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`Low on compaction ­ not on capacity'

From Alanco, one of the originators of the low ground pressure (LGP) concept, the Sprayranger self-propelled sprayer remains true to the principle of a genuinely lightweight machine. As concerns grow over the effect of increasingly heavier machinery, related soil compaction and the cost of alleviating it ­ particularly when weighed against low commodity prices and high input costs ­ the benefits of an LGP sprayer become ever more obvious. But less weight doesn't have to mean lower capacity... 140hp Tier III engine Electronically-controlled automatic 10F/2R transmission Booms up to 24m, tanks to 2,500 litres Unladen weight of under 4t Four-wheel steering and auto-steer options

Alanco Agricultural Ltd, Pattenden Lane, Marden, Kent, TN12 9QJ

Tel: 01622 832830

Although even the largest model in the range weighs in at under 4t when empty, the Sprayranger is available with tank capacities of up to 2,500 litres, and boom widths of up to 24m, meaning that it's wellsuited to large-scale farms of 1,000 acres/400ha or more. A 250 l/min diaphragm piston pump means fast tank fills, particularly useful for those farms that also require their sprayer to also handle liquid fertiliser. Running a low ground pressure machine doesn't limit you later in the season, either ­ if it's the Sprayranger that you're operating. Even on high-clearance sprayers, hydrostatic wheel motors can cause damage to tall crops, but the Sprayranger uses a ZF electronic automatic transmission, and its reduction drive axles provide up to 750mm/30in ground clearance, depending on the wheel and tyres fitted. Trelleborg 550/45 x22.5 flotation tyres are standard equipment.

Nor does it mean skimping on technology ­ air suspension is standard, four-wheel steer optional, and a variety of controllers and guidance or auto-steer systems can be fitted. Each Sprayranger is built to the customer's individual requirements. Spraypacks are demountable, and designed with minimal pipework. Boom suspension is standard, recirculation an option. So if you thought that LGP sprayers were just for the smaller farmer, think again. There's a size of Sprayranger to suit every type of farm ­ and if there isn't we can probably build it for you. Sprayranger: low on compaction, not on capacity...

Sprayranger 250D specification

Ford 140hp direct-injection common rail Tier III turbocharged/intercooled diesel ZF electronically-controlled 10F/2R auto transmission c/w central diff lockable from cab Hydrostatic steering with four-wheel drive and optional four-wheel steer Air seat, carbon filtered fresh air fan, heater, air conditioning, radio/CD player, air step and air line point Standard 550/45x22.5 Trelleborg flotation tyres, rear mudguards 2,500-litre stainless tank c/w integral wash tank, self-fill suction point, tank wash kit, flushable pressure filter 250 l/min piston diaphragm pump suitable for liquid fertiliser 24m four-section booms with recirculation, DCV triplex bodies with set of Hypro Kematal jets Prices from £76,000 (2ws) and £78,600 (4ws) excl. VAT

Alanco Agricultural Ltd, Pattenden Lane, Marden, Kent, TN12 9QJ

Tel: 01622 832830


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