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TV medium Colin Fry takes former management company to court

AN internationally known medium has instigated proceedings in the High Court against his former management company. Colin Fry (pictured), star of the TV show 6ixth Sense claims he is owed in excess of £1 million by International Programme Marketing (IPM), the company which has managed his affairs since 2002. Colin told PN that in March this year the Court issued a ruling in his favour that there was indeed a case to answer. Psychic News understands that Colin's lawyers have claimed that over an eight-year period IPM failed to provide the medium with accounts from his tours, leaving him unable to confirm that he had received what was due to him under his agreement with the company. At a second hearing on 20th May lawyers for IPM were granted an adjournment to give them more time to prepare their case. Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle, an IPM spokesperson said: "We have done the figures and the suggestion we owe him £1 million is not the case, but that's as much as I can say." Colin Fry told the Jewish Chronicle: "This has put a huge personal strain on me. I worked hard for many years, touring the country and helping people and it saddens me that the people who I thought were my friends should treat me in this way." Colin has recorded eight episodes of a new series for 6ixth Sense series in the UK. Side by side with his highprofile career as a medium Colin Fry does much to assist charitable causes. He has donated his services on several occasions to raise funds for Help for Heroes, a charity dedicated to the support of British service personnel who have been wounded in current conflicts. He has also donated funds to help Westcliffe Spiritualist Church who last year were targeted twice by vandals within the space of a few hours. Locks were broken and doors superglued, making normal use of the building impossible and leaving church officials with a substantial repair bill. Colin will be making no further further comment on the case until the final outcome is known.

Inside this week's PN...

Spiritualist fights to save lake from `environmental disaster'

Norwegian television. Bin Endel Sider (The Other Side) is due to be screened in the Autumn. Colin told PN that the programmes would follow the same studiobased format as his popular

Self-styled `medium' held on rape charges

A SELF-STYLED `medium' has been charged with six rapes, one attempted rape and six offences of gross indecency between 1995 and 2005. Martin Smith, 45, appeared briefly before Carlisle magistrates on Wednesday 19 th May and spoke only to confirm his name and address. He was remanded in custody. Smith's now defunct but still accessible web page claims that he "travelled to Stansted Hall in London [sic] which is the UK Centre for Psychic Studies [sic] to train and understand [his] abilities more." Enquiries by Psychic News have revealed that this information is false and that at no time was Martin Smith a student at Stansted Hall. A claim made by the Daily Mail that Smith "became a paidup member of the Spiritualists' National Union" is similarly false. SNU sources have confirmed to PN that Smith was granted provisional membership in 2006 but never achieved full Class B membership. According to his website Smith has worked as a platform medium and given private readings. In 2006 he appeared in an episode of the TV programme Most Haunted. In a tragic twist it has emerged that Smith is the father of the two young children found dead in a Spanish hotel room last week. Police were called to the Hotel Miramar on Tuesday 18th May and subsequently discovered the bodies of Rebecca, 5, and elevenmonth-old Daniel. Their mother, Lianne Smith, 43, is now in custody. According to Spanish Judge Fernandez, she has admitted "asphyxiating them by putting plastic bags over their heads".

As I see it... by Eric Hatton

MARTIN SMITH: Remanded in custody.

Communication doesn't come cheap on US medium's tour


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What the eye does not see by Billy Roberts

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New appointments

ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY (AU) has appointed two acclaimed parapsychologists to its staff in the form of a husband-and-wife team. In a press release, the Virginia-based university announces the appointments of Nancy Zingrone, PhD, and Carlos Alvarado, PhD. Both have extensive backgrounds in parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, psychiatric research and perceptual studies. Nancy Zingrone has been appointed Academic Affairs Director, and her husband Carlos Alvarado has been appointed Scholar in Residence. The couple will also pursue the creation of an online master's degree in parapsychology for the university. Both Zingrone and Alvarado have PhDs in psychology from the University of Edinburgh. The AU faculty was founded by spiritual philosopher and holistic healing pioneer Edgar Cayce in 1930, and it retains an affiliation with Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE). ARE is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1931 by Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), to research and explore transpersonal subjects such as holistic health, ancient mysteries, personal spirituality, dreams and dream interpretation, intuition, philosophy and reincarnation. With international headquarters in Virginia Beach, there are Edgar Cayce Centres in 37 countries and individual members in more than 70 countries. For more information, visit:

Spiritualist's life and work is celebrated in London gallery

SPIRITUALIST writer, gay magazine illustrator, celebrity portrait artist, author, artists' model and medium, Ronald Wright's 82 years have been filled with strange encounters and extraordinary experiences. From 3rd to 27th June an exhibition at the Schwarz Gallery in Hackney, East London, will celebrate his life and work. The exhibition is entitled Flesh: The Great Illusion, the same title as Wright's autobiography, published in 1990. Seduced by the glamour of the cinema and its stars, the young Ronald Wright was drawn to London's West End in the early 1950s. He found ways to meet the stars he idolised, and stumbled upon the then secret world of London's gay scene. He first gained a reputation for drawing likenesses of theatre stars, such as Marlene Dietrich, Mae West and Vivien Leigh, then turned his abilities to illustrating magazines. Imprisoned for being gay in 1959, he was released a year later and began a successful career as a man with a mission, which, he believed, was to channel, write and distribute the message of Hafed, Prince of Persia, leader of the legendary Three Magi of the Bible. Wright also became a well-known healer. The exhibition of his work will contain drawings, sound, writing and photography. It will be set in a re-creation of the living room in his small bungalow in Watton-at-Stone, a Hertfordshire village. The re-created living room will be used throughout the exhibition for talks and performances. The publicity material sent to PN about the exhibition featured images of an adult nature. Readers thinking of attending may wish to bear this in mind if they are offended by such material. The Schwartz Gallery is at 92 White Post Lane, London E9. This is five minutes walk from Hackney Wick Station, and ten minutes walk from Chapman Road on buses 388, 26 and 30. Gallery opening times are Thursday ­ Sunday 12pm ­ 6pm.

Spiritualist photo find inspires author to write romantic novel

A SAN FRANCISCO bookshop was turned into a 19th century Spiritualist centre earlier this month for the launch of a new book. The event marked the formal launch of Picture the Dead, which has been described alternatively as "an illustrated paranormal teen romance novel" or "a book with a `Cold Mountain' feel." It was written by Adele Griffin and illustrated by Lisa Brown. Griffin and Brown got the idea for Picture the Dead a few years ago, when their two families rented a large house outside Boston for a vacation. While they were there, they sensed that there was a non-human presence in the house. "We thought it would be restful, but it ended up being quite different," Lisa Brown told the San Francisco Chronicle. "It felt as though there was a presence in the house. It wasn't us, it wasn't the kids. It was as though we were in someone else's house and we were the invaders. It wasn't sinister, but you felt you were not alone." They then found an antique Victorian trunk in the basement. Inside was an old scrapbook filled with American Civil War photographs ringed in black, and spirit photographs which purported to show the dead communicating with the living. "It was almost as if it was inviting us to tell this story," said

RONALD WRIGHT: His 82 years have been filled with extraordinary experiences. an artist's model, notably posing as "the body" of Rudolf Nureyev for a Madame Tussauds waxwork. Wright himself became an entertainer, performing at private parties and clubs throughout the 1960s. In the 1970s and 80s, his interest in spiritual work developed. After a visitation from "The Spirit of Light" during a séance in Belgrave Square, he became

Bizarre `healing' treatments bring complaints from patients' families

A SINGAPORE businessman, now claiming to be a healer, is at the centre of a storm. The families of two cancer patients accuse him of falsely claiming he could treat their relatives' illnesses. Mr David Chew, 64, a restaurateur, died on 10th October, and Madam Huang Lizhen, 52, a piano teacher, died on 3rd March. Both had been treated by Mr Bong. News of Mr Bong's practice in Malacca first appeared in Sin Min Daily News on 1st April, when a Singaporean woman complained of suffering temporary paralysis after his treatment for bone spurs on her legs. AsiaOne reports that the families of Mr Chew and Madam Huang then came forward with their stories. Undergraduate Patrick Chew, 24, said his father had been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. He said: "Doctors said the tumour was too big for surgery or chemotherapy. One of his friends recommended him to Mr Bong, saying he could treat cancer. "We saw some hope that Mr Bong could reduce the cancer cells so the tumour would shrink sufficiently for surgery or chemotherapy." Mr Chew went with his family to consult Mr Bong, who charges $600 for herbal medicine. The younger Mr Chew claimed his father was in pain after the consultation. He said: "Mr Bong used some wooden strips to scratch my dad's limbs, saying that was to treat the cancer. My dad said it was painful, but Mr Bong assured us he could treat cancer, so my father put up with the discomfort." He claimed that the following day, when his father complained of having phlegm on his lungs, Mr Bong punched his chest twice. "My dad told Mr Bong to stop, as the punches hurt, but the healer assured us his methods would work. Mr Bong kept telling him not to be scared." That night his father was so traumatised that he could not sleep well. He had nightmares and kept shouting, "Don't beat me! Don't beat me!" The family decided to stop the treatment. They returned from Malacca to Singapore after two days. A day later, the elder Mr Chew died. Madam Huang's younger sister told the newspaper that after Madam Huang's ovarian cancer progressed to the third stage, she had an operation. Having heard about Mr Bong's claim to be able to cure cancer, Madam Huang consulted him. He is said to have used wooden strips to scratch her arms and legs until her limbs were swollen. Madam Huang, a mother of three children, said Mr Bong's cancer treatment caused her more pain than childbirth. She claimed Mr Bong told her not to seek chemotherapy as his treatment was effective. Madam Huang therefore delayed chemotherapy, and saw Mr Bong three times, but by then the cancer had spread to other organs. In a telephone interview with The New Paper, Mr Bong denied that he claimed he could cure cancer. He said: "I never guarantee I can cure cancer. No healer or doctor can make promises. Even Western doctors cannot guarantee that radiotherapy or chemotherapy can cure cancer." But he stuck to his claim that he could diagnose cancer by feeling his patients' lymph nodes. He treats them with pills made from tree roots, and said, "I used to sell Chinese medicine for ten years, until two years ago, when I discovered I could treat people's ailments." As for the families' accusations, Mr Bong said, "I have many Singaporean customers. I've treated as many as 3,000 people." He added: "I never told Madam Huang not to have chemotherapy."

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The cover of `Picture the Dead', written by Adele Griffin and illustrated by Lisa Brown. Adele Griffin. Griffin and Brown soon found themselves collaborating on a historical novel set during the American Civil War. It centres around Jenny Lovell, an orphan living with her uncle and aunt. When her fiancé dies in the war, she senses that his spirit is not at rest and attempts to find out how he died. Her questions bring her into contact with a spirit photographer. Secrets spill out, and soon nothing is as it first appears. The pair did extensive research for the book and based many details on actual events and people.

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Communication doesn't come cheap at John Edward live shows

AT around £60 a ticket, American lecturer and medium John Edward (pictured) has put on the most expensive `show' of its kind that Torquay has ever seen. "There's no singing, dancing, special lighting effects or any production whatsoever," John told the South Devon Herald Express. "The event is just me and a chair on the stage. "It's all about the energy and connection between medium and audience. The high price keeps out the doubters. "I have always set my fees slightly high for one reason: I like to weed out the people who might just want to go on a lark, and are not serious about learning. "I admit openly that I am not a patient man when it comes to people not taking this work seriously." John is fresh from dates in Las Vegas and is currently on a world tour covering Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain, which has brought him to the Princess Theatre in Torquay. He is known for his TV shows, Crossing Over with John Edward but explained: "Clearly, I will not be able to get to everyone in the room, but everyone will go home with a message. It just might not be delivered from the family member they were hoping to hear from. "Many times it is your mother or son sitting next to you who gets the message, but we all get a chance to share in that connection." John describes his ability as a telephone to connect spirits with their relatives in the physical realm. He said: "It is energy. The same way an e-mail or a text message can be sent at any time, so can their energy. It just might not be read right away, or sometimes not at all." John claims to have brought through a few energies who were famous or celebrated in life. "But there are no red velvet ropes on the Other Side," he says. "They come through just like regular non-famous folks, and most times their families have to tell me exactly who they are, because I might not even get it."

Tamworth Lyceum takes part in the SNU's West Midlands District Council rally at Stourbridge National Spiritualist Church.

SNU's West Midlands District Council rally spreads message

THE SNU's West Midlands District Council (WMDC) has held a one-day Spiritualist rally to take the message of survival to a wider public. The rally, which was also a fund-raiser for the District Council, took place at Stourbridge National Spiritualist Church on Saturday 15th May and featured a host of events, ranging from private readings to spiritual healing. The day began with a welcome from Stourbridge vice-president Laraine Killarney, standing in for the church's long-time president Minister Eric Hatton, who was unable to be present due to illness. WMDC president Julia Almond then took the microphone and explained that one of the main aims of the rally was to bring the churches together to work as one for their common aims. The first major event of the day was introduced by Julia as a "Talktorial" and featured medium Tim Abbott. Tim explained something of how mediumship worked and invited a number of people to join him on the platform to try it for themselves and see what they could sense. Organisers told Psychic News that this "give it a go" approach was popular with attendees and led at least one of those invited on to the platform to enquire about joining the Stourbridge awareness circle. Minister Eric Hatton had been due to give the main philosophical talk of the day, but in his absence it was given by medium Kathy Grindy and chaired by Derek Jones. Speaking of the seven principles of Spiritualism, she pointed out that Spiritualists have freedom of interpretation of them. She said she had thought carefully about how Eric Hatton would have given the talk, but couldn't do what he would have done so had decided she must do it her own way. Kathy also gave a demonstration of mediumship. Spiritual healing formed an important part of the day with teams of healers working in the church's upstairs room, overseen by Stourbridge's own healing leader, Chris Bennett. Many people took advantage of the opportunity to experience healing, including a number who were receiving it for the first time. During the afternoon children from the Lyceum at Tamworth church, led by Karen Line-Jones, took part in a presentation on the Lyceum Bell, each child speaking lines of their own. Earlier in the day the children had made brightly coloured stars to be worn by all the workers so that members of the public could readily identify who they should approach for information or help. Private sittings were available with four West Midlands mediums ­ Kathy Grindy, Janette Abbott, Rita Jones and Anne Marie Vale. For some sitters this was a first introduction to oneto-one evidential mediumship and proved extremely popular. The day closed with a shared demonstration by three mediums ­ Linda Bennett, Karen LineJones and Janette Abbott, chaired by Julia Almond. In addition to the many spiritual events available, visitors were also able to browse and buy a range of books on Spiritualism and spiritual issues. Summing up the day, Laraine Killarney told PN: "It was very well attended, with people coming in throughout the day to have private readings, spiritual healing and watch demonstrations of mediumship. We had some excellent feedback from first-time visitors, several of whom turned up at our services on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone had a really good day."

and John Edward Cross Country. "This will be my first trip to Torquay, and I'm always excited and nervous about new places I visit," he said. "The thing I always resonate with is the universality of grief, death, afterlife and the healing that can happen as a result of raising the awareness about physical death for the people who attend. "I like to interact with people during the events, and not just read them." John said all audience members will go home with a message,

Scientists create synthetic life form

SCIENTISTS have created the world's first synthetic life form. It is a discovery with extraordinary potential which can be used for good or evil, and has therefore gained widespread media coverage. After more than ten years' work by 20 scientists, and at an estimated cost of 40 million dollars, those scientists have reached what one researcher called "a defining moment in biology". Craig Venter, the pioneering US geneticist behind the experiment, said the achievement heralds the dawn of an era in which new life is made to benefit humanity, starting with bacteria that can be used to churn out biofuels, soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and manufacture vaccines. According to The Guardian, critics, including some religious groups, have condemned the work. One organisation has warned that artificial organisms could escape into the wild and cause environmental havoc, or be turned into biological weapons. There has also been the inevitable accusation that the


Create the life you desire with Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Healing, Thought Field Therapy, Counselling and Relaxation Techniques

scientists are "playing God." "This is an important step both scientifically and philosophically," Craig Venter told the journal Science. "It has certainly changed my views of definitions of life and how life works." The team plans to use the synthetic organism to work out the number of genes needed for life to exist. From this, further micro-organisms could be made by adding extra genes to manufacture useful chemicals, break down pollutants or produce proteins for use in vaccines.Venter said synthetic organisms had the

potential to make vaccines in a hundredth of the time it takes now. Others are not convinced, and take issue with the whole concept. Julian Savulescu, professor of practical ethics at Oxford University, said: "Venter is creaking open the most profound door in humanity's history, potentially peeking into its destiny. "He is not merely copying life artificially, or modifying it radically by genetic engineering. He is going towards the role of a god: creating artificial life that could never have existed naturally."


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`Thoroughly exhaust potential real-world causes for anything strange that happens' says TV medium

DESPITE being a successful medium, former American travel agent Chip Coffey, 55, retains a degree of scepticism. He was on his ride-on motor mower, cutting the lawn at his Atlanta home two years ago when he came round the side of the house to see his mother standing there smiling at him. She had passed in the late 1990s. Although he had been praying for that moment for years, his initial reaction was not entirely joyful. "My first thought was, `I've just had a stroke', he recalled during a phone interview with the Winnipeg Free Press. "I reached up and felt my mouth. It wasn't drooping, and it wasn't hot enough for me to have had a heat stroke." In retrospect, Coffey admits his reaction to seeing her ­ "the most wonderful four or five seconds of my life" ­ may have been over dramatic, as he had already been communicating with spirits for several years. He left his day job in 2001 to work as a full-time medium. That was the year he began receiving spirit messages from the brother of a co-worker. Coffey considers that was his first experience of "true interdimensional communication." Since then, he has had many more communications, as witnessed by TV viewers during his regular appearances on the A&E Network series Paranormal State and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. "I remain sceptical," says Coffey, who is also a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator. TV audiences have watched him assist with exorcisms, investigate haunted houses and help children understand their psychic abilities. "I always try to find explanations outside the realms of Edmonton show, alarms rang out, the theatre filled with smoke and had to be evacuated just as Coffey and his Paranormal State co-star were showing a video on demonic possession. He was asked if he thought this was merely coincidence. "I found the timing to be a bit eerie," he replied, "but I can't make everything a woo-woo experience." As a toddler he would tell his parents when the phone was going to ring and who was on the other end, but he didn't see his first full-bodied apparition until he was an adult. Rather than seeing spirit people, he feels their energies around him. "The difference between a ghost and a spirit," says Coffey, "is that the latter has completed the journey between the world of the living and the world of the dead. "Ghosts, on the other hand, are souls that, for whatever reason, have chosen to stick around... "Sometimes it's the living who need to let go. If the grief of our loved ones is immense, we might feel obliged to stay and comfort them." Coffey has no idea how he receives information during a psychic reading. "It's almost as though it's an afterthought," he says, "As if the information completely bypasses my five senses and gets implanted in my brain. Other times it will fly out of my mouth before I even get a chance to think about what I'm saying." When he's not working he can flip the psychic switch to `off'. "I don't want to be like Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost and have Patrick Swayze ­ bless his heart ­ singing to me at three in the morning," says Coffey. "I'm not running Western Union for the dead."

CHIP COFFEY: "Sometimes it's the living who need to let go." the paranormal because I don't want to completely give in to that part of myself," he says. "I urge everyone to thoroughly exhaust potential real-world causes for anything strange that happens." Last year, in the middle of an

There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in the debunkers' philosophy

CANADIAN writer and graphic artist Geoff Olson is not only noted for his articles and political cartoons, but also for his interest in the paranormal. In the Vancouver Courier he writes of the suspicion and mistrust surrounding psychic phenomena. Describing a dream he had some years ago, he likens it to a "big production." "There were dancing girls and a host in a tuxedo, pitching a new beverage ­ a mixture of milk and apple juice. "When I awoke in the morning, my girlfriend at the time walked into the room holding a cup. `Try this, it's really good,' she said, handing me her spur-ofthe-moment invention, a mixture of milk and apple juice. "I had said nothing to her about my middle-of-the-night dream commercial. Olson claims he has had too many highly unlikely occurrences in his life to accept `coincidence' as an explanation. He is concerned about bias towards intellectuals and academics who embrace the paranormal, and cites the occasion of a conference on quantum physics which took place in Italy, as previously reported in Psychic News. The conference organiser informed three participants that their invitations had been withdrawn. "Among the rejected was Brian Josephson, winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize for Physics, and now Head of the Mind-Matter Unification Project at Cambridge. Josephson was told he was rejected because `one of his principal research interests is the paranormal.' "Science writer David Peat was rejected because of his books on `Jungian synchronicity' and `connections between Native American thought and modern physics'. "According to a report in The Times, Josephson and Peat were re-invited after the controversy went public," writes Olson, "But the banishment was upheld for a third scientific heretic, US theoretical physicist Jack Sarfatti. "This debunking spirit shades into the `giggle effect', which makes psi a target for media fun." In 1997 Olson interviewed Brenda Dunne, a research associate of Dr Robert Jahn, Professor of Aerospace, and Dean Emeritus of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University. Because he was intent upon researching psi, Jahn was relegated to a minor laboratory down in the basement of Princeton, where he and Dunne spent 30 years conducting experiments into mind-matter anomalies. Dunne asked Olson if he could put the word out about what they had been doing. "It struck me as supremely odd that there had been virtually no media interest at the time in the revolutionary work of the Dean of Engineering at Princeton ­ a post you don't rise to without knowing your way around a lab," writes Olson. "Yet I suspect Jahn and Dunne had done the intellectual equivalent of pistol-whipping the Provost, by endorsing an expanded view of the role of consciousness in the universe. "To paraphrase the Bard, there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in the debunkers' philosophy. Perhaps open-minded research into psi will lead one day to an elegant mathematical version of Shakespeare's other poetic proposition, `We are such stuff as dreams are made on'."


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Thought for the week




piritual healing was featured twice in five days on ITV last week. In each programme wellknown healers appeared with a surgeon, Heber Langston, who is the chairman of the British Medical Association's (BMA's) Regional Hospital Board of Consultants and Specialists. The first programme, on Monday evening last in Southerns on Southern ITV, owes its origin largely to the healing story featured in Psychic News where details were given on the front page of the remarkable threeminute cure by Bournemouth healer, George Pasteur. The other programme on Friday evening in London ITV's This Week, featured the same BMA spokesman and showed Mary Martin in the unusual role

GORDON TURNER of testifier to spiritual healing rather than exponent, and Gordon Turner as spokesman of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. According to reports received by Psychic News, the Southern ITV programme was very fairly conducted, George Pasteur being interviewed quite straightforwardly by tele-interviewer Barry Westwood. Mrs Hawarth Booth, the patient featured in Psychic News' recent story, told how she suffered after a motor accident from a leg fracture which caused two inches shortening of the leg and agonising pain in her back. She agreed that no amount of suggestion could have brought about this recovery.

Though he did not comment specifically on Mrs Hawarth Booth's claims, he was reported to have given the impression that he was not entirely unsympathetic to spiritual healing ­ provided that it was conducted in a proper manner and under the supervision of proper authorities and also in accordance with the desire of the patients. One point which seemed to concern him, however, was the possible effect of outside interference by unorthodox healers on the morale of the patients. Taking him up on this point, Pasteur emphasised that healers were capable of giving morale upliftment to patients without necessarily having to touch them or disturb in any other way the normal hospital procedure. The major bone of contention between Pasteur and Heber Langston was centred over the matter, already familiar to readers of this paper, of the BMA's original acceptance of the Federation's code of ethics and their about-face of later date when the Association had attempted to defend the hospitals from the friendly invasion by unorthodox healers. Stating the BMA's side of the case, Langston admitted that the Association had indeed received a copy of the code mentioned by Pasteur but argued that the situation had progressed no further than that.


Whether we like it or not, much of our time is taken up in frustrating queues and we have all experienced that feeling of needing more space from the people around us. Not because of their style of dress or other physical dislikes, but primarily because of the clashing of our auras. An aura is simply the life-force vibration which surrounds all living bodies and either blends or clashes with others. It envelops the body and can be seen or detected by sensitive people ­ not only developed mediums. The warm `glow' around the children on the TV ReadyBrek advert is a simple if naïve representation of the aura, which varies in size, thickness and colour depending on the spiritual development and health of the individual at that time. The condition of your aura is a significant indicator of your well-being. See that it is kept well balanced at all times, especially when under pressure. And remember in those crowded places to put on your intruder-proof topcoat!


Psychic News understands that this 15-minute show took three and a half hours to film. A further comment made by the two sources from whence this part of the report came in suggests that Barry Westwood was sympathetic to the healer in question and to the subject of healing in general. The same cannot entirely be said to be the case with the London ITV programme, In fairness, however, to Daniel Farson who held the reins of the argument during its run, he stated from the onset that he was not much impressed by claims made for absent healing. The programme proceeded rather too precipitately to allow

MARY MARTIN for any emphatic point to emerge for or against healing. A young mother whose baby sustained a brain injury at birth ­ presumably at the hands of a registered member of the medical profession ­ recovered after a healing ceremony conducted by a spiritual healer, a treatment decided upon in great haste when it was believed that the child was on the point of dying. Mary Martin then spoke of her own experience. "I owe my life to spiritual healing," she declared, explaining how she had suffered badly from bomb blast injuries, a gastric ulcer, osteoarthritis, total blindness in one eye and incipient blindness in the other. The rest of the short programme devolved into a quick fire three-corner game of snap question and answer with Farson, Langston and Gordon Turner on their respective but uncomplimentary inside angles of an equilateral triangle. What did emerge with clarity was the fact that Langston was firmly convinced that a patient's treatment was the sole responsibility of the medical profession, and if a patient could not see it that way he or she should leave the hospital. Langston also emphasised that no decision had been given in Parliament ­ but only a statement had been made by the Minister of Health. Turner somewhat heatedly hammered at the point that the BMA should, as a matter of duty, conduct a full-scale inquiry into spiritual healing.

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PAGE 6 -- PSYCHIC NEWS 29th MAY 2010


by Billy Roberts

e are influenced more than we realise by things surrounding us in the world in which we live and we are very much a product of what our knowledge of this world makes us. It is generally understood that we know this world by means of our five senses and, should one of these senses become the slightest bit defective, our knowledge of the world would naturally be impaired as a consequence. Although we are exercising our senses every moment of every day, and see, hear, touch, taste and smell the things of the world around us, we appear to have very little understanding of the complex processes of consciousness involved in our `knowing' this world. Neither do we realise that we know only a minute part of what there is to be known of the world around us. Let us take a detailed look at each of our five senses ­ beginning with the faculty of sight.


What is actually meant by `seeing' an object? It means that our eyes respond to such vibrations of light as are thrown off by the front of the object, and that our consciousness translates those vibrations into things of form and colour. But we generally accept the fact that we can only see the front of the object, and never the whole, which would of course be the front and the back. As we understand it, then, this faculty of sight is the result of waves of light to which our eyes respond. But then, what is light? Science informs us that light is a vibration in the ether; and according to the frequency and amplitude of the vibration is the colour then produced. Even with a basic understanding of physics we know that the sun throws off bundles of vibrations of various rates, and that these bundles are termed `white light'. When we interpose a prism of glass in the way of a white ray of light, the particles of glass


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BILLY ROBERTS naturally break down each bundle into its constituent vibrations; once these have registered with the retina of our eyes, that sense of colour is impinged on our consciousness. In general, we arefamiliar with seven colours. These, their shades and their mixtures, make up the many colours of the world in which we live. But you know, the colours we can see are not the only colours which exist. We are only able to see the colours to which our eyes can respond. However, the response of our eyes is extremely limited. In the spectrum we can normally see the colours red to blue and then the violet. Very few people can perceive indigo, primarily because of the frequency of its vibration, to which the average eye apparently does not respond. We now know that below the red of the spectrum, and above the violet, there exist infrared and ultraviolet rays that our eyes cannot see in normal circumstances. However, if we could see this part of the invisible spectrum, the world in which we live would have a completely different meaning. With the help of sophisticated scientific instruments, we now know that there exist infra- and ultrasound waves undetectable by the physical ear. By developing the faculties it is now accepted that the human psyche is able to be conscious of ultra and supersensual worlds of both vision and sound.


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In fact, quantum theory is that we live in a multidimensional universe, in which there are worlds within worlds, each rising in a gradually ascending vibratory scale, from those which touch and blend with the highest planes of the physical world, to those which gradually merge with the lowest spheres of the great astral world. This means that just because something cannot be seen, that fact does not in any way suggest that it does not exist. There is little doubt that the development and cultivation of the faculties does enable some individuals mentally to access other inner and outer dimensions. Whilst a minority of mediums are able only to have a superficial encounter with the invisible worlds, others appear to be perfectly attuned to them and as a result are able to offer a detailed account of exactly what they can see or hear. However, this question must be asked: Is one mediumistically inclined individual seeing the same as another? Also, is it possible that we are deluding ourselves into believing that the evidence we receive via some mediumistic channels is sufficient for us not to question its source? Isn't it possible that whilst we are so preoccupied with the relentless search for phenomena that we are missing a vital part of the real evidence? I've always thought it quite strange that there are some people who completely dismiss the existence of spirits and an afterlife and yet meticulously search the skies for extraterrestrials and signs that there really is life on other planets. Why, in life, are we so fascinated with death when we are all destined to arrive there in the end? Regardless of whether or not you believe in an afterlife, few of us are in any great hurry to die! "Are you afraid of dying?" the actor and director Woody Allen was once asked. "No!" came his reply. "I just don't want to be there when it happens!" I for one share that sentiment,

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and would prefer not to be there when the time comes. Unfortunately though, death is the one thing we all have in common. What we do not share is the way we approach that dreaded moment. The Spirit World is most definitely not a place. It has nothing whatsoever to do with places, and has no particular geographical location in the universe. It is neither up nor down, and its space is filled with selfcreated light, of a kind quite different from the light of this physical world. There are no alternating periods of night and day, and its landscape is surreal and unfurls before the consciousness with an unusual and very different perspective. Its inhabitants allegedly communicate without the intermediary of the senses, and yet are able to pass on to the mediumistically inclined individual indisputable evidence of their continued existence. It is quite clear from what we know that the so-called `dead' do not go anywhere at all, but simply move to a different position in our lives. Maurice Maeterlinck, nineteenth century dramatist and mystic, wrote, "Only the dead are in the right for it is they who are truly themselves." In his book Treasure of the Humble, Maeterlinck goes on to suggest that once even those closest to us pass over into the spiritual side of the universe, from that very moment they are thus sworn to secrecy and that `the command is laid upon their souls that the superior powers must not be betrayed'. I accept that it is human nature to have a fascination with the concept of life beyond death, but it may well be that we are searching in the wrong places, and that the answers we seek lie within the extreme areas of our own consciousness, and not outside beyond the parameters of space and time. Maybe quantum science is correct in its assessment that there is no such thing as an objective reality, and that everything is contained within our own minds. The distinguished scientist Albert Einstein once posed the question: "Does the moon only exist when we are there to observe it?" It makes you think, doesn't it? Billy Roberts is available for lectures, workshops, seminars and demonstrations of clairvoyance. [email protected]


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University students film documentary on Cambridge medium

WHEN Cambridgeshire medium Donna Fallon was featured in Cambridge Evening News earlier this year (reported in PN of 17th April), the article caught the eye of a group of students. Donna was being interviewed by a sceptical journalist who was less sceptical at the end of their conversation, having received some convincing survival evidence. Student Matt Welfare, who directed the subsequent documentary film, told Psychic News how it came about. "We are all first year students studying Film and TV Production at Anglia Ruskin University, was made, I was very sceptical about the work of mediums and didn't believe in them. However, my opinions changed after Donna gave a personal reading to each of us for the documentary. "I thought Donna's reading was very good. I was surprised by the information she gave me, as it was something only I knew, and I was amazed at how she could have known. "However, there were one or two parts of her reading that were not related to me, but all in all, I felt it was accurate and it has changed my opinion of mediumship. "The documentary was shown to other students on our course during a screening session for the films each group had made." Donna Fallon was surprised to receive the request from the students for her to take part in the documentary, but agreed as she said, "I knew the Spirit World would not let me down." The students filmed in a Cambridge park and on the streets, where Donna gave impromptu readings. "One that was very emotional was for a young man who worked in a coffee shop," said Donna. "He came outside to watch us filming. The crew asked if he would like a reading and he said he would. "He had never had a reading before, and his dad came through. I knew he had recently passed with cancer. I gave the name of Michel, and said that 22nd May would be special to him this year, and it was important to let him know that his dad would be with him on that date. "He was stunned, bless him, and told me his name is Michel, and that he is getting married on 22nd May. "I did readings for the film crew. For Matt I brought his friend through, and said he was just nineteen when he passed in an accident. This was confirmed,


by Eric Hatton

its own individual and appealing colour. Straightening myself up, I said in a loud voice, "Well, of all things! I never knew you were there!" This caught the attention of my gardening friend, who was trimming the lawn edges some yards away from me. "Who are you talking to, Eric?" he asked. "These small flowers which have been revealed so unexpectedly," I replied. "Oh, those," he said, as he bent down to see what had so impressed me. "You never can tell what lies under the surface of things." Just a few words of spontaneous wisdom which I think my friend was hardly aware he had said, but as he moved away I pondered upon them. As we meet people, particularly for the first time, we tend to judge them, whether consciously or unconsciously, in any number of ways: their manner of dress, their hairstyle, the shape of their face or the formation of their eyes; their speech, their stance and a host of other things. We see people for what they appear to be and make our judgement ­ not always a complimentary one. However, more often than not this may be unwise, for how little we know of the true person and the traumas and joys which may have shaped their life. Lurking behind that `outer' person may be characteristics we would least expect. The quality of the inner person could be of such delicacy and sensitivity that, as with the flowers I so unexpectedly discovered in my garden, they do not shout aloud about how good they are. The richness of our society is likely to be enhanced by such people, just as much as by those who strut around showing their colours. It is like as an orchestra with its variety of players conveying different passages of music ­ be they light or shade, loud or quiet, or even moments of pause. Each contributes to our senses and conveys that beautiful something which words cannot adequately describe. Therefore, we should never be too hasty in our judgement of people, for the growth of the spirit and soul is beyond any measure of time with which we are familiar.

DONNA FALLON and as part of our module we are required to produce documentaries on specific themes. "For our last documentary we were not given a theme, only a ten-minute time limit. We noticed an article about Donna, and were immediately interested in her and her line of work. We promptly decided to base our documentary upon her. "Rebecca Bentley, our producer, has an interest in mediums as she has occasional readings with a medium local to her home town. Our editor, Meg McGuirk, and Kim Hanzlik (cinematographer), are also quite interested in the paranormal, and were both curious about Donna and her ability. "Before the documentary

LIFE can be very revealing when we least expect it. The seasons of nature can frequently be a source of these revelations, a fact which was underlined to me very recently. A few days ago ­ before I was temporarily set back by an illness ­ I decided I should do some of the little jobs which needed attention in my garden. I got out some tools ­ a wide rake and a small fork ­ and proceeded to scrape up the leaves and twigs which were cluttering up the borders. After a few minutes the unexpected happened: in the process of forking this debris away I was amazed to see the many tiny flowers which were then revealed. There must have been ten or more different types, each having and poor Matt was in tears. "What I loved about going up to people in the street was that they would not dream of going to a Spiritualist church, but would get a message from the Spirit World." The students have promised to give Donna a copy of the documentary as a thank you present. She intends to put it on her website, which is at: www.

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BOURNEMOUTH SPIRITUALIST CHURCH presents an evening of mediumship with Mark Brandist on Saturday 29th May at 7.30pm. The church is at 16 Bath Road, Bournemouth BH1 2PE. Ring 01202 551701 for details or visit: A CHARITY EVENING WITH SPIRITUAL ARTIST BILL FORRESTER will be held at Battersea Spiritualist Church, 46 Bennerley Road, Northcote Road, London SW11, on Saturday 5th June at 7.00pm. Proceeds will go to a children's charity. Admission is £4. Enquiries to 020 7622 4900. AN EVENING OF SPIRIT PORTRAITURE AND CLAIRVOYANCE with June-Elleni Lane and Ian Dale will take place at Kosmon Sanctuary, Spinney Cottage, Walton Manor, Walton Street, Walton-on-the-Hill, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 7SA, on Friday 11th June. The evening starts at 7.30pm. Entrance is £5. For further details contact Annette Mitchell on 020 8640 3426 or e-mail: [email protected]




Fantine Press, the co-publishing wing of Psychic Press (1995) Ltd, is currently accepting new manuscripts. In return for authors covering publication costs, we offer a superb onestop service. Unlike many other companies, we ensure that your manuscript is professionally appraised and edited. After your book is published, it will appear on PN's book review page, be placed on our booklist and feature on our website to ensure maximum publicity. Our prices are amongst the most competitive ­ and just imagine the pride and pleasure you will rightly feel when your book appears! We specialise in large and small print runs. If you have a manuscript (ideally on CD or floppy disk), please send it to: Anne Ratcliffe, Psychic Press Ltd, The Coach House, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UD.

To receive your FREE CD, send your name and address along with £2.00 to cover postage and packing to:

The Abu Trust, Woodside, Canadia Road, Battle, E. Sussex TN33 0LR

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he Open Door Spiritualist Sanctuary in Victoria, Canada, held an historic visit to the Arthur Findlay College and a number of British Spiritualist Churches last month. The Rev Brian Robertson CSNU and Simon James OSNU, both of whom are AFC tutors and course organisers, and who run the Sanctuary, brought over a third of its members to share in the atmosphere of international Spiritualism. The party first spent a week at the College attending a `Celebrate the Magic' week. Joining them were tutors Paul Jacobs CSNU, Minister Janet Parker, Minister Brenda Lawrence, Maureen Murnan CSNU, Sandy Hagger CSNU, and Brian and Simon, who were the course organisers for the week. The first surprise visit was from tutor Glyn Edwards CSNU who was able to join the course for a day. It was a full and nonstop week as usual. Christine `Magical' tour and then said farewell. A Sunday service followed at historic Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire presided over by the president of the SNU's North Yorkshire District Council, Kathryn Crossley. Again, gracious hospitality was on hand in the form of homemade cakes and pastries. This was not a trip for those wanting to count calories! Taking in such sites as Glastonbury and Stonehenge en route, the tour finished with a visit to the world-renowned Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary at Burrows Lea in Surrey (pictured below). At all of the churches, a plaque was presented in gratitude for hospitality and kindness and to commemorate the visit of the Open Door. "Everyone we met at the various centres welcomed us warmly," Brian and Simon told PN. "We would especially like to thank all of the presidents and committees for their hard work and generosity in welcoming the 26 visiting members of the Open Door Spiritualist Sanctuary. It is truly gratifying to know the fellowship and friendship which exists between Spiritualists around the world."

Members of the Open Door Spiritualist Sanctuary visit Darlington Spiritualist Church as part of their Spiritualist tour of the UK. Upright, the choir leader of the Open Door organised the `Celebrate the Magic' choir and dedicated songs to Mavis Pittilla who was unable to be present due to illness. Another surprise visit ­ by the trustees of the J. V. Trust ­ created a further special memory as Brian and Simon acknowledged them as modern pioneers of Spiritualism. Minister Eric Hatton, chairman of the J. V. Trust, spoke briefly to the students of his many years of association with the Arthur Findlay College. After the week concluded, a twelve-day tour of the UK began. The first church visited was in Stourbridge. There, both Brian and Simon shared the service with spiritual artist Su Wood and the church's longtime president, Minister Eric Hatton, who gave a stirring address on the needs of the modern Spiritualist movement. A buffet meal was then provided by the church, and was much enjoyed by all. The visitors were then presented with two lovely gifts ­ a book on the history of Stourbridge and a beautiful jug made of traditional Stourbridge glass. After taking in the highlights of places such as Stratford and the Lake District, it was on to the world famous New Lanark home of Robert Owen, one of the great pioneers of modern Spiritualism. A wonderful demonstration followed in Edinburgh with Thelma Francis CSNU and John Blackwood OSNU at the Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists. An evening tea was served, enabling everyone to meet and greet each other. The tour then headed south, calling at Darlington Spiritualist Church to see the excellent Lyceum Museum, courtesy of Minister Nora Shaw and Vi Kipling FSNU. Darlington hosted a wonderful reception tea for all on the

INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUALIST FEDERATION th st Saturday 14 August - Saturday 21 August 2010 Come and join Spiritualists from around the world at the, International Spiritualist Federation's 31st Congress Take this unique opportunity to study and live within the confines of St Andrews University, Scotland St Andrews University is one of Scotland's oldest seats of learning Founded between 1410-1413 AD The accommodation is well appointed: all rooms have en-suite shower rooms, Double bedded rooms, with some rooms disability adapted St Andrews has established a good reputation for their self-service dining room and bar facilities. Coffee shop facilities are available all day within the Conference Centre Typical Accommodation Gateway Conference Centre Interior Conference Centre Lots of activities are planned for the this week, including mental and physical mediumship, trance, healing, psychic art, tai chi, meditation, lectures and workshops Evening demonstrations by guest mediums, tutors and students You don't have to be a member to attend any ISF function Non-members and day visitors are most welcome You come as a stranger, and leave as a friend Cheque or Postal Money Order payable to "ISF" In Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, Euros - or by electronic transfer Registration forms and electronic transfer details on: Alternatively, e-mail: [email protected] Or write to: ISF (Bookings), 116 High Street, Garlinge, Kent CT9 5LP, UK Limited places available, so please book early For credit card payments please contact ISF Treasurer Bill Parkins on: 0044 (0) 1438 236754 Take a tour of the area at:


PAGE 9 -- PSYCHIC NEWS 29th MAY 2010


by Carolyn Molnar and Benjamin Gleisser


piritualist Dorothy Jeanne Engst is doing what she can to stop a mining company from digging a pit mine that she claims will destroy a wilderness fishing lake used by several First Nations (aboriginal) peoples, and create a "potential environmental catastrophe," she says. Taseko Mines Ltd., a Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.), mining company, has applied to build "Prosperity Mine Project," a gold and copper mine on the Tsilhqot'in homeland in B.C. The area in question includes Teztan Biny ­ "Fish Lake" ­ where the Tsilhqot'in community has fished for centuries. The lake has an estimated 85,000 rainbow trout, of which up to 5,000 are caught annually. In addition, the company's plan could also affect the Taseko River, a major salmonbearing river. Engst, of Gabriola Island, B.C., is the publisher of True Blue Spirit (www.trueblue, a glossy bi-monthly magazine devoted to spirituality and wellness. Engst's first husband was Inuit, another First Nations people, and her two oldest daughters are Inuit. But it wasn't just her connection to Native Canadians that inspired her to join the battle to keep the wilderness wild. "Here I am publishing an intuitive living magazine, and part of our intuitive lifestyle is being conscious of the beauty of our planet," she says. "I knew this environmental issue was something I needed to address. Because if we don't stop this mine now, then who knows what they'll want to do tomorrow?" When Taseko representatives first pitched their plan in 2009, many locals were in favour of the mine. The company promised residents jobs and economic development to the area. But as more people began to look into the mining proposal, grassroots opposition started to grow. The Xeni Gwet'im, another First Nations community, pointed out that the plan for the mine would mean cutting down hundreds of trees, tearing up countless acres of land, and creating a dam for waste rock and tailings just above Fish Lake that would essentially destroy the lake and fill the area with toxic waste. The plan could also affect the nearby

Fish Lake: The Tsilhqot'in community has fished here for centuries. Taseko River. "People aren't aware of the amount of waste that comes from a mine," Engst says. "Studies show that nine tons of waste are created for every ounce of gold extracted. The company says, `Oh, in about 20 years, everything will be back to normal.' Well, that's not good enough. And who's to say that will happen?" Several First Nations representatives have sued to stop the project. The current issue of groups going up against a huge mining company," she says. "I feel on a soul level that what we're doing is right. We need nature. To do nothing would be like standing aside and watching others take an animal's life with their bare hands." ongratulations to the Rev James Kinnear, 54, pastor of the Spiritualist Society of Burlington (www.spiritualist in Burlington, Ontario, who recently celebrated the church's four-year anniversary. The church's first service was on 5th March 2006, with ten members. Today, the church averages between 55 and 65 people at its weekly Sunday morning divine service. We enjoy giving the philosophy and demonstration there several times a year. When asked about the church's total membership, Kinnear said, "We don't have memberships. Memberships

bring dissension, politics, control issues and egos. Instead, we hold fund-raisers, have development classes and use our weekly offerings to pay the bills." Kinnear follows a list of 28 do's and don't's when it comes to shepherding the church, including: "People are greeted at the door as they arrive and made to feel each one is special to the success of the divine service" and "Periodic surprises for the congregation like roses on Mother's day, chocolates on Father's day." "The church aims to create a loving, non-judgmental and warm environment where everyone feels welcome," he explains. "This is everyone's church ­ it's not Jim Kinnear's church."

And that attitude seems to be paying off. The church is considering expanding its space again, and Kinnear is thinking about increasing class offerings. Kinnear, whose father was a Spiritualist, experienced his first spirit communication when he was 23 years old: his bedroom lit up one night in blues and purples. When he asked his father for an explanation, he was told that it might have had something to do with a passing. Sure enough, Kinnear's grandmother in Scotland had passed into spirit that night. He joined East Hamilton Spiritualist Church and studied mediumship, then was ordained in 2003. He has served two terms as president of the Spiritualist Churches of Canada.


Psychic News presents an afternoon of mediumship with




Saturday 27th November 2010 at 2.15pm

Venue: Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

(Opposite Euston train, bus and Tube stations)

DOROTHY JEANNE ENGST True Blue Spirit has an article on the environmental impact of the proposed Prosperity Mine written by Engst's daughter. To read more about the mine, or to sign a cyber petition against it, go to In the meantime, Engst and the various First Nations communities are waiting for the government's response, which was expected 3rd May, but is still forthcoming. Engst is hopeful, yet understands the reality of the situation. "You've got very small


Available from: 01279 817050 Or online at: Or by post from: Psychic News, The Coach House, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UD

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2PN BOOKS BY POST PN BOOKS BY POST SERVICE A World of Books SERVICE - Delivered to Your Door! Soul Inspiration Cards THE HISTORY OF


by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


The publisher writes: is a truly astonishing book, as fresh now as when it was first written. Conan Doyle begins by featuring Emanuel Swedenborg, telling, for example, how the seer observed and reported on a fire in Stockholm 300 miles away with perfect accuracy, even though "he was at a dinner party with sixteen guests, who made valuable witnesses". Among many others who feature in this anecdotal history is Andrew Jackson Davis. The American medium and founder of the Spiritualists' Lyceum Union spoke Hebrew while in trance, a language that as an "ignorant young man" he simply did not know. Arthur Conan Doyle docSpiritualism from its beginnings in America to its arrival and progress in Britain. It includes a chapter on D. D. Home, who demonstrated his superb psychic gifts to European and Russian royalty. Of course, no history of Spiritualism would be complete without mentioning scientific investigators such as Sir William Crookes. Conan Doyle des-

by Janet Parker

The publisher writes: Everybody needs guidance in life at some time or another. Janet has created these Soul Inspiration Cards to help us to discover that guidance and inspiration are closer than we may realise. These generously-sized, high quality 56 `word' cards and the accompanying book have been developed so that you may quickly and easily find answers for yourself and others ­ in a very self-empowering way. How to use the Soul Inspiration Cards: There are basically no `rules'! The 56 `word' cards and the accompanying book have been developed so that you may use them in whichever way you choose. There are 56 words in total, and you can decide each time whether to use either the numbers or the words ­ or a combination of


The History of Spiritualism uments the advent of modern

cribes the thrilling materialisation séances of Florence Cook, attended by Sir William. In short, this two-volume work is a classic, easy-to-read and informative.

both. Why not have a play with then and find out what `feels' right for you?

THE HISTORY OF SPIRITUALISM ­ VOL 1 (342 pages) is available from PN Books by Post priced at £7.95, plus £3.10 postage and packing UK, £4.55 Europe and £8.00 rest of the world. THE HISTORY OF SPIRITUALISM ­ VOL 2 (342 pages) is available from PN Books by Post priced at £7.95, plus £3.10 postage and packing UK, £4.55 Europe and £8.00 rest of the world.

SOUL INSPIRATION C A R D S ( 56 cards and accompanying small book) is available from PN Books by Post priced at £14.50, plus £2.50 postage and packing UK, £4.10 Europe and £7.15 rest of the world.


The Bewildered Man's Guide to Death

by M. H. Tester

In the foreword to this booklet, Maurice Barbanell writes: "Until you know the purpose of death, you cannot understand the meaning of life. This booklet places death and life in their proper perspective. "I know the difficulty of presenting the psychic case in concise, pithy and graphic language and avoiding the temptation of wordy frills. The author has succeeded in this formidable task." Maurice Tester was a victim of a spinal affliction which was described by a leading specialist as "among the worst cases he had ever seen." Its cure was achieved by spirit healing and an "essential" operation averted, though there was no guarantee of its success. M. H. Tester learned, to his surprise, that he too possessed the healing gift, which he developed and utilised with success. When the wheel turns full circle and the cured patient becomes a healer, this is a revelation that divine power is working in our midst today as it did in biblical times. Laughingly, Mr Tester used to say that when clients made appointments to see him, he did not know whether they required his professional services or would ask for healing!



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Speculations on the Nature of ESP

From a Spiritist perspective

by A. W. MacLellan

The publisher writes: In this book, the author discusses revolutionary theories of brain activity and gives a succinct explanation of the physiological basis of extrasensory perception. He gives a fascinating exposition of the reasons why hallucinatory voices torment those who suffer from them and describes a successful method by which the entities responsible can be "exorcised." He also tackles the question of survival after death, discussing both the views of materialists and those of religious faiths. He describes the conditions under which the spirit survives interment and gives a specific example of this phenomenon. This is an engrossing and enlightening book which does much to bring a scientific approach to the understanding of psychic phenomena.

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This Week:

Proving Nessie is an elusive spirit

A DRAMATIC event will take place at Loch Ness in June, when hundreds of clairvoyants, psychics and wiccans will gather in a bid to make contact with Nessie, the famous Loch Ness monster. There is, of course, no monster swimming around the gloomy loch, because Nessie is really nothing but a ghost. Or so says Kevin Carlyon, High Priest of British White Witches (pictured), who calls himself "The Official Protector of Loch Ness and the Loch Ness Creature". Carlyon is organising the powerful gathering of psychics in the hope of proving that the monster is simply an elusive spirit. Carlyton claims to have thwarted the plans of monsterhunter Jan Sundberg from Sweden, who intended to come to Loch Ness a few years ago to capture Nessie. Carlyton believes the monster will never be caught because she is not actually alive. He explained to Highland News: "The creature is a ghost from a bygone era, and its image has been captured by the surrounding landscape. In certain weather conditions, particularly when it is very warm or thunderous with a lot of static in the air, images of the creature are `replayed' and people who are

Your week in the stars RUSSELL RUSSELL GRANT

ARIES ARIES (March 21­April 20) You're vulnerable to childish temper tantrums this week. It's hard to cope with the idea that your dreams are hopelessly out of reach. Let yourself be angry. Work off your anger at the gym. Throw some cheap crockery on the ground. Write a spiteful letter and then burn it. You have every right to be upset. Once you've voiced your frustrations, pour your energy into work. Take on a challenging assignment that requires tremendous focus and skill. TAURUS TAURUS (April 21­May 21) An authority figure's irresponsible and frustrating behaviour gets under your skin. It will take every ounce of strength to keep your cool in their presence. Helping a youngster with their schoolwork can be a good diversionary tactic. Your young friend may be struggling with a fundamental skill like reading or simple mathematics. Overseeing their progress will draw you closer together. Kids feel loved when adults devote time to them. GEMINI GEMINI (May 22­June 21) Sarcasm will get you in trouble this week. For you, it's a defence mechanism against dealing with the harsh realities of life. For others, it's a slap in the face. The next time a colleague voices their fears, be silent and receptive. Refrain from making some snappy remark or the two of you will start sniping at each other instead of tackling the real source of the problem. Tackling a home improvement project will be a good channel for your frustrations. CANCER CANCER (June 22­July 23) Don't let your desire for wealth get in the way of being happy for a man who has just gotten a raise. Put your jealousy aside for the sake of friendship. When you let go of resentment, you open your heart to abundance. Pretty soon, the opportunities that passed you by will fall right in your lap. A business trip is looming ahead. By making a success of this venture, you'll put yourself in line for a raise or promotion. LEO LEO (July 24­August 23) Be careful of jumping to conclusions this week, or you'll do serious damage to an intimate relationship. Giving a friend or lover the benefit of the doubt will go a long way to repairing the hurt that has torn you apart. The two of you are terribly stubborn, and have difficulty admitting when you've done something wrong. By letting go of your pride, you'll get something far more precious in return. You'll have to work overtime to keep up with your work responsibilities. VIRGO VIRGO (August 24­September 23) Someone is harbouring angry feelings toward you, even if you've done nothing to deserve such resentment. Instead of trying to work yourself back into your enemy's good graces, concentrate on a project that is close to your heart. Acquiring specialised skills puts you in line for a better paid post. It's time to realise your full potential. Resting on your laurels is fine for a while, but is ultimately unsatisfying. Set your sights on the stars.



slightly psychic see the creature as if it is here now." With his June symposium, Kevin Carlyon hopes to prove his point about the mysterious monster. Nessie, either in substance or spirit, produces hundreds of thousands of pounds from tourism every year, so Carlyon will not be thanked if he succeeds in disposing of this legendary "goose that lays the golden egg." Carlyon said: "I predict there will be at least 200 people present at the event. I've only mentioned a small part about it on my website, and the interest so far has

been phenomenal. "I've heard from psychics from all over the country, and even someone on the phone from New Zealand who plans to incorporate the event into a trip to England next month. "I'm hoping it will go ahead around 21st June, but I still need to confirm the actual date." Computer programmer Mikko Takala will be filming the event which, it is hoped, will be broadcast live on Let's hope the spirit of Nessie will oblige viewers by making a spiritual appearance. She can be temperamental...



SUDOKU RESULTS Heart to Heart by Pea Horsley

The publisher writes: Read the wonderful story of Pea Horsley, professional animal communicator, as she tracks lost animals, tackles troubled pets and helps us truly to understand our best friends. Pea Horsley never set out to talk to animals, so you can

2 8 7 6 3 9 1 5 4

9 3 5 4 1 7 8 2 6

6 4 1 2 8 5 7 9 3

8 9 4 5 6 2 2 1 7

1 5 2 3 7 8 6 4 9

3 7 6 1 9 4 5 8 2

7 1 9 8 2 3 4 6 3

5 6 3 9 4 1 2 7 8

4 2 8 7 5 6 9 3 1

Featured in Psychic News 8th May 2010, the winning numbers in the centre row are: 3, 1, 8, 6, 7, 9, 2, 4, 5. The winners listed below each win a copy of Heart to Heart by Pea Horsley: Alan Armstrong, Irving Bell, Megan Chitty, Jean Darby, Frank Gilbert.



imagine her surprise when she realised that animals could talk ­ and that she could hear them. Warm-hearted and funny, Pea describes how she learnt to tap into her intuition and, in doing so, the incredible characters that she meets ­ on two legs and four! Pea remembers how she counselled Musgo the horse

through a past trauma, helped a client find her reincarnated puppy, the poignant story of Mono and Mike, and much more... HEART TO HEART (286 pages) is available from PN Books by Post priced at £6.99, plus £2.50 postage and packing UK, £3.50 Europe and £5.95 rest of the world.

LIBRA LIBRA (September 24­October 23) You're tired of the status quo and long to rage against the machine. Unfortunately, rebellious behaviour will make some enemies of people who should be friends. Instead of lashing out against the existing order, find an outlet for your anger. Working with your hands can be very therapeutic. Pottery, gardening, and baking are all activities you might try. There's something appealing about rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty now. SCORPIO SCORPIO (October 24­November 22) Making a power play will backfire spectacularly. You can't be seen as taking someone's job away from them. If you're going to reach the top, you need to do so by honest, straightforward means. If it doesn't look as if such a position will become available any time soon, think about launching your own business. An influential friend could give you the start up capital for such a venture. Don't discount the idea until you've given it serious thought. SAGITTARIUS SAGITTARIUS (November 23­December 21) Beware of foisting your beliefs on an unsuspecting friend. Nobody likes to be preached to. If you're really worried about someone's soul, you'll teach by example. Living up to an exalted moral code will prompt your friend to ask questions about your philosophy. Until that day occurs, remain patient. Stay true to your path and ask for help when your resolve wavers. Don't forget that you're just as vulnerable to temptation as the next person. CAPRICORN CAPRICORN (December 22­January 20) Pent up desires will get you into trouble if you're not careful. If you're not in a relationship, you need to find an outlet for all of this yearning. Head for the gym, launch a construction project, or plan an elaborate party. The more ambitious the undertaking, the faster your frustrations will ease. You could be offered a job at somewhere cultural or educational. Push your fears aside and accept the position and rise to this new professional challenge. AQUARIUS AQUARIUS (January 21­February 19) You need to learn tact and diplomacy. Someone who doesn't share your love of truth is having a hard time facing reality. Resist the urge to shove the unpleasant facts in their face or you'll look like a terrible tyrant. Paying off a debt becomes possible now that your income is more stable. Put yourself on a regular payment plan that is aimed at achieving financial freedom by a certain date. Setting goals keeps you focused. PISCES PISCES (February 20­March 20) A dispute with your employer or a fellow worker is taking a toll on your health. You need to adopt a spiritual practice as a means to keep a balanced perspective. Prayer, meditation or communing with nature reminds you there is more to life than mundane reality. Your best friend or lover is poised to help you through the rough patches. Don't hesitate to lean on them when you feel as if you can't handle the pressure any longer.







PAGE 12 -- PSYCHIC NEWS 29th MAY 2010

Readers' Forum


Share Your News, Views and Opinions...

Your letters are very welcome. Post or e-mail them to: Psychic News, The Coach House, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UD. E-mail: [email protected]

We do totally agree with the statement that "it is against natural spiritual law to communicate with the earth" (physical world) for any other purpose than to be of benefit, and this is a good example of why clearance work is so important, because certain spirits do not obey these natural laws, causing delay in their own progression and poor quality of life for those they happen to prey upon. In truth they are detrimental to our society and future well-being. We also understand that the door to the Spirit World is all around us, but not all mediums will feel this level of vibration despite the interpenetration of the spirit and physical worlds. Mental mediumship as we are given to understand by the Spirit World is but one rung on a very long ladder, albeit an important one. Some mediums are bestowed with more than one or two gifts as they and their guides collectively have these abilities. One could say their antennae are deliberately made more receptive to this end. There are also the beautiful and rare souls who are able to work independently of the rescue circle. Life in the physical world can be a daunting existence for them; as they have no `off switch' this would be counterproductive. They often become hermitic, misunderstood and isolated in their existence. They are under no illusion of their life purpose. This is indeed an exquisite form of mediumship that very few would wish for. I would also like to make reference to an article entitled `The Uninvited' (10th April) in which it was suggested by a lady medium that the author of the letter contact the Spiritualists' National Union for advice and help. This was indeed sought and concluded in a positive outcome. The point I wish to make is this: I too found myself needing clarity in this field from the Spiritualists' National Union in 2009 when a local affiliated church requested the help of my colleague and myself, because a gentleman had personally approached the local church for guidance and help in a similar matter. Before undertaking this request a telephone call was made by a representative of the church, himself having knowledge of our abilities and reputation in this area, in which he asked a senior Union official for clarity as to where the Union and ourselves stood on such matters. Following the representative's conversations with the official of the Union it was deemed our intentions were proper and correct, allowing my colleague and myself to properly assess this gentleman and his plight. Even so, I too personally spoke via telephone to another Union official who re-confirmed their stance on this same question. If we really do come under the one umbrella of unity, why is it we have such a schism of awareness in our own college of learning? A college bequeathed for the purpose of research into spiritual phenomena. There comes a time when often the wisdom of the student will surpass that of their earthly teachers and this is where our humility has opportunity to develop. Do we continue to decry and deny the advancement of spiritual knowledge no matter how extreme we may think it? This type of work has always been and will continue to be necessary, whether we work together in unity or not, for it is at the behest of the Spirit World that this difficult but rewarding task is undertaken. Margaret Stirling, North Wales

`Are we not the servants of a greater plan and not the directors?'

I WOULD like to re-address a matter of great importance, for knowledge is all, and if light, nature and truth be our watchwords then surely, friends, we must think carefully before we speak our truth, and perhaps with a little more humility and less ego on our part, for are we not the servants of a greater plan and not the directors? For the purpose of continuity, I would firstly refer to my own letter (27th April) in which I made reference to an incident which incapacitated a medium colleague of mine. I went on to welcome the thoughts of the AFC tutors on that incident and also their thoughts on work undertaken by my colleague and me, where children had been affected by menacing energies. I added that I would be intrigued to hear of any other mediums working in this way. I am aware of the responses so far yet feel sure that many people are still awaiting clarity and understanding on this and other issues that will simply not go away. By attempting to disassociate ourselves from these occurrences, are we creating a divide? Following the ideals and personal opinions of many in recent issues of PN it is apparent that some Spiritualists would leave this `ism' rather than entertain the idea of the existence of `dark' spirits and other energies being prevalent in this world. This is very sad to hear, as many of those mediums have a beautiful gift of communication or healing and a passion for their work for the Spirit World and humanity as a whole. Even so, is it right that we dismiss the work of all those other beautiful souls who work tirelessly for spirit in their rescue circles, simply because the very idea is out of our comfort zone? Are we sure their claims can be passed off as the mere ramblings of the foolish and unenlightened? How does one explain rescue work via the deep trance medium, the medium who, having no knowledge of what is taking place, becomes the vessel of direct communication? In rescue circles proper the group, if suitable, will be invited by the Spirit World to perform this task. It is usually the last thought in the minds of the sitters and a total surprise when they are asked, yet through selfless love and a desire to be of service they agree to help in the knowledge that many would decry their calling. Such circles are found to be most harmonious, generating great power from the very committed sitters. They tend to continue for several years ­ even decades in many cases ­ as the rapport with the Spirit World builds, until enlightened teachers repay their sitters by honouring them with their attendance. Yet this is twofold in purpose, as these wise sages and masters hope for their teachings to find their way to the greater masses through books and technologies to begin with. There appears to be a fanciful notion that these groups are having some type of subjective imaginary experience and are completely misguided novices. Is it right and proper to condemn such circles as falsehoods? Is it not more likely the case that gaps in one's own understanding need to be filled? Why is it that we have separation of this fact of life in our movement and not inclusion? Is it not proper to know one's own purpose, and then to walk well with spirit? As mediums, are we to think or to feel the answers to such questions? How do we justify to the Spirit World that we only wish they give us the `nice bits' to pick out for our Spiritualist movement; are we a business package deal? Are we not in danger of becoming a theocracy by this? Surely no amount of `brainstorming' conclusions could possibly alter the one immutable truth of spirit, but how very easy it is to lose all sight of it. Is knowledge not the armour that removes doubts and fears? Is there a need to incorporate and not segregate this special branch of mediumship, for there may be a time when those with this gift may well be called upon? No pun intended but, just who are you going to call? Of course we have free will to accept or reject, this is our prerogative as free-thinking beings on the path of learning; so like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, if we cannot find a place for that piece because we are simply `not there' yet, we can leave it to one side until the foundation is laid. We can then incorporate that piece which fits perfectly, thus filling the gaps as the bigger picture unfolds. Only then would the individual pieces make overall sense to the onlooker. Clearly people do turn to Spiritualism for help in this area, particularly when physical phenomena cannot be explained away by physics. How reassuring to know that the Spirit World has not left us high and dry but has prepared men and women to serve in this capacity, being given the tools, as it were, to do the job with their specialist guides.

Ivy Northage was not president

AS a student and friend I knew Ivy Northage for some time. I think she would not appreciate Minister Simone Key quoting her as a past president of the College of Psychic Studies in her letter `We have moved on' (8th May). It would be appreciated if Minister Key would amend this erroneous statement. Ivy worked both as a medium and teacher at the SAGB and at the College of Psychic Studies, but not as its president. As a tutor at Stansted, Minister Key should check that the statements in her letter are correct, so as not to confuse those interested in this area. Robin Winbow, Worthing, Sussex


Great Spirit, Let the light of understanding shine upon us all. Let the goodness of the earth imbue us with a natural compassion that allows the love we are born with to permeate our very being so we may be true ambassadors and servants of the Spirit World in service to others. Amen

The editor reserves the right to edit or shorten letters

Opinions expressed are those of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial team

`Thank you for your lovely, inoffensive approach'

HAVING read Andy Byng's reply to Leo Bonomo's letter (8th May and 24th April respectively), I am completely amazed by how brilliantly and delicately he has addressed the statements of Mr Bonomo, which appear to have aroused the need for investigation, to understand the concepts of the latter on a level that would not confuse or distress the openminded reader. As believers, we all come into Spiritualism via our own pathway, complete with our own beliefs and experiences. Whilst Mr Bonomo's letter was interesting and positively presented his personal beliefs, I felt it was perhaps too `individual', leaving no space for diversity and open-mindedness. Andy Byng approached this on behalf of all who are keeping an open mind. The letter did need to be addressed and Andy achieved this with all the sensitivity and delicacy required for such detailed points. If learning and increasing knowledge are to advance, people like Andy Byng must continue to come forward with their understanding, to enable us to hold on to our open-mindedness. Thank you, Andy, for your lovely, inoffensive approach. S. Porter, Braintree, Essex

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`This is a very sad time for the movement' ­ Leo Bonomo replies to his critics

I REFER to letters in 10th and 17th April and 1st and 8th May editions of PN respectively. I find it amazing that there is a deliberate action to misquote me by four apparently respected persons in an effort to minimise the damage done by the misguided collective tutors' comments. I am also amazed at the implication that communication through Edgar Cayce, one of the greats of our movement, was coloured by his own beliefs. Mr Cayce was not well educated and the information which came through was far in advance of his own learning, undoubtedly from a source far greater than his own limited education and not as implied by Mr Byng. In fact it is a remarkable testament to his mediumship that subjects far in excess of his learning were covered and were of the highest quality, in some instances not concurring with his own beliefs. This further underlines the statements I made ­ and does not, as has been suggested, devalue them. Mr Byng also mentions in the AFC tutors' defence that in naming others including Gordon Higginson they do not have protection of any sort and are fine, so everyone else will be too, effectively encouraging anyone who would dabble that this is okay. The tutors must realise that these messages will go much further afield than this movement; in a karmic sense ­ on their heads be it. That, however, is not the point I made. Gordon Higginson in particular would have been taught the old fashioned way ­ i.e. about protection ­ which the tutors are intimating has no place in today's mediumship. They have categorically stated that protection is not needed; such a generalisation is ridiculous in the extreme. When I mentioned mental illness it was not in the way that those who rebutted my letter implied. Of course, there are very valid physical reasons for mental illness, but the point is that dabbling can cause great harm and this is proved by science. The rebutters are using bluff and smoke to confuse the issue. I refer to Dr Carl Wickland, an American psychiatrist, who wrote his classic work on mental illness Thirty Years Among the Dead in 1924. In it, he warns: "The serious problem of alienation and mental derangement attending ignorant psychic experiments was first brought to my attention by cases of several persons whose seemingly harmless experiences with automatic writing and the Ouija board resulted in such wild insanity that commitment to asylums was necessitated... Many other disastrous results which followed the use of the supposedly innocent Ouija board came to my notice and my observations led me into research in psychic phenomena for a possible explanation of these strange occurrences." (Wickland 1924: 29). Wickland found that he was able to cure many of these cases of diagnosed insanity by using an entranced medium (his wife) to be taken over by the spirit which was obsessing the psychiatric patient. He found that many of these entities were unaware that they had died. Without any knowledge of the afterlife, they found themselves in a kind of twilight condition. With help from higher intelligences on the other side, he was able to persuade them to leave the aura of the patient whose light had attracted them. Hugh Lyn Cayce, the son of Edgar Cayce, has likewise many case histories of negative Ouija experiences. In his book Venture Inward (1964), a chapter on automatic writing and Ouija boards states that stories of people getting into extreme difficulties following both these practices are: "Not uncommon, unfortunately. The frightening thing about them is that they can be duplicated by the thousands from the case histories of present-day inmates of mental institutions all over the world. I feel it is something they should read." (Cayce 1964.) The respondents to my letter make the case for science as though I disregard it, but obviously I do not. Science is part of the backbone of what we do and there is no stronger case I can put forward for it than that of the physicist Ronald Pearson. Mr Byng, Mavis Pittilla, Ministers Simone Key and Janet Parker have used `facts' to interpret matter for their own cause and are forced to do so because of the original statements collectively made. Mavis Pittilla says, "Develop your own views using critical thinking," and I agree. She also intimates that we should not take literally all the thoughts of Cayce, Edwards, Kardec and Silver Birch. I do not take these things literally, but you cannot discount things that have been a cornerstone of this movement simply because recent statements have plainly contradicted them. All those who responded have wisely declined to discuss the point I made about trance mediumship. That speaks volumes in itself. I also notice that they have not replied to the question of selling Ouija boards to eight-yearolds, because, of course, those children need no protection and the AFC tutors seem fully to endorse dangerous behaviour by their continuing statements. Designating me a "quasi Spiritualist" is laughable. The tutors are introducing "new thought and guidelines" yet quote what I say as "New Age". Nothing is free from change; everything do not adhere to that injunction. There are many contradictions in their statements. I feel that in trying to extricate themselves from this mess by casting aspersions not only on myself but also on Cayce, Silver Birch, Kardec, etc, they are in fact doing much more damage to themselves than anyone else. The smoke and mirrors may fool a few, but as they themselves have said, "People will make up their own minds." The backlash they are fighting will ultimately be decided by common sense and people's own experiences. Many have had undesirable experiences and that cannot be denied. The people themselves decide this, not fine words and misdirection. If students "vehemently believe that they need protection" as stated in the reply by Simone Key (8th May), who are the tutors to advise them "No" when this has been done for decades? It appears the students have needs not being met, yet being paid for. Treating them like children will not do. Air Chief Marshal Dowding was a great believer in the rescuing of souls; has Simone Key not realised this? Of course, my responders may all reply that Lord Dowding actually got it wrong, too, as they have implied with everyone else I have mentioned. Perhaps all these authors of letters know better than Silver Birch, Lord Dowding, Kardec, Borgia and Cayce? Mr Byng certainly appears to put Mr Cayce down; in fact it appears that any of those who may disagree with the tutors' collective statements are being put down, myself included. Well then, I am in good company. Janet Parker's authoritative statement, "If I believed my religion had the potential to do anyone harm, I would not be a Spiritualist" has been quoted. In the light of a great many pieces of scientific evidence, not the least of which I have quoted above, should I take it that there might be a mass exodus of Ministers from the college? It appears that the AFC tutors are trying to rewrite history to suit their own thinking. Simone Key has also negated, while happening to mention trance, the real point of what I said. She admits that a control takes over, but is of course handled with skill. Fine, but what happens with those of a similar ability, but vastly inexperienced, who also are controlled? What about children? There are many inmates of sanatoria who can attest to the AFC being wrong, as per those I have mentioned. Again,

EDGAR CAYCE she makes the point that "this is carried out with the medium's consent". Why does she feel it is the strict domain of a medium and not of anyone else who has the gift? Do the AFC tutors feel that mediums can only be taught (and presumably only at the AFC) and not be born with a gift? What about all those who founded this movement yet were not taught? Look again at what I have quoted in regard to the Ouija board. Perhaps we can now discredit Cayce and Dr Carl Wickland, as of course the AFC tutors know better. I always keep ego in check but I do now feel that I must mention some of my history. I was taught for many years at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) by an internationally renowned medium and teacher, the best I ever worked with; one who trusted me as her student to take her classes when she was not able to, both at the SAGB and at the College of Psychic Studies. Are the tutors saying that all her teachings and experience are wrong, that the many internationally known mediums and healers I mixed with (many of these have passed and some have been mentioned by the four respondents), and from whom I learnt so much, have no value? I was involved with the SAGB, being voted a councillor at one stage after I declined to stand as president even though I was implored to do so. I was also the first student to give private sittings there, such was their confidence not only in me but in their teachings and methods. I speak from a position of much experience, not as implied "a wrong view and no experience". I have over 50 years' direct experience of Spiritualism, both in personal and professional capacities. This is indeed a very sad time for the movement, when those who could do so much are willing to discredit the very ground upon which it is built. Leo Bonomo, via e-mail

GORDON HIGGINSON must change and improve (usually) in doing so. In this, the respondents are slandering the New Age movement and digging themselves another hole. Mr Byng intimates that I am ahead of what they teach, and that may be so. Spirit has been using `new' techniques for the last 20 years and this continues. I feel Mr Byng should acquaint himself with them. I, on the contrary, am not criticising the cornerstone of the movement, I am wholeheartedly upholding it, and defending it. I have lived and am living it. To suggest otherwise is to misconstrue deliberately, and is a falsehood. To try to turn this around shows to what extent the respondents are willing to compromise themselves. It does no good to reputations and people will eventually make up their own minds. Incidentally, if they are to make up their own minds, why is the AFC instigating this stance in their teaching and in such a public way? Surely, they should then put both or all views, not refute accepted and original truths? "Develop your own views using critical thinking" yet they


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LITTLE ILFORD SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Third Avenue, Manor Park, London E12 6DS Tel:- 01277 356787 Sun 30th 6.30pm Service Healing after the Service Weds 2nd 7.30pm Service Healing after the Service Sun 6th 6.30pm Service MANOR PARK SNU CHURCH 145 Shrewsbury Road, Forest Gate E7 *** Enquiries:- President 020 8530 6803 Please do not phone after 8.30pm Sun 30th 6.30pm KEITH HUDSON Thurs 3rd 1.00pm Library 2.00pm JACKIE RUDDOCK Healing after the Service Sun 6th 6.30pm MIKE MATTHEWS INDUCTION LOOP provided for the benefit of hearing aid users WALTHAMSTOW SPIRITUALIST LYCEUM CHURCH 39 Coleridge Road E17 Tel:- 020 8803 7382 Weds 2nd June 1.30pm Private Readings with CHRIS KEMP & ALISON SMITH Thurs 3rd June 7.30pm JEFF PHILLIPS Thurs 10th June 7.30pm BUNNY & PETER SMALL WALTHAMSTOW N.S. CHURCH Vestry Road E17 9NH *** Tel: 020 8503 6942 Sun 30th 6.30pm CAROL TURNER Mon 7.00pm - 9.00pm Healing Tues 2.00pm BETTY HARRISON Weds 7.30pm CHRISTINA GREEN Thurs 7.30pm Awareness Circle Sat 5th Private Readings 11.00am - 1.00pm Sun 6th 6.30pm SHARON HARVEY WOODFORD NS CHURCH 9 Grove Crescent, South Woodford, London E18 2JR *** Enquiries:- 020 8989 6149 Sun 30th 3.30pm - 5.00pm Open Circle 6.30pm MARCIO do AMARAL Mon Closed for Bank Holiday Tue 7.30pm - 9.00pm ~ £3 ~ New open circle Weds Healing 2.00pm - 4.00pm & 7.30pm - 9.00pm Fri 7.30pm ~ £3 ~ Open Circles First Friday of the month 7.30pm Open Circle for Platform Mediums Sat 5th 12noon - 4.00pm ~ £6 (Membs £5) Workshop with PAT McNULLY & DANIEL NAUGHNANE A Memorial Service for EVELYN LLOYD will be held at the Church 5th June at 6.00pm All are warmly welcomed Sun 6th 3.30pm - 5.00pm Open Circle 6.30pm REG BALDWIN





01843 601700

Exclusive Credit & Debit Card Service

A TEMPLE OF THE TRINITY LODGE FOR SPIRITUAL HEALING NATIONAL CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 95 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 4TD *** (Corner of Melbourne Avenue/Green Lanes) Buses 29, 121, 329, 232 pass the door SNU Affiliated - Founded in 1938 President:- Mr Michael Bull CSNU Sunday Services: 11.00am Address only 6.30pm Address & Clairvoyance Spiritual Healing: Every Monday 1.00pm - 4.30pm Study Group Every Wednesday (Members only)

0906 111 4466

Convenient Pay By Telephone Service (24 hrs)

Accredited Member of the British Association of Clairvoyants & Mediums Calls @ £1.50 per minute & recorded P.O. Box 287, CT10 1XQ


Do you need financial healing?


is a charity that helps Spiritualists in need due to redundancy, unemployment or unexpected costs of home repairs, replacement furniture, kitchen equipment or other problems.

To obtain help, apply with details to:

South London South London

THE SPRING HEALING CENTRE St Martin's Community Centre Abbots Park, Tulse Hill London SW2 3PW (Registered Charity No. 1116117) Tel:- Hazel Lee 07977 703483 or June Mullen 07840 735615 Open Thursday Evenings 6.30pm - 9.30pm Spiritual & Holistic Healing Readings & Complementary Therapies Ring for details ELTHAM SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 64 Well Hall Road, London SE9 6SH *** President:- 020 8854 7800 Sun 30th 6.30pm KARL GRAYSON Tues Healing 12pm - 2pm & 7.30pm Weds 2.30pm KARL GRAYSON Thurs 8pm Closed Circle Fri 7.30pm Spiritual Yoga Sat 5th 10.30am - 4.30pm Workshop with LESLEY FULLER Sun 6th 6.30pm SPENCER HAYWOOD FULHAM NS CHURCH Kelvedon Road SW6 *** (near Parsons Green Und. Stn) Enquiries:- 020 7736 7248 Sunday 30th 6.30pm ROSIE CONNOR Thurs Healing 12noon - 2.00pm 7.30pm LORRAINE GILBERT Sunday 6th 6.30pm JANET DEVENPORT DAVID NASON SPIRITUAL & HEALING CENTRE In loving memory of Jessie Nason The Venner Community Hall, 1 Venner Road, Sydenham SE26 *** Enquiries after 7pm:- 020 8857 8328 Weds 2nd 8.00pm DAVID NASON Healing every week 7.30pm - 9.00pm Weds 9th 8.00pm JEAN BLACKABEE SPIRITUALIST ASSOCIATION OF GREAT BRITAIN 33 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8QB Tel:- 020 7235 3351 Founded 1872 Private sittings, Public demonstrations, Workshops, Sunday service Please send six second class stamps for "Service" our quarterly magazine which lists all our activities

ALI CLAIRVOYANT AND SPIRITUAL POSTAL READINGS Angel and Crystal Card Readings if required Photo or handwritten letter required S.A.E., £10. No Cheques Reply to PN Box No. P192 c/o The Coach House, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UD JAMES CLAIRVOYANT MEDIUM £15 for 30 minutes ...................................Tel: 0780 4871 958 KATE SENSIER CLAIRVOYANT MEDIUM .............................TEL: 01377 249686

The Secretary, c/o: Box No STF2, The Coach House, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UD


`Two Worlds,' Spiritualism's independent 76-page monthly magazine, was founded in 1887, and is still spreading spirit truths If you would like a free copy of our magazine please let us know

Contact Tony Ortzen, `Two Worlds,' PO Box 55307, London SE16 6WW

Tel. 020-7064 8000 Fax: 020-7231 1751 e-mail: [email protected] www.finchleyspiritualist www.elthamspiritualist

North London North London

NORTH LONDON SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 425 Hornsey Road N19 4DX *** (Buses 91 and 210 to Hanley Road) Tel:- 020 7272 0438 Services:1st Sunday of Month 11.00am Wednesday 7.30pm Saturday 7.30pm Healing:Tuesday 6.00pm - 8.00pm Friday 6.00pm - 8.00pm



PAGE 15 -- PSYCHIC NEWS 29th MAY 2010

WIMBLEDON SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Accepting the leadership of Jesus Christ 136 Hartfield Road, London SW19 3TJ *** President:- Rev Ray Robinson Enquiries:- 020 8542 2394 Sunday 30th 11am SHIRLEY MONACO Tuesday 7pm Healing (Including Animals) 7.30pm JOE WATTS Wednesday 7pm Healing (Including Animals) 7.30pm VAL HOOD Thursday 10.00am - 12noon Healing The RAY BROWN Healers (Including Animals) Sunday 6th 11am ROSE ANDERSON 12noon Holy Communion & Flower Service

Cheshire Cheshire

STOCKPORT CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 46 Old Road, Stockport SK4 1TD President: Mr A PARKER Tel:- 0161 4276279 *** Sunday 3pm Divine Service Monday 7.30pm Healing Tuesday 7.30pm Clairvoyance Wednesday 7.30pm Music & Meditation Friday 11am - 3pm Private Readings Saturday 11am - 3pm Private Readings Saturday 7pm Open Circle

Hertfordshire Hertfordshire WATFORD CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 125 Estcourt Road, Watford WD17 2PY Sunday Services 11.00am & 6.30pm Wednesday Healing 7.30pm - 9.00pm Enquiries:- 01923 210337 Messages on answerphone will be replied to Free varied programme available

Leicestershire Leicestershire JULIA GRANT ACADEMY Coalville, LE67 3DW Tel:- 01530 277806 Weekend Courses with Guest International Tutors Evening Classes, Private Readings, Spiritual Healing, Phone & Skype Readings

Sussex Sussex EASTBOURNE CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 1A Cavendish Avenue *** 01323 761653 Sunday 3.00pm Service Wednesday 3.00pm Service Healing:Monday 2.00pm Friday 2.00pm WHITE DOVE SPIRITUAL HEALING GROUP Netherfield, Nr Battle Transport can be provided More information:- 01424 838265 Thursdays 7.30pm - 9.00pm Healing is Free ~ Donations welcome Charity No: 1112002 Everyone is welcome

Kent Kent

THE CHALICE OF LIGHT Red Cross Hall, John Street, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9RU Tel:- Mrs A. Turner 01892 537845 Sunday 30th 6.30pm Service Healing Available THE LIGHT UPON THE HILL SPIRITUAL SANCTUARY 15 Tower Road,Dartford DA1 2HE Enquiries:- 07831 786385 Sun 30th 6.30pm MAGGIE CARRINGTON Tues Healing from 7.30pm Thurs 3rd 7.30pm DARREN BRITTAIN Sun 6th 6.30pm ROBIN HOOK MAIDSTONE SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (M.S.D.C.) Madginford Hall, Egremont Road, Bearsted, Maidstone, Kent Programme:- 01622 746249 or 07711 811066 www.msdcspirit Saturday 5th June 10am - 1pm ~ £5 Psychic & Spiritual Development Morning with PAUL WAYMAN (Tovil Working Men's Club, Tovil Hill) Wednesday 9th June 7.30pm ~ £7 (Membs £5) Evening of Clairvoyance with DARREN BRITTAIN (The Madginford Hall) Saturday 19th June 10am -11pm Healing (Free) then Meditation 11am - 12noon ~ £3 with JANET WILSON (Tovil Working Men's Club, Tovil Hill) STAR OF THE EAST HALL 49 Edge End Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2AH Centre of Spiritual Teachings, Guidance & Healing TEL:- Karin 01843 597276 Sunday Service 3.30pm Healing:Sunday 5.30pm - 6.30pm Thursday 2.30pm - 5.00pm Send s.a.e. for a copy of `Diary of Events' and receive your first copy of the `Star Messenger' Magazine Free TUNBRIDGE WELLS CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Friends Meeting House, Grovenor Park, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2BB Tel:- 01892 722464 Service every Sunday 6.30pm Healing before and after Service Different Medium each week WEST WICKHAM SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Surrey Road, West Wickham,*** Kent BR4 0JU Enquiries:- 020 8777 4546 Sunday 6.30pm STEPHEN MORRELL Healing after Service 8.00pm Tuesdays 2.00pm Healing 1st Wednesday of the month 2nd June 8.00pm Evening of Mediumship with REG BALDWIN 2nd Tuesday of the month Discussion Group 8.00pm Last Tuesday of the month Open Platform 8.00pm

Middlesex Middlesex

HAMPTON HILL SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Angel Close, Windmill Road, Hampton Hill, Middlesex TW12 1RG Tel:- 020 8979 2078 Sunday 6.30pm Service & Clairvoyance Wednesday 7.30pm Healing Thursday 7.30pm Clairvoyance KENTON SPIRITUALIST CHURCH AND HEALING CENTRE 35 Churchill Avenue, Kenton, Nr. Harrow, Middlesex HA3 0AX *** Enquiries:- 020 8621 3103 Sun 30th 6.30pm MARK IMPEY Weds 7.30pm - 9.00pm Healing Thurs 7.45pm PAULINE PORTER THE SANCTUARY OF THE SILVER CROSS The Friends Meeting House, York Road, (opp. Sainsburys) Uxbridge, Middlesex *** Founder:- FRANK MECHELE Medium's Secretary:- LINDA CHANT Telephone:- 0779 2900 194 SUNDAY DIVINE SERVICE 6.30pm

Cumbria Cumbria

SOLWAY CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH St Michael's Resource Centre, *** Station Road, Workington, Cumbria Sunday Services 6.30pm - 9.00pm Healing after Service Enquiries:- Tel - 01228 547599 01900 812104 or 01900 812311

West London West London

ACTON SPIRITUAL CENTRE Woodhurst Road, Acton W3 6SL *** Enquiries:- 020 8896 0184 First Sunday of the month Service 6.30pm Wednesday 7.30pm Clairvoyance Thursday 7.30pm Healing THE GATEWAY CENTRE LTD 14A Lower Addison Gardens W14 8BQ Tel:- 020 7603 3702 President in Spirit: LILLIAN BROWNFOOT Saturday 5.00pm Clairvoyant Service Sunday 6.30pm Evening Service Monday 7.00pm Circle Tuesdays & Fridays 5.30pm - 7.00pm Reflexology 7.00pm - 9.00pm Private Sittings & Healing THE LONDON SPIRITUAL MISSION Spiritualist Church, 13 Pembridge Place W2 *** Tel: 020 7229 2024 Sun 30th 11am Address & Clairvoyance with BELINDA OLIN 6.30pm Address & Clairvoyance with JOAN DEMPSEY Weds 7.30pm Clairvoyance JUNE FROST Sun 6th 11.00am Devotional Service with MARJORIE OSBORN 6.30pm Address & Clairvoyance with KEITH HUDSON Spiritual Healing:Monday 11.00am - 1.00pm, 2.00pm - 3.00pm & 5.15pm - 7.30pm Thursday 5.00pm - 7.30pm All Welcome INDUCTION LOOP provided for the benefit of hearing aid users THE WHITE EAGLE LODGE 9 St Mary Abbots Place, Kensington, London W8 6LS Tel: 020 7603 7914 Visit the London Lodge For information on courses and retreats Also enjoy a visit to the White Temple at Liss All are Welcome

West Midlands West Midlands

KINGS HEATH S.N.U. CHURCH 5 Springfield Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7DT Enquiries:- 0121 4445195 Saturday 29th 10am - 11.20am Healing 7.30pm TERRY COTTERILL Sunday 30th 6.30pm RALPH & SHARON NAPOLITANO Monday 1.00pm Open Circle Tuesday 7.00pm - 8.20pm Healing Wednesday 2.30pm Service 7.30pm Pranayama Yoga Thursday 7.30pm Open Circle Saturday 5th 10.00am - 11.20am Healing 7.30pm SANDREA MOSSES Sunday 6th 6.30pm PATRICIA REDMOND Exists to promote the religion of Spiritualism OLDBURY SPIRITUALIST CENTRE Canal Street, Oldbury, West Midlands (Rear of Bus Station) June Dates:- 2010 Tuesdays:- 6.30pm Healing 8.00pm Open Circle Sun 6th 6.30pm 2nd Year Students Weds 9th 7.30pm Service with KAREN MORSELY Sun 13th 6.30pm ROSALYN HICKIE Sun 20th 6.30pm HUGH & MARGARET DAVIES OSNU Sun 27th 6.30pm SUE TOWNSEND HOWES South Wales South Wales HAFAN Y COED SPIRITUAL CENTRE / RETREAT Tel:- 01639 730985 Courses throughout the year 24th July One day Astrology Workshop with KATH OAKWOOD 30th July to 1st August Spiritual Development & Mediumship with JENNY ANN 1st to 6th August Trance & Inspiration with MOLLY CLAY Please call for free brochure Website:

Devon Devon

PAIGNTON SPIRITUALIST CHURCH AND CENTRE Manor Road, Paignton, Devon TQ3 2JB *** Tel:- 01803 525933 Saturday 7.30pm Clairvoyant Demonstration Sunday 11.00am & 6.30pm Divine Services Monday 7.30pm Clairvoyant Demonstration Wednesdays Guild 2.00pm - 4.00pm 7.30pm Open Circle Thursday 7.30pm Psychic Art Class (First three Thurs in month) Friday 7.30pm Open Healing Circle (Every other Friday) Healing:Mon & Thurs 2.00pm - 4.00pm Tues 4.00pm - 6.00pm Workshops and Special Events throughout the year Visit our Website:www.paigntonspiritualistchurch Funerals, Marriages & Namings undertaken Induction Loop Fitted

Norfolk Norfolk

DEREHAM CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Wix's Yard, Off High Street, East Dereham, Norfolk Enquiries: 01603 879126 Sat 7.15pm Clairvoyant Evening Sun 6.30pm Divine Service

Dorset Dorset

BOURNEMOUTH SPIRITUALIST SNU CHURCH 16 Bath Road, Bournemouth BH1 2PE Tel:- 01202 551751 Saturday 29th 7.30pm Evening of Mediumship with MARK BRANDIST Sunday 30th Services 10.45am & 6.30pm with MARK BRANDIST Mon 7.30pm IRIS & BILL WRIGHT Weds 7.30pm Seekers Group Thurs 3.00pm ANDREW MANSHIP Sunday 6th Services 10.45am & 6.30pm with PAUL TANDY Spiritual Healing:Mon 2.00pm - 4.00pm Tues 2.00pm - 4.00pm Weds 10.30am - 12.30pm Thurs 7.00pm - 8.00pm CHRISTCHURCH SNU CHURCH 196B Barrack Road, Christchurch BH23 2BQ Enquiries:- 01202 463985 or 01202 483713 Website:- Sun 30th 10.45am PAUL CISSELL Thurs 3rd 7.30pm MARGARET CLAUGHTON Sun 6th 10.45am JOHN STEPHENSON

Oxon Oxon

BICESTER SPIRITUALIST CHURCH The Pop-In, Crown Walk Car Park, Bicester Enquiries:- 01295 721230 Sunday 30th No Service ­ Bank Holiday Sunday 6th 3.00pm MARIE ARMOUR & SUSAN ROUSE OXFORD CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 39a Oxford Road, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2EN Enquiries:- 01865 735781 Sunday 6.15pm Service with Clairvoyance Wednesday Spiritual Healing 10.30am - 12.30pm & 7.15pm - 9.15pm First and Third Thursdays of the month 7.30pm Service with Clairvoyance INDUCTION LOOP provided for the benefit of hearing aid users

Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire

ALPHA HEALING SANCTUARY High Wycombe Offering Spiritual and Reiki Healing Spiritual Awareness Events for small groups Tel:- 01494 813658 Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire CAMBRIDGE SPIRITUALIST CHURCH Myers Hall, 662 Newmarket Road, Cambridge CB8 5RS Enquiries:- 01223 560869 or 01223 240549 Sunday Service 6.30pm Followed by Healing Monday 7.30pm Awareness Circle Wednesday Healing 2.00pm - 9.00pm Last Thursday of the month 7.30pm Evening of Clairvoyance Saturday Workshops as Arranged LITTLEPORT ELY AND DISTRICT SPIRITUALISTS Littleport Village Hall, Thursday Healing from 6.45pm 7.30pm Service Telephone:- 01353 667300

Scotland Scotland

ABERDEEN SPIRITUALIST CENTRE Stephen House, 71 Dee Street, Aberdeen Telephone:- 01224 574 916 Sunday Services 11.15am & 6.15pm Tuesday Awareness Classes Thursday Church Circles 7.30pm Saturdays & Mondays Evenings of Mediumship as advertised Healing:Sun 7.45pm Tue 10am - 11am (Appointments only) Weds 2pm - 3pm & 6.30pm -7.30pm Private Sittings Available

Staffordshire Staffordshire

DAVID JONES CENTRE STAFFORD SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 96a Stone Road, Stafford Enquiries:- 01785 600082 Sunday 6.30pm Service Monday 1.00pm - 3.00pm Healing Wednesday 6.45pm - 7.50pm Healing 8.00pm Service

Essex Essex

EPPING SPIRITUALISTS' CHURCH Thornwood Village Hall, Wealdhall Lane, Epping Enquiries:- RUTH 01992 576677 Tues 1st 1.00pm - 2.30pm Healing 2.45pm BILLY WAKELING Tues 8th 1.00pm - 2.30pm Healing 2.45pm CAROL SMITH THE SPIRITUAL FELLOWSHIP Moot Hall, The Stow, Harlow, Essex Enquiries:- 01279 427638 First Wednesday of Month Fellowship Evening 8.00pm JUNE 2nd KAREN FULLER

Surrey Surrey

KOSMON SANCTUARY Spinney Cottage, Walton Manor, Walton on the Hill, Surrey KT20 7SA 020 8640 3426 Healing, workshops, events, venue hire

Lancashire Lancashire

BLACKPOOL ALBERT ROAD SNU CHURCH 71 Albert Road, Blackpool FY1 4PW FOUNDED 1895 Tel:- 01253 753743 Sunday 2.30pm Divine Service Wednesday 12.30pm - 1.30pm Healing Wednesday 2.30pm Clairvoyance Thursday 6.00pm - 7.00pm Healing 7.30pm Clairvoyance & Open Circle


FIRST SPIRITUALIST CHURCH 3777 42nd Street, San Diego, CA 92105 Pastor: Rev Doris Horvath Info:- (001) 619 284 4646 Sunday 10.00am Healing Service Sunday 11.00am Worship Service Plus full itinerary including lectures, classes, workshops, meditations and a lyceum See website for details


01279 817050

PAGE 16 -- PSYCHIC NEWS 29th MAY 2010

Experiences of the Paranormal

Figure seen in Selby Town Hall

A MYSTERIOUS man in oldfashioned clothes has been reported stalking the rooms of Selby Town Hall, in Yorkshire. The figure was seen by a member of the town council's staff while locking up the building. The employee did not wish to be identified, but Selby mayor, Coun. Steve Shaw-Wright, told York Press that the employee had heard a noise in the lobby, which is not unusual as people wait there for lifts home. "When the staff member went through to the lobby, it was empty," said Mr Shaw-Wright. "She thought nothing of this, assuming everyone had left. "She checked the toilets, and finding them empty she locked them. Retuning to the main hall she saw a man in the balcony and asked him what he was doing up there. He said nothing, but moved across the balcony to the staircase ­ the only exit. "The staff member went to unlock the downstairs door so that he could get out, but no one came down the stairs. She went up and no one was there." Mr Shaw-Wright said the man was described as having dark hair and wearing a long velvet jacket. The building is said to date from 1862, when it was a Methodist chapel with a house on site for the minister. Since then it has had various uses, including having been a health clinic and a tyre depot. Mr Shaw-Wright said: "When we first bought the building many moons ago, there was a gentleman who was a rough sleeper. He sadly died in a fire, but this figure looked more Edwardian or Victorian, according to the member of staff." Following the ghostly appearance, other staff members said they had heard footsteps on the first floor when nobody was up there, and had noticed electrical equipment turning itself on and off. Mr Shaw-Wright added: "The council will be looking into this, asking for information from past users of the building, to see if anything else similar had happened. We will also be looking into the past residents of the former chapel."


Saturday 9th October 2010

At the Sanctuary of the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UD Starting at 10am

A unique opportunity to learn about physical mediumship past and present, with physical medium STEWART ALEXANDER, MINISTER ERIC HATTON, and TOM HARRISON.

Includes Tom Harrison on the outstanding materialisation mediumship of his mother Minnie Harrison. Minister Eric Hatton, Honorary President of the Spiritualists' National Union, will speak about the extraordinary experiences he has enjoyed in the Alec Harris séance room and elsewhere. Stewart Alexander will talk about his own journey in Spiritualism and, in particular, about his development of physical mediumship. There will also be a question-and-answer session with Tom, Eric and Stewart.

Stewart Alexander

Eric Hatton

A CAR crashing into the front wall of an ancient Cotswold inn in December 2008 appears to have stirred some pub ghosts into activity. It is believed they have been venting their displeasure since the vehicle crashed into Moreton's Pub and Restaurant on the A44 at Salford Hill, between Moreton and Chipping Norton. Things became so bad that David Hayto, Moreton's general manager, appealed to one of Britain's leading ghost-hunting organisations for help. The building, believed to be about 600 years old, was called The Cross Hands Inn until it was bought by the Ora Ventures

9 770033 280007

Did crash cause activity in public house?

Company about two years ago. Mr Hayto told Tewkesbury Admag: "The temperature will just drop, and then suddenly go up again. "I was standing in front of the electric fire, trying to get some heat when it suddenly went really cold, and a couple of people have seen the apparition of a woman in an upstairs room. "We have a CD/radio player in the restaurant, and there have been quite a few mornings when cleaners have come in and it has been playing, having been turned off the night before." Barri Chai, founder of the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, said it was common for paranormal activity to be reported in old buildings that have been disturbed by builders doing renovation work. "If the spirits have some sort of intelligence and awareness of their surroundings, they become disturbed." The accident left a hole approximately 12 ft square in the front wall. The driver was trapped in the car for about an hour before firefighters released him. Customers and staff were in the restaurant at the time, but nobody was seriously hurt.

Tom Harrison

Daytime seminar cost: £50

To book, send a cheque to: Physical Mediumship Seminar, Psychic News, The Coach House, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex CM24 8UD

You can also book by phone on 01279 817050

Sorry, evening séance is sold out

ISSN 0033-2801


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