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Account Application Form

Sportingbet ABN 55 092 486 883

This application form will be used to verify your registered Sportingbet details and will form the basis of our client registrations requirements under our Australian operating licence. Please complete this form with the details that you have registered on your Sportingbet account (including email address). Once completed please present this form with relevant identification documents at a participating Australia Post office. Australia Post will validate your details with the documentation provided by you. Sportingbet will then validate the details provided by you at registration and activate your account. To successfully complete this process you must provide sufficient identification to satisfy the 100 point check. Your identification should confirm your: · · · · Date of Birth; Identity (via current, approved photo ID); Current Residential Address (as nominated on your Sportingbet account); and Signature. The following Identification is acceptable: A. · · · · Primary Document 70 points (choose 0 to 1) Australian Passport International Passport Australian Birth Certificate (not an extract) Australian Citizenship Certificate

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B. Secondary Document 40 points (choose 0 to 4) · Australian Drivers Licence / Permit · Australian Boat Operator Licence · Australian Photo Firearms Licence · State or Federal Government Employee Photo Identity · Proof of Age Card (Government Issued) · NSW Photo Card (Government Issued) · Tertiary Education Institution ID Card · Centrelink Pension Card · Department of Veterans Affairs Card C. Secondary Document 25 points (choose 0 to 4) · Centrelink Benefit Statement (less than 12 months old) · Tax Assessment Notice (less than 12 months old) · Council Rates Notice (less than 12 months old) · Utilities Bill (less than 12 months old) · Financial Institution Statement (less than 12 months old) · Property Lease / Rental Agreement · Motor Vehicle Registration / Insurance · Home Insurance Papers · A Financial Institution Debit / Credit Card · Medicare Card

Your identification must: · · · · Be original documents Be current and valid You can provide a maximum of 1 primary document (the remaining requirements must be met by secondary documents). Equal at least 100 points

Once the form is complete Sportingbet will confirm your details and activate your account.

How to lodge your Application at Australia Post

1. Lodge your form at any participating post office. To find the nearest participating outlet, please go to or call 13 13 18. 2. Identification documents MUST be presented and be original. Continued

Sportingbet Account Application 31/08/2012

Account Application Form

Sportingbet ABN 55 092 486 883

Please use BLACK INK

Use black ink

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and print within the boxes in BLOCK LETTERS

A. Details of Applicant

Sportingbet PIN Title Given Name/s Date of Birth Telephone Number Home Telephone Number Business Family Name/Surname




B. Current Address of Applicant

Residential Address (must be an Australian Address) Unit Number/Street Number/Street Name Suburb/Town/Locality Postal Address (must be an Australian Address) Same address as above Unit Number/Street Number/Street Name/PO Box Suburb/Town/Locality Email Address State Postcode State Postcode


C. Declaration by Applicant Important: Sign this form ONLY in front of an Australia Post Representative.

I, (the applicant shown in section A of this form) do hereby solemnly swear that: (a) I am the person to whom this account application relates; (b) This application has been completed by me and not any other person; and (c) I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Trust Deed, Rules and Regulations and such other terms as may be applicable from time to time as available for inspection on our website Please sign within the box

Applicant's Signature






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