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The Philatelic Prospector

A publication of the Sacramento Philatelic Society P O Box 13284 Sacramento, CA 95813 March 2009


Greetings Fellow Collectors! I am writing to you while looking at a beautiful blue-sky afternoon. Ah... spring is such a wonderful time. After months of being cooped up for the winter, we look forward to getting more active and getting outdoors. It is this time of year that finds me looking over the stamp shows that are happening throughout the year and planning my visits to the ones that I can attend. Show #1 on my list this spring is our own Easter Seal Benefit Show. It is happening April 4th and 5th at the Easter Seal Building where our Wednesday night meetings are normally held. There will be plenty of different things there for everyone, including the famous tables filled with millions of 2-cent stamps. Dealers will be on hand as well as our sale table filled with all sorts of things donated by members throughout the year. We raise thousands of dollars every year for this worthy cause. I hope that you can join us. Show #2 is another spring show that I never miss - WESTPEX, April 24th through the 26th. You will find hour's worth of worldclass exhibits to view, dealers out the ears, auction, and my favorite stop... the Western Philatelic Library booth to buy reading and reference material. If you do not regularly attend stamp shows, I would say go to this show at least one time. You will be back year after year. You can find information on these stamp shows and others happening throughout the year, by going to our website at Visit the Events page and search by month. I hope to see you soon at a show near you. Happy Stamping! -Dean Carl SPS President


Here it is again, time for the Easter Seal Benefit Show - April 4th and 5th. We need lots of volunteers to help. The sign up sheets will be at the meetings each week starting 3/11/09. If you cannot come to a meeting call Katie at 359-3720. Due to Health Dept Regulations, we can no longer accept donations of all those wonderful homemade goodies as we have done in the past. Now we are asking you to donate cash or checks to help offset the cost of buying the food to supply our cafeteria. I will accept donations at club meetings. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Remember, this is a fund raiser for the Easter Seal Society. Places where help is needed: Registration table, Kitchen, Door Prizes, Circuit Table and Easter Seal Table. Set up will be on Friday at 5PM and take down will be Sunday from 4PM until done. Thank you, Katherine Pavalasky, Chair


MAR 14-15 FRESPEX Fresno Philatelic Society Veterans Memorial Building Clovis, CA



Easter Seal Benefit Show

Sacramento Philatelic Society Easter Seal Center, 3205 Hurley Way Sacramento, CA



Southern Oregon Philatelic Exhibition

Southern Oregon Philatelic Society Padgham Pavilion, Jackson Co Expo Park Central Point, OR WESTPEX Westpex, Inc. San Francisco Airport Marriott Burlingame, CA NEVPEX Nevada Stamp Study Society National Bowling Stadium Reno, NV

Easter Egg Hunt?!?

Here's the Easter Egg Hunt Challenge: See if you can find the link between stamp collecting, coin collecting and Abraham Lincoln's birth in this issue of the Prospector.






This is the FINAL Prospector Newsletter you will receive if you have not yet paid your 2009 dues!


Strait Stamp Show

Strait Stamp Society Masonic Lodge, South 5th and Pine Sequim, WA


Bob Hope

Bob Hope (1903-2003) will be remembered May 29 on the USS Midway in San Diego when the Postal Service issues a stamp in his honor. Kazuhiko Sano of Mill Valley, CA, working under art director Derry Noyes of Washington, DC, created the stamp image that is based on a photograph of Hope. Hope devoted his life to making people laugh. He is most known for his unwavering commitment throughout the second half of the 20th century to supporting morale by entertaining military personnel serving overseas. He found success on the live stage, in radio shows, in motion pictures and on television. Hope dedicated a large part of his life to entertaining America's soldiers, starting in 1941 and continuing through the Persian Gulf War five decades later. After giving hundreds of performances overseas, he earned the nickname "G.I. Bob" and in 1997 became the first person recognized by the U.S. Congress as an "honorary veteran of the United States Armed Forces." Hope's honors also included the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Bob Hope died at his home in Toluca Lake, CA, on July 27, 2003, two months after his 100th birthday. Image © 2009 USPS. All Rights Reserved.


Since there are several in the club that collect the "Machin Head" stamps of Great Britain, here's the website for "The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook with Profiles" by Deegam Publ.: First published in 1993, it explains the design, development and production of the Machin and country pictorial definitive stamps and has become the "Machin Encyclopedia". Divided into beginner, intermediate and specialist levels; the 13 chapters and 15 appendixes lead up to a catalog of the Machin stamps. Included are 15,000 Deegam profiles (image above) ­ stamp sized descriptions including detail to the specialist level ­ and yes, there are 15,000 different Machins!!! This reference work isn't free (£39) and ships from Great Britain ­ order information is on the website. For those of you interested in older US issues, the "Identifier for US Washington/Franklin Stamps of 1908-1922" is found at These stamps are perhaps the most difficult US stamps to identify ­ new printing techniques (rotary press, offset), the appearance of coil stamps and a new watermark (single-line USPS) all add to the complexity. As if that wasn't enough an odd type of paper ­ "bluish" ­ was used briefly in 1909... the same year the V.D.B. Lincoln Cent debuted in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the birth of our Sixteenth President... which will be redesigned (the reverse side only) in 2009 for the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth! The single page site covers the 5 designs, 3 types of perforations, 3 watermarks and 3 press types as well as 2 paper varieties, rotary press design size and the "types" of both the "2 cent 2" and "3 cent 3" designs in a concise format with large illustrations. If this isn't enough detail to satisfy your curiosity, images of the 2c and 3c Washington in Sections 6 and 7 are linked to the site where even more detail is available, complete with illustrations. The "Predecimal Stamps of Australia" by Mike Andrew assembles detailed information and presents it in a comfortable writing style ­ effectively explaining the stamps as a part of current events and now, history. Stamps from 1901 through 1956 are included, from the `Roo and "KGV Heads" through to QEII issues. Once you get the hang of the site's layout and its white text on black background you'll be amazed at the amount of information here:


The "Junior Philatelists on the Internet" website maintained by Gayland Bird is found at This site contains all sorts of useful information organized in an interesting if little haphazard fashion. There is a long list of how-to articles authored by Ken Stewart. Articles on Artcraft covers, US revenues, World Records in Stamps and a lot of information on Tasco Educational Booklets which sold from 1928 through 1956. These booklets came with representative stamps included for reference (image below).

One page that caught my eye was "Nicknames of Famous Stamps" which covers the "Blue Boy" and "Barquito" to the "Persian Rug" and "Sydney Views". This is really a "browsing" site ­ where you take an hour and wander around, clicking on every group of blue text.


MAR 27-29 Garfield-Perry March Party Garfield-Perry Stamp Club Cleveland, OH Spring Postage Stamp Mega-Event American Stamp Dealers Assn New York, NY WESTPEX Western Philatelic Exhibitions, Inc Burlingame, CA Plymouth Show West Suburban Stamp Club Plymouth, MI Philatelic Show Northeastern Fed of Stamp Clubs [email protected] Boxboro, MA ROMPEX Rocky Mountain Phil. Exhibition, Inc Denver, CO ROPEX Rochester Philatelic Assn Rochester, NY NOJEX North Jersey Federated Stamp Clubs Secaucus, NJ PIPEX Northwest Fed of Stamp Clubs Portland, OR National Topical Stamp Show American Topical Association Dayton, OH Minnesota Stamp Expo Twin City Philatelic Society Minneapolis, MN AMERICOVER American First Day Cover Society Boxboro, MA


The Passport Stamps of Panama

[a portion of the article in the Cal-Rev'r Jan 2009 issue] Panama achieved independence from Colombia on November 6, 1903. Less than a year later the American Bank Note Co. (ABNCo.) obtained a contract for printing revenue stamps and printed the majority of all their revenue stamps up through 1935. 1927 saw the first design specifically for use as a Panama Passport stamp. 1928-Panama's 1st Passport Stamp. There are 7 stars over the eagle and a banner in its beak proclaims "Pro Mundi Beneficio", "For the Worlds Benefit". Below is the Panama Canal with a rising sun. 1940-1943 Due to a shortage of Passport stamps a Provisional stamp was created. A documentary revenue stamp printed by Quayle & Sons Corp. was overprinted: "Habilitado Servicio Pasaporte Bl. 5.00 Decreto No 122 de 1940". 1943-The second ABNCo design has 7stars over the eagle and a banner in its beak proclaims "Honor, Justica y Libertad," "Justice, Honor and Freedom". Below is the Panama Canal with a sun on the left, moon on the right. 1948-.The third ABNCO. Design has 9 stars over the eagle and the banner in its beak returned to "Pro Mundi Beneficio", "For the Worlds Benefit". Below is the Panama Canal with only a rising sun, the moon has been deleted. 1953 Editora Panama America S.A. printed Panama passport stamps for the first time. This is the earliest known use of Passport stamps printed locally in Panama.





















In 1960 Thomas De La Rue (TDLR) began printing Passport stamps for Panama. These stamps have a `brick work' watermark.




If you have a collecting interest that they would like to share with the club and feel more comfortable doing so in written form, please send it to me via email at nzstampsinca `at' You can also get a printed version to me at one of the Wednesday meetings ­ I can scan and/or retype it as necessary. Typical articles will run from ½ to a full page of text and images.

Only World Series of Philately shows are included For more shows and contact details go to:


Regular meetings are held every Wednesday evening from 7 ­9PM at the Easter Seal Center, 3205 Hurley Way. Mar 4 11 18 25 1 4, 5 8 15 22 29 6 13 20 27 3 10 17 24 Silent Bid Auction, no 2¢ boxes/circuit Regular plus BOD meeting (8:45) Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit. Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit. Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit. Easter Seal Benefit Show Regular plus BOD meeting (8:45) Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit. Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit. Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit. Silent Bid Auction, no 2¢ boxes/circuit Regular plus BOD meeting (8:45) Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit. Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit. Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit. Regular plus BOD meeting (8:45) Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit. Meeting, 2¢ boxes, club circuit.

Officers & Board of Directors

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Board of Directors Ernie Teays Dean Carl Nabil Haddad Joanne Berkowitz Katie Pavalasky Ken Hilmer Jim Stewart Committee Chairmen Easter Seal Show Library Membership Programs Prospector SACAPEX Website Dean Carl Harry Mueggenburg Ken Mitchell John Pavalasky


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Katie Pavalasky Ken Hilmer Debbie Jean Hopkins Anson Stout Doug Elliott Dean Carl Dean Carl

New Members

New members since the last newsletter mention are: 01883 Carol Wilhelms 01884 Sandra Willis 01885 Raimund Dippon 01886 John F. Vieira 01887 Kim Brickman 01888 Edward Gillum

Each meeting we normally have our club circuit and penny boxes available for your shopping pleasure. There are also members who enjoy just talking about their collections or helping you with yours. You might even find a member with a similar interest as you have and you can initiate a stamp swap. Come see us ­ it's a lot of fun. `Shoe Boxes' of 2¢ stamps can be taken home to search through during the week.


April May June July 1 20 17 15 Bob Short ­ US Plate Number Coils Jim Stewart ­ US Penalty Envelopes Fred Rickert ­ Vicissitudes of Fortune David Coleman ­ US Fancy Cancels

First Day Cancellation Information

All first day cancellations may be received after affixing stamps and sending to: Customer Affixed Envelopes Postmaster _______________ (first day city) ________ - 9991 (5 digit ZIP + 9991) Up to 50 FDCs may be submitted for cancellation at no cost, additional covers are charged 5¢ each. If you want them returned without addresses, you must enclose a self addressed envelope, with sufficient postage applied, to insure their return. There is no charge for this service.

Let's try for a member presentation the 3rd Wed of each month. If you have a topic or area of interest that you would like to give a short presentation on, please contact Anson Stout.

Current USPS Rates

Domestic: First-Class Mail Letter (1 oz) - 42¢ First-Class Mail Letter (2 oz) - 59¢ Rigid Envelope Surcharge - 20¢ Postcard - 27¢ Large Envelope (2 oz) - $1.00 Certified Mail - $2.70 International: First-Class Mail Int'l Letter (1 oz) to Canada and Mexico - 72¢ First-Class Mail Int'l Letter (1 oz) to other countries - 94¢


Can't find your prospector? Can't remember what is when? Dean Carl continues to amaze those of us who are computer challenged. Updates get done so quickly that we wonder how he does it. The SPS website at is where you can keep up with current activities, future events, see copies of the Prospector from the last twelve months, and explore links to other websites of interest.



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