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A List of Politically Correct Terms

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By Spandan Shrestha

In the 21st century, you should not use the term such as "fireman" to refer to someone who´s involved in the fire-fighting business: you should call him/her a fire fighter. You should be aware of the importance of the efforts that should be taken for the inclusiveness and acceptance of diverse lifestyle. Let me exemplify: a person who has lost his eye-sight, if called as a "bilind", maybe offended. Rather, you have to call him/her using the politically-correct term: visually impaired. According to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopædia, "Political correctness (adjectivally, politically correct; both forms commonly abbreviated to PC) is a term used to describe language, ideas, policies, or behaviour seen as seeking to minimise offence to racial, cultural, or other identity groups." To help you be perfectly politically-correct, here are a list of such kinds of terms, arranged in alphabetical order: (:D) A criminal: Unsavoury character Bald: Follically challenged Blind: Visually impaired Body Odour: Non-discretionary fragrance Cowardly: Challenge Challenged Deaf: Hearing impaired Dead: Living impaired Dish Washer: Utensil sanitiser Disabled: Differently-able Dorm: Residence Hall Fail student: Passing impaired Fat: Gravitationally challenged Homeless: Residentially flexible Handicapped: Physically challenged Ignorant: Factually unencumbered Incompetent: Uniquely Proficient Janitor: Sanitation engineer Large Nosed: Nasally gifted Lazy: Energetically declined Mankind: Humankind Old Person: Senior Citizens Poor: Economically marginalised Quiet: Conversational minimalist

Really Big Nosed: Nasally disadvantaged Retarded: Mentally challenged Refugee: Asylum seekers Runny Nose: Nasally gifted Short: Vertically challenged Shy: Conversationally selective Skinny: Skeletally prominent Tall: Vertically enhanced Ugly: Facially challenged Unemployed: Involuntarily leisured Woman: Womyn Wrong: Differently logical I think that the above list is quite comprehensive, though by no means complete (oh, there are more of these terms which I thought were not worth mentioning). Of course, some of these terms seem awkward, funny, or even offensive, and it is your choice whether you want to use them or not. I use these sometimes just for the fun of it. And yes, some terms have more than one politically-correct term, like blind can be referred to as both `visually challenged´ and `visually impaired´, and poor, as both `economically marginalised´ and `financially challenged´ . Again, it´ s your choice which term you want to use--I just used the term that I preferred. Anyway, if you have any suggestions, comments, or criticisms, send it to me via the "Comments" section I have in my website, or directly e-mail me to [email protected] Thank you!

Note: This list has been compiled by collecting the most-appropriate (at least, in my opinion) politically-correct terms from various sources.


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