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2010 UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design

Instructor_ James Vincent Teaching Assistants_ TBA

MOS, Puppet Theater Digital Model 2004

Lia, I Said If Interactive, Generative Online Application of Sound


As an Introduction to parametric and algorithmic modeling, this workshop will provide the knowledge and skills to develop a working knowledge of how to implement parametric and algorithmic techniques into the overall architectural design process, using Grasshopper and Processing as the primary software platforms. In particular, the course explores the tools and techniques associated to parametric and algorithmic design, a process by which complexity is a product of consistent relationships between objects. To achieve this, we must exploit platforms such as Grasshopper and Processing that can support spatial research at a speed, intensity and multiplicity beyond that available in the standard scripting language within Rhino. With that aim, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of parametric and algorithmic modeling and associated computer-aided design for the generation and representation of complex form and data. Students will have the opportunity to explore introduced techniques through a series of short and intensive assignments organized within five main categories: Data sets and Math, Transformation, Parametric Space, Deformation and Morphing and Mapping. These highly focused exercises will lead to one of the ultimate aspirations of this workshop; to introduce new ways of thinking about form and geometry and consequently develop techniques that could be actively introduced and actualized into future design projects.


GRASSHOPPER: GETTING STARTED 00_01: The very basics of Grasshopper 00_02: Interface, workplace 00_03: Components 00_04: Data matching 00_05: Component's Help (Context pop up menu) 00_06: Type In component searching / adding 00_07: Geometry Preview Method 00_08: Other Resources

Grasshopper and Processing Workshop 2010 UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design _01

GRASSHOPPER: DATA SETS AND MATH 01_01: Numerical Data sets 01_02: Points and Point Grids 01_03: Other Numerical Sets 01_04: Functions 01_05: Boolean Data types 01_06: Cull Patterns 01_07: 2D Geometrical Patterns GRASSHOPPER: TRANSFORMATION 02_01: Vectors and planes 02_02: Curves and linear geometries 02_03: Combined Experiment 02_04: Attractors GRASSHOPPER: PARAMETRIC SPACE 03_01: One Dimensional (1D) Parametric Space 03_02: Two Dimensional (2D) Parametric Space 03_04: Transition between spaces 03_05: Basic Parametric Components Curve Evaluation Surface Evaluation 03_06: Object Proliferation in Parametric Space GRASSHOPPER: DEFORMATION AND MORPHING 04_01: Deformation and Morphing 04_02: Panelization 04_03: Micro Level Manipulations 04_04: Responsive Modulation GRASSHOPPER: NURBS SURFACE AND MESHES 05_01: Parametric NURBS Surfaces 05_02: Mesh vs. NURBS Geometry and Topology 05_03: Colour Analysis 05_04: Manipulating Mesh PROCESSING: GETTING STARTED 00_01: Processing Development Environment 00_02: File_ Edit_ Sketch_ Tools_ Help 00_03: Sketchbook 00_04: Tabs, Multiple Files, and Classes 00_05: Coordinates 00_06: Programming Modes_ Basic_ Continuous_ Java 00_07: Rendering Modes 00_08: Applet Export 00_09: Application Export PROCESSING: ALGORITHMIC STRUCTURES 01_01: Variables (Positions, Measurements, Amounts, User Input, Time, etc...) 01_02: Conditionals 01_03: Loops PROCESSING: CUSTOM OBJECTS AND STRUCTURES 02_01: Classes 02_02: Recursion 02_03: Iteration 02_04: Functions

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PROCESSING: VECTOR MATHEMATICS 03_01:Construction 03_02: Translating and Rotation 03_03: Dot Product 03_04: Cross Product 03_05: Goaling 03_06: Momentum and Drag PROCESSING: MATRIX TRANSFORMATIONS 04_01: What is a Matrix? 04_02: Storing Transformations 04_03: PushMatrix() 04_04: Scale_Rotation_Translation PROCESSING: DRAWING CURVES 04_01: Arcs 04_02: Spline Curves 04_03: Continous Spline Curves 04_04: Bezier Curves 04_05: Continous Bezier Curves PROCESSING: DRAWING POLYGONS 05_01: Basic Trigonometry 05_02: Using Functions 05_03: Limiting Parameters 05_04: Watching for Errors (Safe Computing)

Grasshopper and Processing Workshop 2010 UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design



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