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1 Blood Test Report Normal values Fasting not essential No No No No No No M-4.5-6.4 F-4.0-5.4 M-14-18 F-12-16.4 M-42-52 F-37-47 78-94 27-32 32-38 Mil. / c. mm Gm / 100 ml % Fl. Cu Gms/dl % Per c. mm If less-susceptibility to infection If very high in LacsLeukemia If more-acute infection If more-chronic infection If more-T.B. Typhoid, urinary infection If more-allergy, cough, cold, asthma, and worms. Led poisoning, Leukemia



Complete Blood Count (CBC) RBC (Erythrocytes) Haemoglobin PCV (RBC)

MCV (Mean corpucells volume)

If less: anemia

Type of anemia


WBV (Leucocytes)



Differential WBC count Neutrophils Lymphocytes Monocytes Esoinophils Basophils Abnormal cells Platelets Peripheral smear Morphology of: RBC Observation WBC Blood Parasites Reticulocytes Color Index

No 60-75 20-30 2-8 1-6 0-1


No No No No No No No


Cu. Mm

If less-bleeding disorder, dengue,

Normochromic /Hypochromic / Anisocytosis Normal / Anaemia /size of RBC differs MP, Filaria If more-anemia

0.5-1.5 / 0.2-2.2 0.85-1.15

In bacterial infection with fever, WBC count goes up. E.g. Tonsillitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, Pneumonia, appendicitis, urinary infection ---12000-25000 WBC, In Typhoid & viral infection ­ WBC may be normal.

Mini Mm at >80-90:Chronic mum end of disease, TB 8 hrs 1 hour If ESR of a patient under treatment shows decline trend, it indicates success of treatment. In Pregnancy ­ESR exceeds 40-50, ESR >40 needs close scrutiny. Do not drink water during 10-12 hours before blood test. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Fasting Blood Sugar Normal Border line diabetes Established diabetes Post Prandial (PP) Blood Sugar Normal Border line diabetes Established diabetes Blood-Glucose Level Maximum Value Normal Border line diabetes Established diabetes 10-12 hours <120 120-140 >140 2 hours after lunch <120 120-140 >140 Mg/dl Mg/dl Mg/dl

2 M-0-15 F-0-20

Mg/dl Mg/dl Mg/dl

Diabetes Thyroid

Diabetes Thyroid

Glucose level is maximum 1 hour after meals. <160 160-180 >200

Blood sugar method: Glucose Oxidase Glycosylated Haemoglobin Glucose level in last 3 months i.e. life cycle of RBC 10-12 hours 6.1 ---8.6 % 4.2 ­ 6.2 Best control 5.5---- 6.8 Good Control 6.8 ----7.6 O K Control >7.6 Poor control 8 hours 0-40 0-18 3-5.7 0.5 ­ 1.4 Nil to trace 150 Mg/dl Mg/dl Mg/dl Mg/24 hours If more--Gout RF > 18 Renal failure Proteins in urine Acute & chronic Renal failure

Kidney Tests Blood Urea BUN-Blood Urea Nitrogen Serum Uric acid Serum Creatinine Routine urine for albumin 24 hours albumin in the urine

3 Lipid Profile S. Cholesterol S. HDL S. LDL S.VLDL S. Triglycerides Total Cholesterol / HDL Liver Function Tests Serum Bilirubin SGOT Increases 6-8 hrs after heart attack. SGPT Alkaline Phosphatase Gamma GT Serum Mayo globlin Troponin (card test done in 5 min) CPK-MB 12 hrs Mg/ If more-Jaundice 100 ml 8-40 Units/ ml Becomes normal in 4 days after heart attack. 5-35 -do60-170 -doIf more-liver, cancer Jaundice, Bone problems. 8-37 -do6-90 nano grm Increases 2 hrs after HA. >500 Increases 2 hrs after HA Increases 4 hrs after HA. Remains high for 48 hrs. Normal after 3-4 days. Remains high for 7 days. If more, arteries have become rigid / lost elasticity. + /- 6.5 10 Acidic condition of blood If + Rheumatoid Arthritis 0.2 ­1 14-16 Hours 150-250 M-30-60 F- 40-70 60-160 3-35 60-150 < 4.5 Mgs/dl 100 ml

LDH (enzyme) Homosystain 12 hrs

PH Test R A Factor Test

Serum Electrolytes S. Sodium


M Eq / L

S. Potassium

3.5 ­5.5

M Eq / L

S. Chlorides S. Magnesium


M Eq / L

If less: nausea, disorder of muscles / If more-water is retained in body Weakness of muscles If more-heart disease If less-blood circulation problem If more-RF, If less- Diarrhea If less-heart ailments, bones, teeth &

4 S. Calcium S. Phosphorus 9-10.6 2.5-4.8 Mg / dl Mg / dl muscles weakness If less-osteoporosis, epilepsy If less-osteoporosis, epilepsy, loss of weight Pancreas functioning, no diagnosis of severe abdomen pain Orthopedic problem, metabolic disorder If more-prostate gland disorder If more-Liver If less-TB, malnutrition If more-Liver syrosis ARF-CRF variation

S. Amylase


S. Acid Phosphates Prostatis fraction S. Proteins total Albumin

1-4 0-0.8 6-8 3.5 to 5.6

KA units KA units Gms % Gms %


1.3 to 3.2

Gms %

Widal test Salmonella typhi `O' Salmonella typhi `H' Salmonella paratyphi A `H' Salmonella paratyphi B `H'

10 1:80 & above 1:120 & above

Typhoid fever


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