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Effective 28th May 2008

The Electro- Hydraulic Bin-lifter

The Electro Hydraulic Binlifter can empty bins up to 150kg with the push of a button. Minimum Effort Maximum Results.

FEATURES: · Available in 12 Volt DC or 240 Volt AC Hydraulic Power Pack · Controlled raise and lower at 18sec approximately · Standard model 150kg capacity · 1830mm tipping height · Fast and easy connection and release of plastic bins · 2 x 250mm solid wheels · 2 x 125mm castors with brakes · Folded chute for product direction and wind protection · Optional 80L and 120L adaptation Stand fitting for 240 L Bin · Optional foldaway 205Litre drum adaptor · Easy attachment to bulk bins With height position locking device to avoid ride up p g p g Special lifting adaptations of this machine have and can be designed and built to the customer's needs (round cardboard or plastic drums, square and oblong vessels of all sizes).

12 Volt DC Power Pack

12 volt DC hydraulic power pack Lockable battery box

For use where cumbersome power supply cables create a trip or safety hazard.

On board automatic single phase 240 Volt battery charger with: · State of charge indicators · Powerful 4 amp output · 13 hour full recharge from dead flat · Automatic shut off when fully charged · Trickle charge for battery maintenance when unused for long periods · Gel filled battery for low maintenance and safety · Battery isolation switch with removable key

Part Number Description Please email to [email protected] for current pricing



Bin Lifter - 12 volt DC Portable Battery Powered Shipping size: 800x1100x1950 mm; 190 kg

240 Volt AC Power Pack

240volt AC hydraulic power pack Separate 10amp plug and isolation switch Push button up/down controls reduced to 24Volt power for safety

Part Number Description Please email to [email protected] for current pricing



Bin lifter - 240 volt AC Mains Power Supply (Semi Portable) Single Phase Shipping size: 800x1100x1950 mm; 190 kg

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