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Selecting a Certification Body User Guide

1) For existing users, login to Quickfire Office at Quickfire Office is also housed on our website,, under the "Suppliers" tab, "Assessment Database," then "SQF Assessment Database (Quickfire Office)."

To re-issue a new password, select . Do note that your username and email address must match what is currently listed within Quickfire Office. If you have any questions, or are not an existing user, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.

2) From the "My Work" page, select on

in the left-hand navigation bar.


3) You will then be directed to your site information. You can enter your "Site details" two different ways. You can either double click on the site name, or you can click the check box to the left of your site name, select the drop down button, then "View Site."


4) Once in the "Site Details" area of your site, select from the left-hand navigation bar. Because a Certification Body has not yet been listed for your site, a "0" will be listed in brackets beside .


5) Once having selected , you will then view a listing of all SQF Certification Bodies operating in the country recorded in your site address. Do note that only the Primary Contact will have the ability to select a Certification Body.

Contact Terminology: · Primary Contact ­ the contact listed for your site with the most administrative rights in the system. This contact will be utilizing Quickfire Office most often. This contact will always be listed first in your site's contact listing. The Primary Contact is always indicated with a large blue arrow and can be found in from the left navigation bar of the "Site Details" area.

6) To select a Certification Body, simply click the check box next to the desired CB.


Then in the

drop down menu, select


7) Once you have selected your desired Certification Body, you will notice that your Certification Body will have moved to the top of the list and will also be indicated with a blue check. A notification email will also automatically trigger to your Certification Body informing them that you have selected them within the system. The Certification Body will then be able to view your site in Quickfire Office.


8) Finally, select from the left navigation bar which will direct you back to the "Site Details" area of your site. · If you have correctly selected a Certification Body, you will notice that the "0" that was previously in brackets beside has now become a "1." The "1" indicates that you currently have one Certification Body selected for your site. The chosen Certification Body will also show in the "Certification Body" field of your site details.

9) To log out of Quickfire Office, select name.

in the upper right hand corner, beside your user

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have logged into Quickfire Office and am following the above directions, but I am still not able to select a Certification Body. Why? You could be running into two issues. First, you must be the Primary Contact in order to select a Certification Body. You can check to see if you are listed as the Primary Contact by following Step 5 from above. Second, there is a chance that you are logging in under a duplicated user account, to which this duplicate account you are logging in under is not set as the Primary Contact. You should only have one user account for yourself (only one username and one password). If you discover that you have two accounts for yourself within the system, contact [email protected] for further assistance. Why is the Certification Body country of operation other than my own in Quickfire Office? I want to select the CB that is located in my country. Am I selecting the right CB, but from the wrong country? No, not at all. The country listed with the Certification Body in Quickfire Office is the CB's headquarters location.




For questions, contact SQF Institute at [email protected]



Microsoft Word - Selecting a Certification Body User Guide

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Microsoft Word - Selecting a Certification Body User Guide