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Postnet Suite 195 Private Bag X1 Edenglen 1613 No.11 Betschana Road Sebenza Edenvale E-mail: [email protected]

Nadia Cell: 079 527 0706 Tel: 011 524-0038 Fax: 011 609-1564


PRODUCT LIST DESCRIPTION Aniseed Ground Aniseed Star Basil Ground Basil Rubbed Bayleaves Ground Bayleaves Whole Beetroot Powder Birds Eye Chilli Ground Birds Eye Chilli Whole Brown Lentils Cabbage Cubes Caraway Ground Caraway Whole Cardamom Ground Cardamom Whole Cassia Chips Cassia Whole Cayenne Pepper A Celery Ground Celery Seeds Chick Peas White Chilli Powder Chillies Crushed Pizza Cut with Stem Chillies Kibbled Chillies Pizza Cut Stemless

DESCRIPTION Chive Roll Cinnamon Powder Cinnamon Sticks Cloves Ground Cloves Whole Coriander Coarse Coriander Ground Coriander Roasted Coriander Split Coriander Whole Cumin Ground Cumin Whole Desiccated Coconut Dill Tips Fennel Ground Fennel Seeds Fenugreek Ground Fenugreek Whole Garlic Flakes Garlic Granules 16-26 Garlic Granules 8-12 Garlic Granules 8-16 Garlic Powder Ginger Ground Ginger Whole Ginger slices Green Split Peas Jalapeno Powder Lentils Pink/ Red Marjoram Rubbed Mint Powder Mint Rubbed Mix Vegetable Powder Mixed Herbs Mixed Spice

DESCRIPTION Mushroom Flakes Mustard Ground Mustard Seeds Black Mustard Seeds Yellow Nutmeg Powder Onion Flakes Onion Powder Onion Rings Dehydrated Oreganum Powder Oreganum Rubbed Paprika Asta 110 Paprika Asta 150 Paprika Asta A Paprika Flakes Parsley P2 Parsley P4 Parsley Powder Pepper Bell Green Pepper Bell Red Pepper Black Coarse Pepper Black Extra Pepper Black Ground Pepper Black Ground C/P Pepper Black Whole Pepper White Ground C/P Pepper White Pure Pepper White Whole Pimento Ground Pimento Whole Poppy Seed Rosemary Powder Rosemary Rubbed Sage Powder Sage Whole Sesame Seeds

DESCRIPTION Sugar Beans Thyme Powder Thyme Whole Turmeric Powder Yellow Split Peas Regards Nadia Rasool Spice and Herb Importers


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