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Glossy HIPS SP-2050

SP-2050 is a specially formulated high impact polystyrene co-extruded with a unique ultra-high gloss capstock to provide outstanding surface appearance while maintaining excellent performance characteristics.

Glossy HIPS SP-2050 Test

Specific Gravity Tensile Modulus Tensile Strength Flexural Modulus Flexural Strength Izod Impact Falling Dart Impact Heat Deflection Temperature Hardness Gardner Gloss Flammability Rating


ASTM D792 ASTM D638 ASTM D638 ASTM D790 ASTM D790 ASTM D256 (73°F, -40°C) ASTM D3029 (73°F, -40°C) ASTM D648 ASTM D785 ASTM D523 UL94 HB


g/cm3 psi psi psi psi Ft-lbs/in. Ft-lbs °F Rockwell R %


1.03 265,000 3,000 303,000 6,400 2.0 80 (in-lbs) 186 (55) 80 Passes

Spartech warrants that its products conform to its published specifications in effect at the time of sale, but Spartech expressly disclaims any warranties of the merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose with respect to its products. The values shown above are representative of values that have been obtained in the testing of samples produced in various colors. Each user of the material should conduct his own testing and evaluations to determine the effectiveness, safety, and suitability of the material for its particular use.


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