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Real Change

Summer 2006 Volume 8 Number 3

Together We Can Rebuild

It took a city of people to rebuild Santa Rosa after the Great Quake of 1906. For many it was a truly earth shattering experience. But here we are in 2006 a bustling, growing community. Hermine Terhorst has been through her own earth shattering experiences. As a teenager she lost her father to cancer and, shortly afterward, lost her mother to alcoholism. Then, as an adult with 3 children, she became a single mother. She had to begin to rebuild her life and not dwell on broken dreams. At this point in her life, Hermine came to an important decision. She would not allow herself to be seen as a victim, and she would try to make choices that would provide her and her girls with the tools to not only survive, but to thrive. With determination she began this journey and has never looked back. There

Jeff's Jots

Santa Rosa courthouse after the Great Quake of 1906

have been ups and downs, but along the way she discovered that her gift and her passion are " help others to become free physically and so open up the way for them to be free in all other aspects of their lives." She said, "I see that in the Mission, a place where people can get help rebuilding their lives." Hermine now has a very successful business as a

"I see that in the Mission, a place where people can get help rebuilding their lives."

Masters swim instructor and Pilates (strength and movement development) instructor for both group and private sessions. When asked

Hermine rebuilds

This past April, the people of Santa Rosa commemorated the one hundredth anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. Newspaper articles, television programs and speeches by city officials told of the devastation of those harrowing minutes. The destruction of Santa Rosa was so extensive that some thought that it would never come back. Even National Guardsmen from Petaluma held a "funeral" service for the city, carrying a symbolic casket through the city streets to pronounce the death of Santa Rosa. But through the dedication and determination of the citizens of this city working together, the city was rebuilt, and has become a thriving, productive and healthy community. The individual and family crises encountered by the people we serve are not unlike that earthquake. We see people whose lives are so shattered

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Santa Rosa

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, a shoulder to cry on, and a kick in the pants."

no plan." Ricky graduated from sures, a 10-month investment in high school and got a job where my life instead of a time locked drugs were prevalent. He found behind bars, like so much of himself swept into that life style, the time in the past. Staying at eventually losing a couple of the Mission and completing the jobs and program has given "The Mission offered me a sense of acthen getting busted a time-out from the complishment and for having worlds pressures, a 10 respect, knowing drugs and month investment in my that God has fora loaded life instead of a time given me. Through w e a p o n . locked behind bars." the Mission I met a After a year very gentle man by in prison he entered a drug re- the name of Pat Powers who is hab program. It wasn't long be- now my mentor, and who also fore Ricky was back into the drug offered me a job in his window world. He was arrested again, cleaning business. I really enjoy this time being incarcerated for the work." Ricky has two chilfour years. While on parole, he dren, 13 and 14 years old. His heard about the program at RGM goal is to be there for them again. and knew it was what he needed. He realizes how important that is He said, "The Mission offered a for all children. time-out from the world's pres-

Investment and Reward Ricky Quiroz remembers how his father struggled to make ends meet. When Ricky was 11 his father died and his mother had to join the work force to support her five children. In high school Ricky did well in wrestling, placing seventh in state competition. He was riding a wave of notoriety with his athletic ability but he says, "I had

Building Leadership Through Mentoring

From Serious Drug Dealer to Serious Dad

Pat Powers, mentor and friend to program member Ricky Quiroz, can relate to those in need of help at the Mission. As the sixth of nine children in a home where "violence, fear and terror" reigned, he learned to be hard and take care of number one. After a four year tour in Vietnam, he came back to the US and married. He said, "I was not a good husband and was not interested in being a father." However, when their daughter was born he began to see the need for a change of

The Mentor and The Mentee

want to help people see who they are in Christ and not who they are in the world." That's what led him to the Mission. He said, "The Mission is doing a phenomenal job and has a tried, true, and well managed program. I want to teach by example that life has to be lived intentionally; you have to have a plan." Ricky, who at one time "had no plan", is learning that as well, with the help of Pat Powers, his friend, mentor and employer.

heart. At an altar call in a local church, he received Jesus. He still struggled with sin, but found "true Christianity" to be alive and well in a man who was mentoring him, someone who did not condemn him and "saw past his sin, focusing on the man he could be and not the man he had been." Pat said, "I understand people who hurt ... and



Santa Rosa

Graduating (to a new life) class of 2006

Jeff's Jots continued

that others have written them off, considering them broken beyond repair. But the mission and purpose of the Redwood Gospel Mission is to rebuild lives. We need to show the same kind of dedication and determination that the people of Santa Rosa demonstrated after the 1906 quake. God spoke to the people of Jerusalem about their city, and what was needed to rebuild. In Isaiah 58 he says, "If you spend yourselves in behalf of the poor and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your light will become like noonday. The LORD will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called `Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings." Isa. 58:10-12 NIV Together, by God's grace, we can "spend ourselves in behalf of the poor and satisfy the needs of the oppressed." Together, by God's grace, we can rebuild lives so that those who were destroyed by personal "earthquakes" can become thriving, productive and healthy members of this community.

Sometimes things are not what they appear to be. Just as the line art image of our graduates above could appear to be a court scene, (but is not) people who struggle with trials in their life can seem like the line art of society. At the Mission we specialize in bringing about the true picture of a man/woman. On May 5th 2006 we celebrated with 18 courageous people who successfully graduated from the RGM New Life Program. It is with your help as a donor that lives are changed and empty people are filled with the love of God to go on in life to become (like some of these graduates), landscapers, mechanics, real estate appraisers, counselors as well as solid mothers and fathers again. Tim - "Never in my life have I felt so loved and accepted. Jesus gave me my life back and I want to thank the Redwood Gospel Mission for introducing Him to me." Mike - "I was addicted for 18 years and ran with a gang. I have been clean for 2 years and now I run with Jesus. The fellowship at the Mission has helped me grow." Heather - "Finally for the first time in my life I felt like I was at home and safe. I have grown up here and I have walked through my past with my head held high and with an amazing support group. God has given me hope that I can change; I can be a good mommy... I am so grateful for this place and I couldn't have done it without God's help and unending love. Darlene - "While here I have learned to face everything and recover, I have also learned that it's ok to sit in my feelings and that I cannot control which way the wind blows, but through God's strength I can adjust my sails."

Jeff Gilman Executive Director



Santa Rosa

Remember a loved one ...

Gifts made in April and May, 2006


Ellen L. Barrett Anthony Battaglia Mark S. Baty George J. Brazis Tracy Bryant. Virginia Castagnola Mary Clark Ruth C. Coddington Robert Dalum Marie De Bonis Susan P. Dugmore Marlene Fink Robert Frugoli Florence Gresty Paul R. Hance Lucille Hayes Sarah J. Henderson Tom Jilek Harry G. Jones Lisa A. Joslen Deborah K. Kaylor Joanna J. Kelly Angela M. Kennedy John H. La Forge Jess W. Lankford Robert Burns Howard R. Lloyd David G. Martin Phillip Thengvall Merrill C. Hebrew James L. McKee Harvey L. Tolleson Jane E. Sundquist Erick Luoma Scott Malm David G. Martin Forrest L. McCrossen Dorothy A Melen Robert G. Perdue Kelly L. Peterson Alice Petty Harriette E. Reuter Ann Sarubbi Elaine A. Servetto Lawrence W. Stouder Yungui Tang Gary M. Treinen Jose J. Vieyra June Williams Joseph Douglas Barrett Robert Kreuzelch & Bart Battaglia Lloyd Bianchini George J. Brazis, Sr. Judy Lampee Tom Castagnola Odis Clark Danny Judith Dalum Steve Cowan John Dugmore Oliver Cindy Berlin Mrs. Close, mother of Milton Close Michelle Krshul Everett Hayes Jerry Henderson John Cassidy Bill and Pat Jones Eldine F. Joslen William Harris Kaylor Shirley J. Close Christopher Everett DuCharme Willard H. Lankford Jerry Bruton Jerry Bruton Jerry Bruton Jerry Bruton Jerry Bruton Jerry Bruton Jerry Bruton Jerry Bruton Jane and Herbert Every Matthew B. Love Pastor Robert Graves Ben Ortiz Jeanette Armstrong Robert Hlivka Scott Mary Walsh Howard Reuter Dante Sarubbi Julia C. Servetto Woody & Cece Stouder Sun Yu Xian Ray and Frances Treinen Daniel P. Novella Alfred and Laura Robuck


Ed Hattam Gloria J. Brumbley Susan S. Huffman Judith A. Light Ronald J. Redmon Salvador L. Rico J. M. Simeone Ronald A. Vessels Marxine Walton Robert A. Dias William B. Diaz Romero Steven L. Eagle George D. Fee Darlene Flint Ralph L. Fraval Ed Hattam Christopher P. Leonhardt Edward J. Maffei Scott Malm Genevieve F. Moller-Duck Soledad T. Stromme Art R. Tyler Millicent L. Wood William Zant


Jennie Remezzano Matt Brumbley Capt. & Mrs. I. J. Superfine Dr. Mark O'Hanian Bill and Barbara Nims Maria Rifo Michael Mullery Lori Conklin Petersen Daniel Walton Robert John Dias George and Agnes Pulis Norma Hampton & Norma Angeli Kathleen Judy Bain Fred Flint Kathie A. Fravel Jennie Remezzano Fred and Wilma Jaggers Joseph J. Maffei Matthew B. Love Isabel Theresa Hensley John & Jacqueline Tyler Donald Ruby Davis


Honorary Gifts


Brian Andresen Stephen N. Brett Georgia Brown Robert A. Brown Winona Carrillo Robert B. Cisneros Glen Crownover Albert M. Damelio Julius F. Faoro Barbara A. Fiero Elizabeth E. Gluch Connie V. Mc Murray Nelin Scott Messmer Richard A. Noreen Donald Okeson Grace Pompa Richard A. Barnes Michael P. Fennell Shirley Hughes Bryan Bush Sara Brett Hansel Hagel A. A. Silver Kathleen T. Arellano Zelly Castro His 10 grandchildren Esther and Albert Damelio Irene Faoro Jack A. Fiero Lora Salfi The individuals we serve Jeff His grandchildren Elva Soulier Mario Pompa Cleo Abbati Freddie Michael Hughes


My Gift to honor or remember someone I love

I'm sending this gift of $ _________ To honor ____________________________________ In memory of _________________________________

Please send an acknowledgment card to: My Name ______________________________________ Name ______________________________________________ Address _______________________________________ Address _____________________________________________ City _________________ State _______ ZIP _________ City _____________________ State _______ ZIP ___________ E-mail __________________________________________



Santa Rosa

Celebrity Waiter Banquet

Have you ever been to a fun-raiser? It's a more accurate word (if it were a word), to describe the Celebrity Waiter Banquet. There was a man dunking a basketball, a man throwing another man into the air to dunk a basketball; one playing "Flight of the Bumble Bee" on a piano in a propeller hat, and receiving a standing ovation, others sword fighting, walking on their hands and a husband and wife hula & music team. The circus? No! These are pastors and other volunteers waiting tables and entertaining to create support for City Kids. Raising half the funds necessary for the City Kids Festival was a blessing. Please help us bless the children in our community by raising the remaining $10,000 needed to make the festival a BIG EVENT in the lives of kids going back to school. If you can help please utilize the coupon provided.

Fundraiser for CityKids

On Saturday, August 26th, the Redwood Gospel Mission and the United Churches of Sonoma County will be hosting the City Kids Festival at Julliard Park. It is our annual outreach to give backpacks filled with school supplies to low income and homeless children but has grown to become much more than that. At Last Year's Event.... Over 1,800 children and their families attended Over 1,300 children received backpacks with school supplies About 125 children received free haircuts. (People to cut hair greatly needed!!!) If we act, our involvement will be a major positive influence in a child's life so that the negative influences will be minor. This is a great opportunity for you as an individual, a community group or a business, to build positive community relationships. We had almost 4,000 people in attendance throughout the day at last year's event. It was fantastic to see Julliard Park reclaimed for families and the community. We invite you to show your support for our community's children.

If you have questions or can volunteer, contact Alice Lowe at the RGM Ministry Support Center 578-1830 x 14.



Santa Rosa

. . . Rebuild continued

was throughout her journey she began to tap on her heart. With tears in her eyes she said, "I found a picture at a thrift store of a bird feeding its three babies in their nest. It was hung next to the door of every place the girls and I have lived. It is our story. There's a line in an old hymn that says, `...for

Students with Soul

Thoughtful and Giving

Maria Carrillo High School students desired to recognize and honor the fallen soldiers in Iraq this past Memorial Day. They asked for shoes (new or old) to represent each soldier that was lost. It brought them 3,000 pairs of shoes, representing the 2,460 soldiers killed in Iraq to date. After two days of viewing, a portion of those shoes were donated to the Redwood Gospel Mission. Thank you Maria Carrillo students and supporters. The shoes will be given to those in need at the Mission, offered in our thrift stores, and a portion will be sent to a 3rd world country as part of our recycle program. "Were just a bunch of teenagers who have made a difference and now, after honoring these soldiers, we will be able to see that again when we give the shoes to the Mission."

"I give to the Redwood Gospel Mission because I have received."

his eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me.'" When asked how she got involved with the Mission she said, "I called and asked if they could help me move some heavy things into a rented house in Santa Rosa. Not only did they help me get moved in, they encouraged me by sharing their own stories of rebuilding their lives. I give to the Redwood Gospel Mission because I have received."

The students behind "Soles for Soldiers"

Ryan Aldridge, Bui Crystal, Maggie Depond, Nicolette Grant, Chris Harsch, Becca Johnston, Tom Lawrence, Nathaniel Morrison, Shamim Nafea, Radhika Patel, Monica Train, Amanda Wells, John Williams, and Christie Rose, (not pictured) their instructor.


Sunday OPEN Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday means Chapel volunteers are needed

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River of Life

ni tu le or ab pp ail O Av

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es ti



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1 8


River of Life

14 21

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Redwood Gospel Mission P.O. Box 493 Santa Rosa, CA 95402-0493 707-578-1830 Fax 707-578-4841 Send your gift via our secure Web site!


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