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Spectrum Coatings Has 17 Colors Approved for Mil-DTL-64159 CARC Applications

FOR RELEASE: IMMEDIATE Contact: (401) 781-4847 Fax: (401) 781-1075 Email: [email protected] The United States Army Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, MD has approved seventeen Spectrum Coatings' colors in the Mil-DTL-64159 Waterborne CARC Urethane coating system for use by all departments of the DoD. The 17 colors that have been approved for use are: FS595 Color 30051 Brown 383 31136 Aircraft Red 33446 Tan 686A 33303 Sand 33531 Sand 33538 Aircraft Yellow 34031 Aircraft Green 34088 Olive Drab 34094 Green 383 35044 Aircraft Insignia Blue 35237 Blue Gray 36300 Aircraft Gray 36231 Interior Aircraft Gray 36375 Medium Gray 37030 Black 383 37038 Aircraft Black 37875 Aircraft White Spectrum Part # WU2K-632 WU2K-693 WU2K-621 WU2K-714 WU2K-730 WU2K-694 WU2K-577 WU2K-707 WU2K-619 WU2K-698 WU2K-738 WU2K-562 WU2K-629 WU2K-618 WU2K-631 WU2K-631 WU2K-697 ARL Qualification Number Q-1646 Q-1729 Q-1659 Q-1741 Q-1897 Q-1728 Q-1766 Q-1731 Q-1645 Q-1727 Q-1852 Q-1692 Q-1755 Q-1851 Q-1647 Q-1682 Q-1730

For more information, MSDS or perhaps a sample, contact a Spectrum representative using the contact information listed above.

217 Chapman Street, Providence, RI


(401) 781-4847


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