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DRAFT for PC action on October 10, 2009

Policy and Procedure for Articulation Screening ­ PLS 4 Performance Standards 1308.6(b)


The articulation screening process is completed within 45 days of a child's enrollment into the program. The articulation screening is generally done while the child is working with the staff during the LAP-D Quick Screen. We use the Pearson Preschool Language Scale 4 known as PLS 4. The PLS 4 has an English and Spanish version for children ages 3 to 6. The Spanish PLS 4 version is used only if the primary language of the child is Spanish. Scoring and pass levels are different for the Language section. All other sections are the same for Spanish and English. The PLS 4 manual (English or Spanish) is used and the manual has different screening tools for different age groups. Only the tool that coincides with the child's age is used. The record form coincides with the screening tool. The record from has the age on the top right hand corner. There are 6 sections to the articulation screening. Two (2) sections are completed with the child present and 4 sections are completed based on the screener's prior knowledge/familiarity with the child's speaking skills. The "pass" level for each section are listed by each section. At the end of the report form, each section is listed in the Screening Summary area. In the Screening Summary area, check only one box for each section. If the child did not meet the pass criteria, check "Obtain additional information." If one or more boxes are checked as "Obtain additional information," the screener will submit an Inter/Intra Office referral form to the Mental Health / Disability manager or assistants. Procedures: 1. Classroom Teachers, Center Directors or Team Leaders are responsible for ensuring the Pearson Preschool Language Scale 4 (PLS 4) Screening Test is completed on every child within 45 days of enrollment. 2. The staff ensures that the top of the record form is filled out completely with the child's information. 3. In the Language section, the screener will present the language and age appropriate section in the PLS 4 manual to the child. The screener will read the prompts listed in the manual and the child will respond. Screener records results on the record form. If using the English version, the screener will total the score for items 1-5, and place the result in the Screening Summary ­ a score of 3 more correct is passing.

If the screener is using the Spanish version, the screener will total the score and if a child has 6 or more minuses in the Spanish Language section, the staff will record the results in the Screening Summary area and proceed to submit an Inter/Intra Office referral form to the Mental Health/Disability unit. 4. In the Articulation section, the screener will say each word for the child and prompt the child to repeat the word. The screener will listen to the child's response. The screener will record results on the record form. Eight (8) or more correct responses indicate a passing score. The screening score is also recorded in the Screening Summary area. 5. The connected Speech, Stuttering, Voice, and Social / Interpersonal Skills sections are completed by observing and listening to the child during normal interactions with other children or adults. Classroom staff or others familiar with the child's speech will answer each question and record the findings in the Screening Summary. "Pass criteria" for each section are listed on the Record form. 6. Once the Articulation Screening ­ PLS 4 is complete and, as necessary an inter / intra Office referral form is completed and forwarded to the Mental Health/Disabilities staff, the Record form information is inputted into Child Plus. 7. The record form and as appropriate inter/intra agency referral forms are filed in the child's brown folder.


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