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PRESENT: Ms. Antonette Pepe, Atty. Peter Murphy, Mr. Christopher Collins, Ms. Barbara Gresham, Mrs. Denise Hurst, Mr. Norman Roldan and Mayor Domenic Sarno ALSO PRESENT: Dr. Alan J. Ingram, Superintendent of Schools

On a motion made by Mr. Collins and seconded by Mrs. Pepe it was voted to approve the minutes of the December 3, 2009 regular school committee meeting and the December 17, 2009 school committee working session. All were in favor. On a motion made by Mr. Collins and seconded by Mrs. Pepe it was voted to accept a $25,000.00 donation from Baystate Health to Van Sickle Middle School for necessary computer equipment to replace one nine year old computer lab. ROLL CALL Mrs. Pepe Atty. Murphy Mr. Collins Ms. Gresham Mrs. Hurst Mr. Roldan Mayor Sarno

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INFORMATIONAL ITEMS Cornerstone Literacy Partnership Cornerstone has partnered with SPS to equip teachers, principals and administrators with what they need to inspire each child to exceed academic expectations the world has for them and to enhance literacy skills. Cornerstone also provides professional development to staff. In 2003 Cornerstone was in two schools and today it is in 20 schools. Cornerstone is a national literacy initiative; giving students the ability to read, write, think critically, reason, analyze and evaluate information, communicate effectively in a variety of forms, and inquire systemically into any

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important matter. There are two meetings per year; one held in Springfield and one held in Georgia. The members of the school committee were invited to attend the winter meeting which will be held January 13th ­ 15th. Ms. Margaret Thompson, Principal at Kensington spoke about her experience as a Cornerstone IB school. In reviewing the chart showing student growth, Mrs. Pepe asked what happens if a school shows a minus and not an improvement. Dr. Southworth indicated the group would analysis data and strategize to fix specifics of what is needed to bring that school up. When asked what the time frame would be, Dr. Southworth indicated they would work immediately to bring that school up. Every school does a School Improvement Plan quarterly. Assessing this data will help if a school is in trouble. Race To The Top Race to the Top is a four year federal grant program increasing college readiness for all students. This grant would give SPS access to $3million for 4 years plus give them the tools, resources and a voice at the table when developing initiatives. A key aspect of the Race to the Top grant mandates how models are to be imposed on low performing schools. Because Springfield currently has more than 9 underperforming schools, we would be mandated to use the Turnaround Model which calls for replacing the principal plus at least 50% of that school's staff with highly effective teachers and adopt a new or revised instructional strategy. That being said, Dr. Ingram indicated he and Mr. Tim Collins met with Commissioner Chester and they feel there is a possibility to work around the rule of 9.The MOU must be signed by the Local Education Agency (LEA), the local president and the Chair of the School Committee and submitted by January 13, 2010. Mr. Collins, SEA President, spoke about the "rule of 9" and urged the members of the school committee to reach out to their Congressman and Governor to say that a nation wide initiative should not pick an arbitrary number of 9 especially when it is disport ional and would put a strain on the City of Springfield.. This rule of 9 would be devastating. Even with this issue, the SEA is willing to make a good faith effort and sign this MOU to at least be in the running for this grant. By signing this MOU, we are no way obligated to continue if we can not come to any agreement on a work plan. Springfield would find out in April, 2010 if our application has been approved and then have 90 days to develop and submit a final RTTT grant application with a locally customized work plan that is consistent with Massachusetts' proposal. Mr. Chris Collins disagreed with Mr. Tim Collins and felt that the rule of 9 will continue to be a problem. He doesn't believe that the federal government will take out the part dealing with the rule of 9. He feels we will be going down a road to disaster and after a great deal of time and effort, we will need to drop out of the race. Mr. Roldan, Mrs. Hurst and Mrs. Pepe felt we have nothing to lose by starting the process. RECOGNIZE ANTI-BULLYING VIDEO PARTICIPANTS The school committee recognized students at both the High School of Commerce and the High School of Science and Technology for participating in an anti-bullying video. Mrs. Pepe praised everyone's efforts for a project she has long wanted to happen. YEAR-TO-DATE FINANCIAL UPDATE Mr. T.J. Plante gave the committee a financial update and indicated this would be coming to the committee once a month. This report, generated from Munis, is able to capture a department's budget at a certain point in time and will give a heads up to any potential problems before they become a crisis and will also show if we are not spending enough money. Mr. Plante answered

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questions from the committee on how to read this report. Mrs. Pepe asked why Mr. Plante was giving this report and not Mr. Peters. Dr. Ingram indicated that Mr. Peters had given his resignation and the Mayor was allowing TJ Plante to help the school department in it's transition phase. ITEMS REQUIRING A VOTE On a motion made by Mrs. Pepe and seconded by Mr. Roldan it was voted to accept the Race to the Top MOU as presented. ROLL CALL Mrs. Pepe Atty. Murphy Mr. Collins Ms. Gresham Mrs. Hurst Mr. Roldan Mayor Sarno

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Student Information System The Springfield Public School's is currently using SASI for its student information system and SASI will not longer be maintained or supported by Pearson after August, 2010. The district has been using SASI since 1999. Based on SIS evaluation criteria, the IT Department is recommending Power School to replace SASI. Five vendors were evaluated by a team consisting of Central office administrators, principals, Asst. Principals, teachers, counselors, clerks, PIC staff and Safety/Security personnel. The budget for the SIS project is $1,000,464 and is a combination of FY2010 Title 1 and ARRA stimulus funds that the District has applied for. All five vendors were listed on the state contract so they are all certified and qualified. Mr. Roldan asked that in the future they include the school committee in any decision. Both Mr. Collins and Mrs. Pepe were concerned that this vendor does not have the ability to code students who are tardy. Mr. St. Lawrence and Ms. Boivin indicated they will look at ways to correct this. Mrs. Pepe said she did not want this to become cumbersome on the staff at the schools. On a motion made by Mr. Collins and seconded by Mr. Roldan it was voted to accept the recommendation to replace SASI with Power School as the Student Information System package. ROLL CALL Mrs. Pepe Atty. Murphy Mr. Collins Ms. Gresham Mrs. Hurst Mr. Roldan Mayor Sarno

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On a motion made by Mrs. Pepe and seconded by Atty. Murphy it was voted to approve students from Putnam going to New Orleans on April 19-30, 2010. ROLL CALL Mrs. Pepe


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Atty. Murphy Mr. Collins Ms. Gresham Mrs. Hurst Mr. Roldan Mayor Sarno

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REPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES A. Student Relations/Parent Concerns/School Uniform Subcommittee ­ No Report B. Building and Maintenance Subcommittee ­ No Report C. Legislative and Contracts Subcommittee ­ No Report D. Curriculum & Programs Subcommittee ­ Report Given E. Budget and Finance Subcommittee ­ No Report F. Vocational Subcommittee ­ No Report G. Technology Subcommittee ­ Report Given H. School Safety Subcommittee ­ No Report REPORT OF THE SUPERINTENDENT Dr. Ingram explained the transition phase of the Business Office due to the resignation of Mr. Robert Peters. Mrs. Pepe commended the Superintendent on finally getting someone who will keep the committee informed on financial issues. Dr. Ingram explained where the funds for the lease of the old Federal building were coming from. Mr. Plante indicated that the final budget released on June 19, 2009 reduced the Chapter 70 funding by $1.5M, but increased funding from ARRA by $1.8M. This resulted in a gain in revenue of $300,000.00. Also there was an additional 12 retirements resulting in a net savings of $270,000.00. These two combined total the amount of the line item to lease 1550 Main Street. Mrs. Pepe voiced her displeasure in the fact that she had asked repeatedly who put the line item in the school department budget and everyone asked said they did not know. Dr. Ingram indicated that he did tell her that Mr. Peters was instructed to put this line item in the budget by the FCB. Mr. Peters complied but did not tell the Superintendent. Dr. Ingram indicated there are now proper safe guards in place so this never happens again. UNFINISHED BUSINESS ­ None NEW BUSINESS Mr. Chris Collins asked Atty. Melissa Shea to look into amending the language in the School Committee's rules to allow a member to ask for a vote if the vote is coming out of a subcommittee meeting and the vote would be time sensitive. There are times when subcommittee meetings are held on the same night as a regular school committee meeting and the subcommittee will be recommending a vote from the full school committee. Because the subcommittee meeting is held on the same night, the vote would not be on the agenda. Therefore, Mr. Collins is looking for Atty. Shea to explore and come up with language to allow the vote to be taken without having to suspend the rules. Mayor Sarno said he did not want to have to vote on something that is not on the agenda. If it is known that a subcommittee will happen and a possible vote would be needed, put it on the agenda. If a vote is not required, then the item can just be discussed. Atty. Shea indicated that any change in the rules needs to be discussed at a meeting first. Because there is no subcommittee that this could come under, it was agreed that it should be brought up during a working session.

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On a motion made by Mr. Collins and seconded by Mrs. Pepe it was voted to adjourn. Meeting was adjourned at 8:20PM Respectfully submitted by

PATRICIA J. WALSH Secretary to the School Committee APPROVED BY THE SCHOOL COMMITTEE 2 / 04 / 10

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