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Spokane Airways Flight Center Aircraft Rental Rates

Aircraft C-152 C-172 C-172 C-172RG Tail Number N94666 N733TP N738BS* N9656B*

*Aircraft have Garmin 430 GNS/GPS Receiver For more info please visit;

Serving the Aviation Industry for Decades May 2012

Hourly Rate $104.00 Hr. $124.00 Hr. $134.00 Hr. $144.00 Hr.

Flight Instruction:$40.00/Hr Discovery Flight:Cessna172 ONLY $70.00/2 passengers Headset Rental $3.00 per flight

Discovery Flights are with a qualified flight instructor. The Discovery Flight is a means of assessing interest in continuation to a pilot license and potential for a career in Aviation/Aerospace. A few of the techniques you will experince on a Discovery Flight include: How to steer the aircraft on the ground while taxing, What control surfaces control different aircraft attitudes and what types of preparation you need before you go flying. Gift Certificates are available for Discovery Flights for someone that enjoys the art of flying and would like to experience a hands on experience. In the Cessna 172 there is room for a third person. Flights for assessment of property from the air or photography can also be scheduled just by calling.

Gift Certificates for Discovery Flights are available at anytime!

509 838 3658


ac rentalsnglsheet.p65

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