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Board Game Rubric

Board Game Creator(s):________________________________________ Assignment:

You have been assigned the task of creating a board game that will retell either the whole novel or a major portion of the novel in a fun and interesting way. Your board game will be graded according to the rubric below.


Make sure you decorate your board game attractively so that it looks like it just came off the store shelf. Include the title, make it neat, well designed, colorful, interesting, creative, original, and include all the playing pieces.

20 Points Game board looks professional. The title is included. Everything is decorated attractively. It is neat, creative, original, and well designed. All of the playing pieces are included. and functional. The requirements were followed completely. 15 Points Game board is excellent but some parts are a little sloppy. It meets most of the requirements. 10 Points Game board is complete but 1 or 2 elements are missing and it could be neater. It meets some of the requirements. 5 Points Most of the requirements were ignored and the board is sloppy and pieces are missing. It meets few of the requirements. 2 Points There is a game board but it is not colorful, neat, interesting, and no extra efforts were made at creativity. A lot of the pieces are missing. It is done incorrectly and does not meet any of the requirements.

Create at least 15 questions and answers for your game that relate to the novel. The questions must be somehow incorporated into playing the game.

20 Points There are 15 questions and answers, and they are well incorporated into the game. 15 Points A couple of questions or answers are missing or incorrect. 10 Points Some questions are missing OR one could play the game with answering most questions. 5 Points Half of the questions are missing OR questions are hardly used in the game. 2 Points Many questions are incorrect or missing and very few are required to play the game.

The format and purpose of your game must in some way relate to the novel. Examples: Game board is in the shape of a hotel, or the purpose is to solve the crime or mystery in the novel.

20 Points The purpose of the game relates directly to the novel and the game board represents the theme. This game integrated facts from the novel. 15 Points The purpose closely relates to the novel and the game board somewhat represents the theme. 10 Points The purpose partially relates to the novel and the game board doesn't clearly represent a theme. 5 Points The purpose slightly relates to the novel but does not represent a theme. 2 Points It is unclear what the purpose and theme of the game are from the appearance.

Type directions for your game that would make it perfectly clear how to play the game. After typing the directions, place them in a plastic cover, glue them to the inside of a box or back of a board, or place them in a folder.

20 Points Directions make it perfectly clear how to play and win the game. The explanations are specific and easy to follow. They are clear & concise. They are neatly typed with minimal grammatical errors. 15 Points Directions are typed but have 2-3 minor grammatical errors. They are somewhat unclear or 1 step is missing. 10 Points There are more than 3 errors. Directions are unclear and 2-3 steps could be added to clarify. 5 Points Errors in grammar interfere with understanding of the directions. Much revision is needed. 2 Points Complete revision needed. Many steps are missing or incomplete and it is very difficult to understand how to play and win the game.

Content and difficulty 20 Points 15 Points Questions and rules of play are of an appropriate level-not too difficult and not too easy. Rules of play are age appropriate but some questions are too easy or too difficult.

10 Points Game is a bit too simple for the 5th grade level and some questions are too easy.

5 Points Game is very simple and most questions are too easily answered.

2 Points Game is not appropriate for the 5th grade level and questions are too easy or too difficult.


/ 100 points


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