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The Spring Independent School District requests sealed bids for Child Nutrition - Condiment Carts for the 2007-08 school year. Bids are due on or before May 17, 2007 at 1:30 p.m. Awards will be made at the June 12, 2007 meeting of the Board of Trustees with purchase orders to be issued after that date. This equipment is required by the Child Nutrition Department for the schools. Vendors are not required to bid on every item. Delivery must be made within 30 working days following receipt of the purchase order. Complete the bid forms for those items that you can supply in the allotted time. All items awarded are to be delivered to the Spring Independent School Campuses. (See attached list) Vendors are required to separate the items awarded by campus location and ship these separately in clearly labeled packages. Meyer and Cooper Elementary Schools will receive two (2) and Lewis will receive none (0). If you bid an alternate to the brand name product, you must supply the name of the alternate and specifications indicating why the alternate is equal or superior to the brand name product. Alternates should be listed in the spaces provided on the bid form for "Brand" bid with additional specifications information attached to the bid form. Bidders not clearly showing alternate will not be paid for delivery of items not approved by the Child Nutrition Department. The District requests unit prices only. The total price may be included but the tabulation will be based on unit prices. We will compute all price extensions. If your packaging units contain quantities different from those requested, please note this on the same line you note your brand bid. Two copies of your bid must be submitted. Bid prices must remain in effect for 120 days following the award of bids. For further information, contact Melanie Konarik, Director of Child Nutrition, at (281) 587-3962.

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GENERAL MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR ALL MODULES: Tops: 14-gauge, type 304 series stainless steel with 2" turndown on all sides and sound deadening applied between top and frame. Counter top to be height of 30". Trayslide: 10" wide, Corian tray slide with stainless steel runners. Trayslide is to be integrated into counter top. Corian selection to be determined by Spring ISD. Tray slide to be height of 28". Framing: 16-gauge, type 304 series stainless steel formed end panels with top and bottom horizontal members of 16-gauge, type 304 stainless steel. Front & Side Panels: Field removable tiled panels. Tile and grout selection to be determined by Spring ISD Undershelves: 18-gauge, type 304 series stainless steel with 18" high ends and 6" high back. Undershelf is held back 6" from front panel forming a utility chase for plumbing and electrical services. Warranty: 12 month limited warranty on parts and labor Specs Based On: Mod-U-Serve ITEMIZED SPECIFICATIONS: 1. MCT-COND-SPRING Mod-U-Serve Condiment Counter Qty: Twenty-One (21) · Ten (10) Server Products pump model #83000 capacity, dual sided service condiment cart. Cart dimensions: 81" long x 40-1/2" wide. · Quantity Fifteen (15) Server-Product pumps model #83000 and Fifteen (15) Server-Products stainless steel liners #94009 to be provided by Mod-U-Serve and housed in an 18-gauge stainless steel well with a hinged locking security lid. · One (1) 12' x 20" die-stamped openings at each end of counter top for silver ware storage in 12" x 20" pans. Pans by Spring ISD. · Three (3) hinged doors with locking hasps to be provide on each broad side of counter. · Dual sided undershelves as specified in general specifications. · Tile Front & Side Application by Mod-U-Serve. · 6" adjustable and locking stainless steel casters with 5" wheels. · Corian Trayslide as specified in general specifications.

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Responsibilities of Involved Parties: Successful Manufacturer: The successful manufacturer of the specified condiment carts is responsible for the manufacturing of the product(s) with proper workmanship, void of errors, per the written specification, and in a timely manner. Successful Bidding Dealer: A representative of the successful bidding dealer, in conjunction with the manufacturer's rep, is to coordinate with Spring ISD the signing of approval drawings in person, including tile and Corian finish selections. The successful bidding dealer of the specified condiment cart is responsible to deliver, uncrate, level, and set in place all condiment carts. Please note 21 condiment carts are to be delivered, unpackaged, and assembled to 19 campuses. All trash and debris must be removed from the jobsite upon completion of the project. The condiment carts are to be cleaned and made ready for use. Cleaning includes all stainless steel, Corian and tile surfaces. Spring ISD: Spring ISD is responsible for helping determine a delivery schedule set of dates and times to each school. If any obstructions are in the way of the desired condiment cart location, it is the responsibility of Spring ISD to make the site ready.

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Vendor: ________________________________________________ SPRING INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT CHILD NUTRITION - CONDIMENT CARTS 1.) CONDIMENT CARTS (Quantity 21) Unit Price: _________________________________ delivered. Name of Company: _________________________________________________________ Name of person submitting bid: ________________________________________________ Telephone Number: _________________________ Fax Number: ____________________ Date of delivery: _________________________________________________

Bid 07-055 Page 5 Vendor: ____________________________________________________ SPRING INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT CONDIMENT CARTS VENDOR ACCEPTANCE FORM I have read the rules and specifications provided in the bid for a contract for Child Nutrition Small Equipment. I affirm, to the best of my knowledge, this bid has been arrived at independently and is submitted without collusion with anyone to obtain information that would in any way limit competition in the award of this bid. I affirm that, to the best of my knowledge the company I represent meets Equal Employment Opportunity Commission standards and American Disability Act standards in employment practices. I affirm, to the best of my knowledge, that the District has been notified in writing of any owner or operator of my business who has a felony conviction. (Public corporations are exempt.) __________________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE TITLE __________________________________________________________________________ NAME OF COMPANY (Please Type) __________________________________________________________________________ TAX I.D. NUMBER (TIN) _________________________________________________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP __________________________________________________________________________ PHYSICAL ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP __________________________________________________________________________ PREPARED BY (Please Type) __________________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE TITLE __________________________________________________________________________ TELEPHONE NUMBER FAX NUMBER DATE Check here if you have an address or telephone number change: Yes _____ No _____ If you choose not to bid, please check the blank below and return this form in order for company name to remain on our bid list. _____

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ANDERSON 832-249-2375 6218 Lynngate FAX 832-249-2355 Spring, TX 77373-7238 Kathy Morrison, Principal Brenda Pyka, Secretary BENEKE 281-586-5460 3840 Briarchase FAX 281-586-5465 Houston, TX 77014-2755 Karen Liska, Principal Darlene Johnson, Secretary CLARK INTERMEDIATE (Grs. 3-5) 281-355-3701 1825 Rushworth FAX 281-355-3702 Houston, TX 77014 Helen Major, Principal Frankie Johnson, SecretarY COOPER 281-586-2860 18655 Imperial Valley FAX 281-209-0035 Houston, TX 77073 Leticia Gonzalez, Principal Anna Robelia, Secretary HERITAGE 281-586-6250 12255 T. C. Jester FAX 281-586-6262 Houston, TX 77067-1381 Barbra Jones, Principal Tamara Haynes, Secretary LEWIS 281-586-6275 3230 Spears Rd. FAX 281-440-8676 Houston, TX 77067 Barbara Jones, Principal Pat Lee, Secretary MEYER 281-586-2680 16330 Forest Way FAX 281-895-0807 Houston, TX 77090-4798 Lenny Hardoin, Principal Susan McNiel, Secretary PONDEROSA 281-586-5420 17202 Butte Creek FAX 281-586-5424 Houston, TX 77090-2322 Barbara Leland, Principal Mickey Thompson, Secretary SALYERS 281-355-3700 25705 Hardy Street FAX 281-880-2555 Spring, TX 77373 Leticia Grounds, Principal Sandra Simpson, Secretary THOMPSON 281-586-6200 12470 Walters Road FAX 281-586-6212 Houston, TX 77014-2422 Cynthia Gomez, Principal Eva McCarthy, Secretary BAMMEL 281-586-5480 17309 Red Oak FAX 281-586-5484 Houston, TX 77090-1297 Jo McDonald, Principal Cyndi Scott, Secretary BURCHETT 832-446-4120 3366 James Leo Dr. FAX 281-528-6351 Spring, TX 77373 Joan Harding, Principal Debbie Harshman, Secretary CLARK PRIMARY (Grs. PK-2) 281-586-2660 12625 River Laurel FAX 281-586-2670 Houston, TX 77014 Deborah Klemcke, Principal Sandra Caballero, Secretary HIRSCH 281-355-3740 2633 Trailing Vine FAX 832-249-2325 Spring, TX 77373-7716 Sherry Koudelka, Principal Sue Meade, Secretary JENKINS 281-355-3180 4615 Reynaldo FAX 832-249-2305 Spring, TX 77373-6821 Scott Allen, Principal Dianne Boyer, Secretary LINK 281-586-5400 2815 Ridge Hollow FAX 281-586-5406 Houston, TX 77067-1939 Berky Hernandez-Owolabi, Principal Isela Ramos, Secretary McNABB 832-446-4150 743 East Cypresswood Dr. FAX 281-528-5980 Spring, TX 77373 Marilyn Denison, Principal Debbiel Fellman, Secretary REYNOLDS 281-586-5440 3975 Gladeridge FAX 281-586-5444 Houston, TX 77068-2422 Carolyn Mays, Principal Nancy Kaniss, Secretary SMITH 281-355-3720 2600 Cypresswood FAX 832-249-2385 Spring, TX 77373-5800 Dean Borg, Principal Terry Riley, Secretary WINSHIP 281-355-3160 2175 Spring Creek FAX 281-528-9158 Spring, TX 77373-6199 J. C. Harville, Principal Debbie Murray, Secretary


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