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STL Sleek-6 Flash

SUMMARY: With Linear optics and 1-watt Generation III LEDs, the STL Sleek-6 Flash will provide intense lighting for all emergency and stealth applications. Powered by 12V 36 Generation III 1-watt LEDs Linear optics Sleek, durable casing 16 available flash patterns Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours Anti-glare coating on outer lens Includes STL Grand Control switch box Includes choice of 2 suction cups or L-brackets Includes removable windshield reflector Includes 12 feet of cable to switch box, 3 feet of power cable, and 8 feet of auxiliary cable Dimensions: 25" L x 1.75" H x 2.25" D 7 day money back guarantee 1 year warranty

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. The STL Grand Control Box has (3) switches which include (2) on/off switches and (1) flash pattern toggle switch. 2. Wire the main power cables which include the red cable with the fuse and the black ground cable to your battery. 3. The red and blue cables are auxiliary cables used to wire up other products to the Grand Control switch box. These are not power cables. 4. The left side on/off switch powers your flashing lights on the light bar, while the flash pattern toggle switch allows you to cycle through different flash patterns. 5. The right side on/off switch powers your lights you have wired up to the auxiliary cables. 6. The "STL" on the Grand Control Box will light up when the switch box is turned on. 7. See below pictures for further assistance.


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