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St. Jude/South Toledo Council #3904


P.O. Box 140174 · Toledo, OH 43614-0174 · 389-4728



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Home Council of Fr. Jim Brown ­ State Chaplain Paul J. Upman PGK ­ State Deputy

April 2011 Events

New Testament History Lesson DVD 7:30PM 5 First Turn In for Charity Tickets 5 Fourth Degree Meeting at Rosary Cathedral 8 First Degree at #14155 St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Candidates 7:30PM 12 Toledo Chapter Meeting at Perrysburg Council #7978 at 7:30PM 14 Business Meeting 8:00PM Rosary 7:45PM 19 Past Grand Knights Dinner at Olive Garden on Reynolds 7:00PM 26 Pancake Breakfast 30 Former Member Social May 3

EDITOR: James E. Collins

· 1903 Wexford Hill Lane · Holland, OH 43528 · 868-6133

[email protected]

2010-2011 OFFICERS

CHAPLAIN Fr. Jim Brown GRAND KNIGHT Hank Koepfer DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT James E. Collins PGK CHANCELLOR Charles Aldrich WARDEN Bob DuBois RECORDER Jim Doore PGK FINANCIAL SECRETARY James Andrews FIELD AGENT Timothy A. Snyder 419-865-2345 419-382-6507 419-868-6133 419-867-0526 419-382-9772 419-382-7463 419-865-3731 DISTRICT DEPUTY James E. Collins PGK 419-882-1102 419-868-6133 TREASURER Irving R. Stone PGK ADVOCATE VACANT GUARDS William J. Kehres (Inside) William E. Crippen (Inside) David M. Tremp (Outside) TRUSTEES Michael Saine PGK (3 Yr.) Paul J. Upman PGK (2 Yr.) Edward Hobbs PGK (1 Yr.) 419-877-0973

419-241-9448 419-729-2428 419-740-2959 419-380-3456 419-878-2477 419-531-3754

2009-2010 Chairs and Committee Members

STANDING COMMITTEE Charity Committee James A. Doore PGK James E. Collins PGK Edward Hobbs PGK Paul Upman PGK 419-382-7463 419-868-6133 419-531-3754 419-878-2477 PROGRAM COMMITTEES Membership TBD Church TBD Community TBD Council James A. Doore PGK Youth Michael Saine PGK Family TBD Pro-Life Paul J. Upman PGK

Past Grand Knight's Dinner On Tuesday, Mar 26 at

7:00PM we will be holding our Past Grand Knights Dinner at Olive Garden on Reynolds. We will be honoring all Past Grand Knights, but especially our immediate Past Grand Knight Jim Doore. We will be ordering from the menu. Please join us in honoring Jim.

Welcome Back Social We will be holding a welcome back social for all members, former

members, and inactive members at St. Jude Hall on Tuesday, May 3 at 7:30PM. We are hoping for a good turn out so we are publicizing this a month in advance. Food and fellowship for all!

Convention Resolution and Information The Ohio State Convention of the Knights of Columbus will be held Memorial Day weekend at the Easton Hilton in Columbus, Ohio. Each council in Ohio may send two voting delegates to the convention. This year there will be several resolutions as well as a State Warden to elect. At an upcoming business meeting, we will be voting on whether or not to give the St. Jude/South Toledo delegates $400 each to help defray the costs involved in attending the convention. A good portion of the $400 is returned to the council from the Ohio State Council.

Prolife Fair April 10th To be held again this year at St Rose in Perrysburg, 1-4 PM. The Toledo

Chapter K of C will again have a table to advertise what we do for the Prolife movement and to recruit. Many organizations participate. Many short programs are presented. It is open to the public and well-worth a visit.

Happy Birthday and Congratulations Happy Birthday and Congratulations to those people

celebrating a special day this month! Birthdays

Name Frank C. Wisniewski PGK Henry R.. Stoklosa David A. Hazuda Joseph J. Coyle Sandy Fox Edward . Hobbs, PGK James B. Thomas Michael A. Saine PGK Richard K. Carlson Harry H. Reichow Walter P. Carlson Joseph A. Pierce William J. Dittman PGK John A. Malak Birth Date 3 3 3 4 5 6 10 13 15 18 22 23 23 30


Name Wedding Date David & Sharon Zielinski 4/8/1995 Benito & Merida Martinez 4/12/1958 Charles & Judy Aldrich 4/16/1988

Friends if you don't see your birthday or anniversary here, please let me know. I have merged the records from Supreme with the ones I got from PGK Ray Darr, but Supreme keeps no records on anniversaries or spouses. We would love to recognize everyone on their special day.

New Testament DVD Presentation At our social meeting in April we will have our next New

Testament DVD showing the Historical Jesus and Jesus as a Prophet. In May we will take a break as we have our Welcome back party.... For our more information about our Former Members Social see the article elsewhere in this month's issue.

Candidates Night at Chapter Meeting April 14th the two candidates for State Warden will be

at the Toledo Chapter meeting to be held at Perrysburg council hall on Hufford Road at 7:00PM. This is mainly a social night with the candidates speaking and answering questions; refreshments provided.

Help Wanted You don't see too many of these signs any more. The St. Jude/South Toledo council is actually looking for help. Our current Financial Secretary Jim Andrews has served us well but can no longer continue. The financial secretary primarily deals with receipts of council finances and membership records. There is a stipend paid for serving. If you would like more information, talk to anyone of the trustees or talk to Brother Andrews directly.

Employment Seminar

Co-Sponsored by the Toledo Local Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Knights of Columbus of the Greater Toledo Area

Saturday, April 9, 2011 ­ Seminars from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon Knights of Columbus Hall, 4256 Secor Road (across from Toledo Clinic) Doors open at 8:00 AM with registration starting at 8:30 Admission is Free ­ no need to pre-register

Refreshments will be provided ­ Door Prizes

There will be several breaks during the seminar schedule for you can visit some of the career and employment services tables & exhibits in the room.

Here are some of the seminar topics to be discussed:

Job Search Tools: Resumes, Cover Letters, "Business" Cards, Keywords, Thank You Letters, List of Target Companies, Search Activity Log The Art of Networking Books, Literature, Websites, and other Aids Using LinkedIn for Job Search, Networking, and Career Development Area Companies for Employment and Area Labor Statistics Beginning Your Career ­ High School & College Seniors, Grad Students Mid Career Job Changes and Senior Career Job Changes Changing Your Career Focus and Re-Training Using the Internet Job Boards Using Recruiters and Employment Agencies Using Job Clubs, Employment Ministries, Professional Affiliations Colleges Career Services Unemployed & Under-Employed Issues: Taxes, Investments, Insurance Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews, Cold Calling

Who would benefit from this seminar: those looking for a job, unemployed, under-employed, those dissatisfied with their current job or career, those wanting to better their career.

For more information, call Frank Butwin at 419-874-2721 or e-mail at [email protected] Charity Ticket Drive We are nearly at the halfway point in the annual charity ticket drive. The

ticket sale is the biggest income generator for our charitable works. More than half of the proceeds from each ticket stay with the council for our local charities. We use these funds for supporting our seminarians, Catholic elementary school scholarships, supplementing the Measure Up program, the state Matching Funds program, and anyone who needs a helping hand throughout the year. Once again this year the tickets will be $5 with a grand prize of nearly $50,000. Total prizes will be over $100,000! The grand prize drawing will be on Memorial Day Weekend. We are still looking for a ticket chairman. The bulk of the tickets have already been distributed, so this job would only entail collecting tickets and money, setting up public sales, and returning two forms to the state. The first half turn-in is April 5 at St. Jude Hall. We must turn in 1-1/2 tickets per member to receive any rebates. People will be there to take your tickets at 7:30. Tickets have been mailed to most Knights. If you did not receive any tickets or would like some more, please contact Grand Knight Hank Koepfer at 419-382-6507.

Pancake Breakfast Saturday, April 30, 9 AM to 11 AM. We are going to do it again in April! Bring the family over for a good breakfast of all the pancakes you want, plus sausages, eggs, juice, coffee or milk. All this food comes at a reasonable price. Adults are only $5 while kids under 12 eat for only $3. At these prices, why stay at home. Come on over to the council hall and enjoy the company and the great food.

APRIL 2011

St. Jude/South Toledo Council #3904 Calendar of Events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1. Friday 2. Saturday




New Testament History Lessons on DVD starting at 7:30PM




Fourth Degree Meeting 7:30PM





First Degree at #14155 St. Patrick of Heatherdowns Candidates 7:30PM



Chapter Meeting @ Perrysburg #7978 7:30PM




Palm Sunday



Business Meeting 8:00PM Rosary 7:45





24. Easter Sunday He is Risen!






30. Pancake Breakfast 9-11AM

Coyle Funeral Home

Established 1888 1770 South Reynolds Road Toledo, Ohio 865-1295 Funeral Pre-planning

Knights of Columbus

MEMBER HALL RENTAL St. Jude Hall 2409 Airport Highway 419-389-4728 Weddings, Showers, Parties, Funerals

Rent This Space...

Only $35 per year reaches more than 250 Catholic families across Toledo and Northwest Ohio. It also gives you a presence on the World Wide Web. Call: Jim Collins 419-868-6133 or [email protected]


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Let Me Represent You on Your Sale or Purchase

Jeremy & Gina Demagall Larry & Rita Sharp PGK Jim & Mary Doore Michael Sharp

John and Arlene Florian PGK Irving Red Stone PGK Ed & Marge Hobbs Leona Treter Bill & Rosie Kehres GK Hank & Sylvia Koepfer PGK Paul & Lee Upman Bob & Kathy Wodarski David & Sharon Zielinski

Mention this ad and I will donate 10% of my earned commission to St. Jude Council


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