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September 2005

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From the Cockpit by Duane Neefe

Welcome to the September issue of the SPARKS newsletter-Crosswinds. Diane Marson our club Secretary and Newsletter Editor has produced another great newsletter. Thanks to all of you who have contributed articles and remember that if you contribute to the newsletter you will receive a free raffle ticket for the next club meeting raffle. Our Treasurer George Terry reports we now have 110 members which includes those individuals who were on the waiting list for new membership. For those of you who have recently joined SPARKS please feel free to participate not only flying at the field but also in club meetings and in other club functions. Ask questions of other members if in doubt concerning club field rules. The club field rules are listed on the club website and are available at the flying field. George Terry and I have been working to update all membership information. We need everyone's help to assure all information is complete and up to date regarding telephone numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses, emergency contacts, etc.. Please help us by reviewing your personal information in the current membership roster which you can download from the SPARKS website. Click MEMBERS on the main page and then Download Current Membership Roster. Please send any changes to George Terry at [email protected] Our next business meeting will be held Wednesday, September 7, 2005. Chris Fredona has volunteered to serve as program chairman for the next year. Please help Chris by giving him your input regarding programs you have enjoyed at previous meetings or would like to see at future meetings. Please come to the meeting and participate. Feel free to bring your model for a model of the month presentation. The best model of the month will be eligible for a free raffle ticket. At the last meeting we had fourteen different prizes that were raffled off which ranged from $7.00 to $35.00 in value. Please remember that Safety should be number one for all of us. We should always try to set a good example for others especially our new members and younger members. If you have any concerns regarding safety at our flying field please let Vice President and Safety Officer Jim Greer [email protected] or myself [email protected] know your concerns. Remember set a good example fly safely!

Diane Marson 281-374-8915 Secretary & Newsletter Editor

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New Pilot on the block!

Chief Instructor Lee Dillenbeck presented Jonathan Nichols with a Solo Certificate at the August Meeting. His instructors praised his attentiveness and young Jonathan passed his FPE with flying colors. Congratulations, Jonathan!!!

Special Speaker at our Wed., Sept. 7th Meeting Mark you calendar now!!

By Chris Fredona and Kay Everett, Program Chairmen

Electric powered aircraft are taking to the skies at the SPARKS RC field in increasing numbers each week. These aircraft have surprising performance when the right combo of motors, batteries, speed controls, etc. are used, some comparable or better than conventionally powered planes. If electric motor, battery sizing and selection is a mystery to you, as it is to me, come join us at the Valley Ranch for the Sparks September meeting. Kirk Massey, of New Creations RC, will be our guest speaker and will discuss motor, battery, speed controllers, sizes and selections. This should be an informative talk which will provide all of us a better understanding of this quiet but exciting area of flight. If you weren't at the last meeting, you missed a chance at the numerous raffle prizes which included 5, 15 and 30 minute epoxy, a manual fuel pump, an electric fuel pump, hex driver set, metric driver set, power panel, glow plug battery with charger, propro starter, a Field mate flight box. Our newest hobby shop, Randy's on Hwy 249 and Schroeder, donated 3 gallons of fuel. Hope to see you there .............Come get in on the fun!


"Model tech Piper Cub J3 1/3 Scale ARF" by Gabe Virene

It's BIG! With a wingspan of 11 feet and a wing chord of 19", it is impressive. The overall length is 7.5 feet and features a Quadra 75 engine with C.H. Ignition module. I used all Hitec Digital Servos, 1 #6985, 4 each of #6975 and 2 of #5475. The aileron servos are mounted inside the wing for better looks and servo longevity. The receiver is a JR 700 and battery is a JR 3000 MaH NiCad . On board is a Volt watch and Electro Dynamics Opto kill switch. On the landing gear the Dubro 6 inch pneumatics are non-treaded. All 4/40 Hardware with carbon sleeves. One of my added features is an operating cabin door. I flew it recently at the Cub and High Wing Fly In at Scobee Field and had lots of fun with it's very scale like flight. The full scale "Piper J-3" was first built in 1938 as a trainer. It was so successful that the name "Cub" came to be a catchall term for all light airplanes and is one of the most recognized designs in aviation. An oilman named William T. Piper was responsible for its development from an original design in the early `30 which was called a "Chummy". At the peak of World War II , a cub emerged from the factory every 20 minutes. More info can be found at

August Model of the Month

July Model of the Month Re-visited

A photo was not available in the last issue. Here is Marcelo Ayala and his 3 meter Viking Sailplane.


article by Eric Henderson, reprinted from AMA National ("Nats") Newsletter of July 21 and 22, 2005

National Pattern

Editor's note: Pages 4 and 5 are from the Nats Newsletter, pages 6 and 7 are photos taken by Glen Watson, who participated in the FAI class competition

RC Precision Aerobatics

Wednesday is always a big day for all of the contestants. This Wednesday was to be no exception. For the 402 and 403 pilots, the contest winners will be decided. Intermediate was already decided on Tuesday with one pilot scoring 4,000 points in four rounds. Previously mentioned, Brett Wickizer won every round in his first Nats. A name to watch for in the future! Although winners are announced on Wednesday, the prize giving does not take place until Thursday when all of the pilots have completed the finals of the top two classes. Advanced was won by another young man, A.C. Glenn, who had some tough opponents in Scott Pavlock, Robert Mairs, and Mike Hester. A.C. prevailed and Masters awaits his arrival! For the middle group of Masters and FAI pilots, the day has a high degree of tension. The top-of-the-order pilots basically already know that they are going to be in the finals. The middle order of pilots are on what has become known as "the bubble." The pilots on the finals grouping bubble for Masters were told at 12:30 p.m. who had qualified in the top eight. FAI pilots were told at 4 p.m. Also announced were the teams of judges for the next day's finals. The Nats needs a large number of volunteers to make it work. Once in a while, someone has to go home or their plane gave up on them so they left early. The NSRCA has been using a wonderful group of senior-citizen volunteers called the RSVP organization. They have been primarily used as scribes. This morning we were short one frequency-impound manager on Site 4. A super gentleman named Larry Rees stepped up to the plate and after a brief training session took over the impound and saved the day. Way to go Larry and the RSVP organization! What Nats would be complete without the effervescent energy and presence of Chip Hyde? Chip came with his new electric biplane called the Scandalous. Not only is this a new design but it is also the first electric Pattern biplane to be seen at the Nats. Not content with that achievement, Chip also had a gaggle of Genesis (or Genesae perhaps?), his new ARF mono-wing Pattern plane. Several pilots were seen flying them and you can see that they did very well with this new design, electric or otherwise. Today will decide the "battle of the batteries!" For the Masters finals, there will be two electrics and six glow-powered planes. In FAI it will be exactly the reverse. Seven of the finalists for Masters are the same as last year. The newcomer is Jeff Carder. In the FAI final, there are some familiar and some new but well-known faces. Dave Lockhart, Todd Blose, and Tony Frackowiak made it this year. Good luck to all of the finalists --Eric Henderson


RC Precision Aerobatics

by Eric Henderson (photo below)

Thursday, July 21, was Day 4, Finals day. The two main Finals events are run in parallel. The FAI USA Nats Championship and the Masters USA National Championship are run on two separate sites. The pilots fly one plane at a time and everyone watches. Can you spell pressure? Although there can only be eight pilots in each final, there are no real losers in this contest. Everyone who made it to Muncie is a winner in one form or another. Each contestant will take home many new memories, shirts, and hats, etc. Sometimes it is just the experience gained that keeps the fires burning for the next Nats. The F-05 demonstration and judges' warm-up flights were performed by Danny Landis. The FAI contest began at 8 a.m. The "big guns" had made it to the FAI finals but there were some very intense challengers. The weather looked great and the wind was more than reasonable. It was going to be a hot one with 95° and some late thunderstorms in the forecast. The people running the Masters finals did an outstanding job and managed to finish the three-round contest by noon. Kudos to all the workers on that site. FAI ran hard and managed to complete their four rounds by 3 p.m. Masters was won for the second year in a row by David Snow who took all three rounds. Jerry Budd, all the way from California, did his best to wrest the crown away from David. Maybe next year? FAI was won by Quique Somenzini with Chip and his biplane second. Don Szczur was 11/100 of a point behind in third place. All of the trophies were awarded at the end-of-contest pizza feast in the main tent on Site-1. All of the classes were extremely well fought and really made for an exciting awards ceremony for those of us who did not yet know the 404 and 406 results. --Eric Henderson

Some Observations ...

Brief Nats Observations (points of interest, as opposed to conclusions): In the area of equipment, the two-cycles used to be the new fad but have been replaced by electrics which are still growing in popularity. Electrics were first in FAI and in Masters. The power on the front of the plane did not appear to influence the results and by the end of the first day, the whirr of the battery-driven systems did not turn heads any more than any other plane being flown. The YS 1.60 DZ still made its presence known. --E.H.


NatsNews RC pattern reporter and FAI competitor Eric Henderson takes a moment at Nats Headquarters to check out the daily standings and photos.

AMA 2005 Precision Aerobatics "Nats" photos taken by Glen Watson who competed in the FAI Class

These photos were taken by Glen at the "Nats' held July 17-- 21, 2005 in Muncie, Indiana. There are three classes... FAI Masters and Advanced-Intermediates.

For more coverage on the event, please visit the following website and click on one of the above dates....



Cub, Taylorcraft, Decathlon Fly In held at Scobee Field on August 20, 2005 By Ted Karis

Here are some pictures from Scobee field on August 20th. Gabe, my Dad and I participated in the Cub/any high wing cabin plane fly-in that was advertised in the AMA magazine. The three of us had a great time. Gabe enjoyed several very scale like flights with his "monster cub". We wrapped it up early due to the extreme heat.

My Dad maidened his Goldberg Decathlon


Flying under the Red Star--con't.

By Lee Dillenbeck

You may remember my article in January when I traveled to Moscow, Russia. Before leaving on my trip, I met a fellow RC modeler, Dmitry Bernt and his charming family through the internet. One weekend, we visited a local model shop and then I enjoyed a home cooked meal with the Bernt family.

Early September, I am scheduled to return there and hope to log some flying time with Dmitry. Here are photos taken recently of Dmitry and his craft. P.S. The weather looks much nicer now than the very cold days I spent there.


Those Amazing Blue Angels

submitted by Homer Davis

Here are a few photos of our United States Navy precision flying team, the legendary Blue Angels. More great photos, facts and info can be found on their official website

Is it "Two full moons in the same calendar month" or "third full moon in a season of four full moons"??? The first is the most common definition but the second explanation is correct as well. An average lunar span is 29.5 days so in a 31 day month, the second full moon is called "blue moon". Since the next one will be June of 2007, some members were flying early on Saturday, Sunday August 21st, to take advantage of "once in a blue moon"! Even more unusual is a year with two blue moons, which happens only once every 19 years, 1999 was our last one. Read more about this phenomenon and see the calendar at :


Speaking of blue........What is a blue moon???

Recipe for "Gabe's Special" Glider

IPS A Drive (Pico stick motor and drive) 2 HS ­ 55 servos Hitec feather single conversion receiver Made from an old park flyer Utilized wings and tail and has custom fuselage Pull-pull Kevlar on elevator and rudder

3 Minute Maiden Flight

Before After "slightly rearranged"

Welcome New SPARKS members !!!

Mark Hunt Matt Lancaster Don Menk Armando Salgado Edward and Dillon Menville Barry Richards Chris Uplinger

Jim Sheffield

Does Greg Riede have a new chopper?????

Submitted by Duane Neefe


Former RC Hobby Shop Owner Flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Iraq ­ by Homer Davis

Several in the club know that I have a friend in St. Joseph, MO, who owns a RC hobby shop. (The same one that had the ½ scale Piper Cub that was in the SPARKS newsletter several years back.) When the hobby business recently got slow he went to work for Northrop Grumman. After a training stint in Arizona it was off to Iraq to fly Hunter RQ-5A Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Garry recently sent an e-mail with several pictures showing what life in Iraq is like. The above photo shows Garry in the hanger with the Hunters that he flies. It has a wing span of 29 feet, length of 22.6 feet, has a maximum speed of 127 mph, and can stay aloft 12 hours. These are unarmed. The primary duties are surveillance work and spotting artillery rounds for the military. Note the casual uniform. Garry is a civilian but he works with a military unit.

The next picture shows Garry in front of the runway that he uses and shares with the fullscale stuff. He says it's really cool to watch F-16's with lit afterburners 20 feet off the deck and 100 feet in front of you; or ducking rocks when C-5 cargo planes lift-off. The bicycle is his primary mode of transportation around the base.


The building is one of the dormitories (dungeons?) that Garry and his unit live in. It doesn't have many comforts of home. Note the Port-a-Potties on the left.

The photo on the left shows one of their trailers that was hit by a mortar. Garry says the insurgents occasionally lob one in their direction. They don't seem to be aiming at anything in particular and seldom hit anything. It does keep things interesting though.

Garry says that when he is not flying it is sort of like Club-Med. He rides bicycles, swims in a choice of two pools, watches movies with four locations to chose from, plays ping-pong, uses the exercise facilities (not), and enjoys the food, which he says is surprisingly good, and is served four times a day at four different locations. The chief enemy is BOREDOM although he can call home everyday and is in e-mail contact with his family and friends.

Garry took enough "fun" RC stuff with him to last a year and enjoys flying his foamy. For the hot-shot pilots in SPARKS, Garry says they can always use more pilots. Let me know and I will put you in touch with him.



Submitted by Rod Kuntz "Spectators in Budapest's parliament building gape as, metres away, pilot Nigel Lamb threads his plane through the Hungarian capital at the weekend. He was taking part in round six of the Red Bull Air Race series, won by former American top gun pilot Mike Mangold" was the photo caption. I found this photo in the Straits Times in Singapore when I was reading the paper this morning at the hotel.............pretty neat You can visit this website to see the amazing video and get all the details of this year's event...

Left photo:

Submitted by Bill Murad

Too close for comfort!!!

Right photo:

Ready for the dawn patrol.....By Ron Hendrick

I recently outfitted my "3-D Spirit" (a club raffle prize) with LCD lights powered by a 9 volt battery.

Many thanks to the following members who contributed to this month's issue.........Homer Davis Lee Dillenbeck Jim Greer Ron Hendrick

Ted Karis Rod Kuntz Bill Murad Gabe Virene Glen Watson They will receive a free raffle ticket at the September 7th meeting. Please continue to send your contributions to: [email protected]


For Sale

Horizon Hobbies "Harrier 3D ARF

(like new, never crashed) New OS Max FS-120 Surpass III with Pump, original instruction manual and tool kit included New JR DS-811 digital servos 62oz/in torque New Hi-tec HS-5945MG digital and programmable servo on rudder. 180 oz/in. Remote glow lighter 3 APC Props--15x6, 15x4w and a 14x4w Heavy Duty MPI switch harness w/outside charging plug. Absolutely one of the best 3D planes on the market. Awesome power to weight combo plus the quality of OS ALSO Practically new OS Max 91 4 stroke engine, less than 18 minutes run time. Original box and instruction manual. For more details, please contact Jim Greer 281-370-5615 or 713-412-6482 cell

Please support our local hobby shops

Toys for Big Boys.....

Kirk Massey

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