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When security really matters ­ at no extra cost!

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The AK2TX4 remote control transmitter is designed to deliver unparalleled security for all domestic and commercial applications.

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Rugged IP65 rated dust proof and water resistant housing with full silicone gasket. 69 bit encrypted data transmission guarantees security. Each transmitter is uniquely coded and cannot be replicated. Self learning receiver technology stores up to 340 unique transmitters. Can be used to replace any existing remote control system. Convenient size allows attachment to key-ring or under dash placement with velcro. Easy to add new transmitters with the push of a single button. Four channel transmitter allows for maximum flexibility. 433.92MHz crystal locked transmitter frequency immune from interference caused by 27MHz baby monitors, CB radio etc. ¤ All transmissions immune from code grabbing and code scanning techniques as often used by ever resourceful thieves. ¤ Optional proximity coil can be fitted to suit all major proximity readers including HID and Mifare. ¤ No price penalty for far superior technology.

Applications: ¤ Garage doors, automatic gates. ¤ Remote arming and disarming of security alarms. ¤ Personal emergency transmitters.

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AK2TX4 Airkey Transmitter

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