN when finished.


Microsoft Word - Internet installing the Southcoast Meditech NUI Workstation.doc

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