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Kart Setup Sheet Date:___________

Equipment: Chassis:____________ Motor:____________ Header:___________ Muffler:___________ Fuel:__________________ Jet Size:_______________ Spark Plug:____________ Max Head Temp:_______


Clutch:________________ Engage RPM:__________ Lap RPM Max:_________ Lap RPM Min.:_________

Kart Setup: Front Driver:___________ Rear Sprocket:___________ Caster LF:_______ RF:________ Camber LF:________ RF:________ Front Wheel Spacers: LF inside:______ outside:_____ RF inside:_____ outside:_____ Kingpin Washers: LF top:________ bottom:_____ RF top:______ bottom:_____ Toe Setting: L:______ R:______ Front Track Width:______ Rear Width: RR _____ from hangar, move LR to tread width of _____. Tire Setup:

Rim Size LF LR Air Pressure LF LR RF RR RF RR Tire : LF LR Tire LF LR Sizes RF RR Circumference RF RR = = Stagger


LF: LR: Front % RF:


RR: Rear % Left % Cross %

Notes___________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________


setup sheet

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