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Routine Stool Analysis Sr. No. A Observation Macroscopic Examination Color Consistency Mucus Blood Pus Parasites Normal Reading Normal Conclusion

Absent Absent Absent Absent

Solid, semi solid If excessive---Infection of intestines with amoeba or bacteria (dysentery) Severe infection, piles, cancer Severe infection, piles, cancer Acute infection, worms


Chemical Examination Reaction Occult blood Reducing substances

Acid Absent

If Alkaline --- Colara Severe infection or ulcerization of intestine. Child--- digestive complaints


Microscopic Examination Epithelial cells Pus cells Red Blood cells Macrophages Fat Globules Veg. fibers Undigested starch granules Yeast cells Helminths Ova of Helminths Protoza: Vegetative forms Cystic forms

1-2 Constipation, piles Cells eat RBC & WBC. Amebic dysentery Indigestion

Effect of antibiotic medicines Worms or eggs Worms or eggs Acute Amebic dysentery Chronic Amebic dysentery

Concentration Method

No ova or cysts seen



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Microsoft Word - 03-Routine Stool Analysis.doc