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"Your Custom Fabricator"

13863 Industrial Road Houston, Texas 77015 TEL: 713-230-4200

Heavy Fabrication Division

13863 Industrial Road, Houston, Texas 77015 P.O. Box 96097, Houston, Texas 77213 TEL: 713-230-4200

Spitzer Industries, Inc.

Property: Under Roof: Fabrication Shop: Lifting Capacity: Hook Height: Water Access: Water Depth at Slip:

32 Acres 188,000 sq. ft. (4) Four bays ­ 100' x 400' ea. (8) Eight 50T Bridge Cranes 95 ft. under hook (2) Two barge slips 1215 ft.

Acergy Anadarko Anadarko Anadarko Anadarko Anadarko Anadarko Anadarko Anadarko BP BP Cameron Chevron ENI ENI Helix Hess LLOG Murphy Murphy Petrobras Shell Shell Shell Subsea 7 Technip Williams

CURRENT & PAST PROJECTS Hess Conger (2) PLETs, (3) Jumpers K2 (1) Manifold, (6) Jumpers Jubilee (8) Manifolds, (2) Riser Bases Shackleton (3) PLETs Powerplay (2) Jumpers Independence Subsea (3) Manifolds, (7) PLETs, (4) Sleds, (22) Jumper Kits Genghis Khan (1) Manifold GC518 (1) Manifold, (6) PLETs, (6) Sleds, (8) Jumpers Mawson (1) Manifold Thunderhorse (21) PLET Boxes Nakika (1) Manifold Galapagos (6) PLETs, (2) Sleds Blind Faith (1) Manifold, (2) PLETs Leo (2) PLETs EB157/GC298 (5) PLETs Noonan (2) Jumpers Penn State (1) Mudmat, (1) UTA GC157 (1) PLEM Azurite (1) Manifold Thunderhawk (1) Manifold, (4) PLETs, (5) Jumpers Cascade/Chinook (3) Manifolds, (2) Pump Systems Llano/Princess (1) Manifold, (1) Sled Perdido (2) Manifolds Princess (1) Manifold Caesar Tonga (2) Manifolds, (2) PLEMs, (10) Jumpers, (1) Pigging Loop Caesar Tonga (8) PLETs Blind Faith (2) PLEMs, (4) Sleds

For additional information please contact Mark Cook at: [email protected]

Spitzer is a custom fabricator and packager of equipment and systems. Spitzer specializes in Subsea Structures Engineered Process and Production Skid Packages ASME VIII, Div. 1 and Div. 2 Pressure Vessels ["U", "U2" & "R" Stamps] Specialty Structural Weldments Spitzer has the inhouse capabilities to provide Project Management Engineering Design / Drafting Quality Control Procurement We can accommodate any project from start to finish!


Spitzer Industries, Inc. headquartered in Houston, Texas was founded by Cullen Spitzer in 1996 to serve the oil and gas industry. Since then the company has grown to over 900 employees with facilities in Houston, the Houston Ship Channel, and Brookshire. We pride ourselves in having products with impeccable quality, exceptional craftsmanship, topnotch performance and competitive pricing. We appreciate our clients and look forward to helping you with your fabrication needs!

For more information on Spitzer Industries, Curtis Kelly, and Orizon, please visit the websites below.

Spitzer Industries, Inc. Corporate Headquarters 11250 Tanner Rd Houston, TX 77041 Tel: 7134822700 Fax: 7134822780 Spitzer Industries, Inc. HFD / Curtis Kelly, Inc. 13863 Industrial Road Houston, TX 77015 P.O. Box 96097 Houston, TX 77213 Tel: 7132304200 Fax: 7132304250 Orizon Industries, Inc. 7007 FM 362 Brookshire, Texas 77423 Tel: 2813757700 Fax: 2813757979 Curtis Kelly, Inc. 14875 Waterloo Houston, TX 77053 P.O. Box 450808 Houston, TX 77245 Tel: 7134332484 Fax: 7134342432


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