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Product Specification Sheet Catalog Number: E-MVGAM-M Jumper cable

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Outer Jacket 32 AWG conductors Braid shield Teflon binder 30 AWG Singles

Physical Construction Component 1: Shielded conductors 32 AWG 7/40 tinned copper conductor Foam skin PE insulation: .040-inch nominal diameter 95 % 40 AWG tinned copper spiral braid shield 100% Teflon tape binder with a 25% overlap conductor final construction: .050-inch nominal OD Component 2: Unshielded conductors 30 AWG 7/38 tinned copper conductor Polypropylene insulation: .006-inch nominal thickness conductor final construction: .020-inch nominal OD HD15 Plug: Nickel plated shell 1 µm Gold plated contact pins Current rating: 1 amp 30 milliohm contact resistance Molding: VGA: PVC 50P, BNC PVC 45P, Breakout: PVC 60P Ferrite: Ni-Zn 12.5x12.5x8 mm 30 /25MHz, 60/100MHz Cable Final assembly: 5 of component 1 and 6 of component 2 planetary cabled around a core of 5 of component 2. 100% Teflon tape binder with a 25% overlap 85% .12mm tinned copper braid shield FR-PVC jacket: .020-inch nominal thickness Final construction: .216-inch nominal OD Product Print Legend: AWM E89980-A SUNF PU STYLE 20276 80°C 30V VW-1 Specification Control Revision Date: 12/15/2004 Liberty Wire & Cable specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact an account representative for current product specifications. Liberty Wire & Cable continuously strives to ensure product specifications are accurate and complete. All physical specifications are nominal. Jacket Colors: Matte Black Packaging: Not applicable Lengths: 3, 6, 12, 25, and 50 feet Special Note: 1600x1200 certified to 25 feet 1024x768 certified to 50 feet Description Mini Hi-RES VGA interconnect product for analog video applications and installations in accordance with Appliance Wiring Material UL 758 page 20276. Color Code 32 AWG: Red, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow 30 AWG: Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Brown, Black, White, Gray, Yellow, Orange, Red Electrical Specifications 32 AWG: DCR: 179.27 per 1000 feet Impedance: 75 ± 5 30 AWG: DCR: 114.63 per 1000 feet Voltage: 30 Volts RMS Temperature: -20°C to 80°C

Regulatory Specifications (UL) Recognized AWM 20276 80C 30V, VW-1 Internal wiring or external interconnection of electronic equipment in Class 2 circuits only.

Product Information

Form Revision Date: 04/15/2004

Product Specification Sheet Catalog Number: E-MVGAM-M Jumper cable

Form Revision Date: 04/15/2004


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