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Theatres On the Boards _________________________________ 12

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SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Theatre Planning & Design for Educational Facilities

SSA Theatre specializes in developing innovative designs for performing arts and multi-purpose spaces, coupled with the latest in technology, quality acoustics, and well-designed lighting, rigging, seating, sound, and multimedia systems. We hope to familiarize you with how we challenge conventional designs with fresh, award-winning ideas.


McGranahan School PAC Arlington High Architects Arlington Performing Arts Center McGranahan Architects

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company and the services we provide for theatre planning & design, acoustical engineering, and production system design. SSA is a Seattle-based team of diverse backgrounds whose combined education and experience covers the fields of theatre consulting, production system design & implementation, project management, architectural, engineering, and environmental acoustics, and specifications writing. Our team includes Partners William Stewart, Mohamed Ait Allaoua, and Anita Perkins, PE; Senior Theatre Consultant Wm. Lee Davis, Theatre Design Consultant Matt Lambert, Acousticians John Keiffer and Alan Burt, and Specifications Writer Dawn Nelson. Our experienced and talented theater consulting team brings a knowledge base regarding theater design that, when coupled with the architectural, mechanical, and acoustical expertise of the SSA team creates the ideal team for your theatre project. This seamless coordination of theatre planning, production system design, and acoustical design within one office creates better theaters with fewer coordination issues and with lower fees. Our reputation for looking beyond conventional designs has helped us enjoy continued growth as a firm over the years in the Northwest and nationwide.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia


We are excited at our growth this year into a Theatre Planning & Design firm as well as an established acoustics and multimedia system design firm. We provide a unique theater consulting team all CAD capable interfacing daily with the acoustical team for the architectural and mechanical design portions of your project.

Northwest Architectural Company Graham-Kapowsin High School & PAC -Spanaway, WA

SSA came together in May of 2000 on the talents of the three partners, each bringing years of experience to a team that would now focus on two areas of acoustics, multi-family residential design and educational facilities. Since then we have grown each year now having built a team of nine fulltime and two part-time employees. Our combined education and experience covers the fields of architectural, engineering and environmental acoustics, theatre planning, engineering, and design, with senior people having advanced degrees in architecture and/or engineering acoustics. Passionate about theatre and acoustics, and through continued education, SSA will continually develop the expertise of our employees to become ever more valuable and useful to our clients. Design & Professional Philosophy Our design approach involves building teams within our office for each project. This supports a full exchange of ideas and has the additional benefit of always having a knowledgeable person available to answer questions when called by a design team member or client. This unique process allows us to work closely within the office to guarantee a well integrated and coordinated design. We balance our efforts between client services and professional development, and believe in a process of continued growth through education and the exploration of new ideas. We have strengthened our involvement in the design community through AIA/CES, AIA Seattle, AIA Tacoma, ASHRAE Seattle, CEFPI and CSI. Through these investments we have found the ties and friendships that have made our business both successful and enjoyable.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia


We are the only team in the Northwest to integrate complete theatre consulting services with full acoustical engineering and production systems design.

Integrus Architecture Hanford High School & Theatre Rendering - Richland, WA

Services SSA provides comprehensive theatre consulting and design services, the full range of acoustical design services, and complete production systems design. We deliver recommendations in a manner that is fully integrated to the design team. Our theatre design services range from initial needs analysis, programming and project development, to performance space concept development, backstage planning and layout, seating and sightline analysis, and stage equipment design and specification. Our acoustical design services range from basic design services for environmental and mechanical systems (HVAC) noise to complete design and engineering services involving sound isolation and interior sound quality using industry guidelines for each space. We have invested in equipment to conduct a complete range of field evaluations for deriving STC, IIC, RT60, and environmental noise descriptors. Experience We have become a leader in acoustical design for education facilities in the Northwest, and are continually active on educational theatre projects, both renovation and new construction. Our extensive experience with education facilities has allowed us to fine tune our services, and offer our clients cost-effective durable, and maintainable solutions. We work diligently to tailor our recommendations to each district's needs, and have developed a reputation for innovative ideas, better communication with the design team, and close attention to detail. Our portfolio of current and completed projects presents details of specific projects, and a list of references can be found at the end of this brochure.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Elements of Theatre Design

All performance spaces should be shaped to enhance the audience member's experience of both the performance and the facility. The quality of the audience's experience is further developed through the expert application of state-of-the-art technology such as lighting, rigging, sound and multimedia systems.

Early Rendering of Arlington PAC McGranahan Architects


Planning and design of theatres for education facilities and their technical equipment includes the elements of space programming, architectural planning, stage rigging systems, theatre and architectural lighting systems, seating layouts, sightline analysis, accessibility solutions, and theatre drapery. We work closely with our clients to develop the initial design of the building and establish stage and auditorium configuration in relation to the audience and technical support spaces. The details of seating layout and sightline studies are then further developed utilizing 3-D computer modeling to ensure that there is not a bad seat in the house.

Sightlines and Seating Layout Audiences should be able to comfortably and clearly see and hear the performance in order to fully experience the event's intended effects. Unobstructed sight lines from all seats to the front of the stage allow full view of performers and scenic elements, as well asunobstructed and direct sound propagation. Floor and balcony slopes are designed so there are no obstructions of view to the seated audience. We tailor the aesthetic and geometric requirements for the auditorium seating with respect to the allowances of the project. In addition to seating geometry, other elements of auditorium design include: egress requirements, building code and ADA conformance, orchestra pits, control locations, front of house lighting positions and/or catwalks, lobby and reception area design, convertible auditoriums, movable seat wagons, and telescoping seating.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia


Lighting for the theatre involves planning lighting of both interior and exterior spaces. The design should, allow for a wide range of productions. The typical small theatre may range from 200 to 1000 seats and use between 50 and 250 lighting fixtures.

A theatrical lighting system must be designed to provide proper illumination of the space, with attention given to lighting efficiency and lighting safety. The primary function of stage lighting is to provide selective visibility. Stage lighting should illuminate the performers so their gestures, movements and expressions can be seen by every member of the audience, but should also deemphasize the elements on stage that should not be seen. The lighting should help compose and color the stage picture, establish the setting, mood, and tone, and reinforce the rhythm and style of the production. . Theatrical and Architectural Lighting Architectural lighting and stage lighting both use a combination of flood and spotlight luminaires. Floodlights are used to illuminate large areas, create color washes, or highlight large architectural features. Spotlights are used for accenting specific areas or architectural details. Lighting design incorporates both the physics of light and the psychological effects of light. Quality architectural lighting design must work towards satisfying specific criteria using experience with architectural design and the construction process to design responsibly within budgets. Theatrical design must satisfy similar criteria, but also allow for artistic expression. Lighting Design Services Our designers will determine the appropriate lighting levels within your space. We provide detailed documentation, including reflected ceiling plans, fixture, load, and dimmer schedules, and specifications for fixtures. Throughout the construction process, we will perform inspections, review fixture samples, review shop drawings, write field reports, and inspect the work upon completion.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia


Stage rigging and machinery is used to move and support the lighting, scenic, and audio systems for a production or performance. Rigging system design involves the expert application of equipment, structural loading analysis, and operational considerations to create a safe and maintainable system.

A typical stage rigging system is housed in a tall "fly tower" which allows the scenery to be flown up and out of view of the audience. A walking grid at the top of the fly tower is used to gain access to the overhead rigging equipment and for temporary or spot block rigging. As maintenance and safety become ever more pressing issues for educational and public facilities, having a walking grid allows for regular inspection and maintenance of the rigging components, which lengthens the useable life of the system. At the sides of the stage are technical catwalks used to operate and maintain the rigging and lighting systems. Fly galleries and cross-over catwalks at mid-height in the fly tower allow for additional lighting positions on the stage, as well as access to spot block rigging lines. A loading gallery catwalk is used to load or un-load weights from the counterweight arbors while technicians below install or remove scenery or lighting elements from the rigged batten. Typical rigging sets have load capacities ranging from 1200 to 2400 lbs per set and a fully equipped stage can have as many as 50 sets of this type. The structural loading from these systems is significant and must be coordinated with a structural engineer to ensure the safety and operability of the system.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Manual Rigging System Drawing - JR Clancy

Theater rigging systems often combine both motorized an manual rigging. Motorized rigging is more expensive than manual but is much safer for nonprofessional stages and allows more flexibility of use.

Services SSA provides planning and design of safe and durable rigging systems, including manual and motorized systems, fire curtains, orchestra pit lifts and covers, draperies, automated acoustical tuning systems, and turntables. Manual counterweight rigging sets are the overwhelming standard throughout the country in both professional and educational facilities. We believe that it is important to balance the safety concerns of the school with the need to teach and train students in the proper use of manual counterweight rigging. For this reason many of our designs include combinations of motorized and manual rigging sets, with the heavier and more dangerous sets being motorized, and the lighter duty scenery or drapery sets being manual. We use knowledge and experience rigging and automated theatrical equipment, how and where it is used, and the loads it will place on the structure to develop contract documents for rigging systems, and work closely with the structural engineer to ensure the rigging integrates properly with the structure. Our team stays involved throughout the bidding and construction process to ensure a high quality and functional installation per the specifications. Through careful review of shop drawings, coordination meetings with the construction team, installation inspections, and review of as-built drawings we ensure that the completed system meets the design intent and is installed in accordance with all applicable standards and codes.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Audio/Visual Design

We provide acoustic design for sound systems and advanced video and computer telephony integration. Meeting the challenge of designing the systems for tomorrow's communication, sound and video needs, we provide consulting for the design, specification and system selection for our clients.

EASE Model of Speaker Coverage Ingraham High School Theatre - Seattle, WA


Designing access to the loudspeakers and speaker clusters becomes vital when installing, aiming, and maintaining the speakers. Incorporating audiovisual components with rigging systems is vital in planning the various rigging components. If not well designed, these areas are often not easily accessed after the installation of the seating. Services With a complete acoustic and theatre design team, we offer the advantage of being able to tailor our sound system design with the recommended acoustical and architectural elements within theatres. In early design, we work closely within our office and with the structural engineer to incorporate audiovisual components with the rigging systems - vital in planning a good, safe and durable system. Easy access for installation, proper aim, and regular maintenance are the most important issues in designing these components: · Speakers: Coordinating speaker assembly and layout to provide good coverage . · Screen: Determining screen location, number of attachment points, and the estimated live load. · Projectors: Determining location, angle, and point of maintenance to provide a straight, undistorted shot at the stage and to allow easy regular maintenance. 3-D Space Modeling Modeling a space using EASE and CATT Acoustics allows for sound systems to be inserted and tested to evaluate specific speakers and speaker locations. To evaluate types of speakers and speaker locations, we insert different materials and sound systems into the software and tested. When the model is finished, we can accurately predict sound contours, by frequency, for any location within the space for the entire audience.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Acoustical Design for Performing Arts

"The stage was full of students the seats packed with parents. The space functioned really well. The building truly supports the energy of the users and the music programs! WOW........" - Ron Harpel, AIA Mason Middle School Tacoma, WA

Tacoma School of the Arts, Tacoma, WA McGranahan Architects

Performing Arts spaces should be completed so that listeners at every seat will experience the same sound levels, by frequency, from a performance. If the space is too absorptive, the result can be essentially "dead space" where sound is not scattered to the listeners. It is important that the listener experience a "fullness" of sound within the space by creating accurate diffusion, using architectural elements that scatter sound.


We use the most advanced modeling prediction methods to develop cost-effective solutions for performing arts spaces. This is done using EASE for sound system design, and CATT for Architectural Acoustics. Modeling a space using EASE and CATT Acoustics allows for sound systems to be inserted and tested to evaluate specific speakers and speaker locations. We develop a 3-D model of sound propagation which we can use to evaluate characteristics of shaping, absorption, reflection, and diffusion in the room. 3-D ray tracing of ceiling and sidewall reflectors can be repeated while adjusting critical angles, and quick changes to materials and dimensions can be made to determine the most efficient use of materials and budget. To evaluate types of speakers and speaker locations, we insert different materials and sound systems into the software and tested. When the model is finished, we can accurately predict sound contours, by frequency, for any location within the space for the entire audience. Changing materials within the model are accomplished and evaluated quickly. During construction, field measurements are performed to measure each aspect of acoustic performance.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

CATT software has the ability to import files from AutoCAD. This allows the user to take existing drawings as a foundation from which to build.

Using CATT for Architectural Acoustics We are able to create custom wall systems, or use off-the-shelf products; a library of different materials can put into the CATT model. Various environmental conditions which can affect the results, including relative humidity, temperature, background, and mechanical noise, can be adjusted to predict the finished environment. Sound energy is distributed evenly, so all seats will have equally good responses. We also complete 3-D ray tracing to find acoustic blind spots or shadow zones. Using a shaded 3-D Model like this one in the final stage of design, different procedures such as ray tracing, contours, and source directivity can be visualized. Properties such as absorption, reflection, and diffusion coefficients can be entered and modified, and we can predict how the space will perform, with or without an audience.


" I appreciated SSA's pleasing personalities, proactive work, and interest in finding low-cost solutions". - Katie Popolow, AIA, Principal Miller/Hull Architects

We pride ourselves on challenging the ordinary and standard designs with fresh ideas and concepts. Using fully-perforated panels, ceilings can be assembled to have enough absorption to achieve the design criteria for classrooms, gymnasiums, and commons areas. Improvements to the standard perforated metal decks products have created new products that are more than three times more absorptive. Our team has the architectural, theatre design, and engineering expertise to support your design team with recommendations that are budget-appropriate and consistent with the allowances of the project.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Theatres On the Boards

The team at SSA has extensive experience working with Matt Lambert, a premier theatre designer, during his time at Knudson & Ward Inc. Some of these projects include Yelm High School in Yelm, WA, Newport High School in Bellevue, WA, and Hanford High School in Spokane, WA.


Northwest Architecture Company Dale Brookie, AIA, Project Manager: 206-441-4522 Construction Start 2007

We have been working closely with Matt Lambert since March of 2004 in developing elements of architectural acoustics, audio/visual system design, and mechanical noise and vibration control within the theatre. This space is being designed to satisfy requirements for a wide range of performances, including drama and music, with the goal of serving the community of Bellevue for the next 50 years. The 646-seat theatre incorporates classrooms adjacent to dressing rooms, as well as operable walls used to convert into two 90-seat lecture rooms. These elements are being carefully coordinated with SSA and other team members. Our team developed an analytical model that was used to assist in the room shaping, reflecting elements, and absorptive and diffusing elements. This model allowed us to adjust the design elements and derive a predicted performance based on the planned uses for the facility. In addition to the auditorium, SSA is providing acoustical the full range of acoustical design services including architectural, mechanical noise and vibration control, and environmental noise analysis and mitigation solutions for the new school.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia


Erickson McGovern Architects Steve Storaasli, AIA, Partner 253.531.0206 Completion: September 2006

Our team is providing architectural acoustic design and mechanical system noise and vibration control as well as sound system design for the new Yelm High School and Auditorium. We have been working closely with Matt Lambert from the start of the project in May 2003 in developing a high quality, 600-seat auditorium. The renovated theatre will provide a larger stage, new stage equipment, lighting and sound systems, band room, and a new 3,000 sq ft storage area under the stage and will include two spaces convertible from auditorium to classrooms. Yelm High School, built in 1976 and designed to house 932 students, now holds over 1,400 students in four buildings. The renovation project includes the multi-phased construction of a new 76,396-square-foot, two-story building, modernization of the auditorium, gymnasium and industrial arts buildings, and demolition of two buildings with areas for future classrooms adjacent to the new structure. Additiional project team members include BCE Engineers, Hultz/BHU/Cross Consulting Engineers, Putnam Collins Scott Associates, and Jerome Morrisette & Associates.


Integrus Architecture Rick Berg, Project Manager: (509) 838-8681 Construction Start 2007

Our team is working closely with Integrus Architecture and the Richland School District to design acoustical solutions for the new Auditorium within Hanford High school to meet the current needs of the school and allow for future growth. Hanford High School opened in 1972 as a K-12 school. Since that time it has undergone growth and transformation to a secondary school, and is now being remodeled to serve as a grade 9-12 high school in approximately 260,000 gross square feet of building space, with a projected enrollment of 1700 students. In addition to theatre design, we are providing the full scope of acoustical design services, sound system design, and mechanical system noise and vibration control for renovated portions of the school. Additional project team members include MW Consulting Engineers (mechanical and electrical) and Andrea Hougen, PE (structural).


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Additional Theatre Projects

In addition to the above projects, our history working with Lee Davis and Matt Lambert includes several exciting high school theatres while at Stagecraft Industries and Knudson and Ward. A sample of these projects includes Arlington High School and PAC in Arlington, WA, Tacoma School of the Arts in Tacoma, WA, and Bethel High School No. 3 in Spanaway, WA. Within this portfolio a trail of satisfied clients can be found that have brought us along for the next project, or have recommended us to associates. Having clients that keep using our services and recommend us to others is the most important measure of a client's satisfaction.

Pictured clockwise: 2 images of Arlington High School PAC- Arlington, WA, McGranahan Architects and Graham-Kapowsin High School in Spanaway, WA, Northwest Architectural Company


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Shaping Auditoriums for Acoustics


Northwest Architecture Company Guy Overman, Project Manager 206-441-4522 Construction Start 2004

Challenges This school presented us with a great opportunity to design a theatre which would satisfy requirements for music and speech. In order to create the ideal acoustical environment, we had to make changes to the shape of the space in the original drawings. This difficult process was accomplished by the design team in the interest of creating the best acoustics possible. This project was ideal because working with the best room shaping allows time to concentrate on the small details rather than focusing on fixing problem areas. Solutions The auditorium was modeled using EASE software to develop the ideal amount of absorption, reflection, and diffusion elements. Specific acoustical treatments for the theater include a system of suspended clouds, which enhance the direct sound by providing useful early reflections from the stage towards the audience. These treatments are designed from standard materials to be cost-effective. Additional Involvement We completed detailed evaluations to control mechanical noise and vibration and reverberant sound within the gym, library, and classrooms. A resilient hung ceiling was designed in the industrial education classrooms to prevent sound transmission to the above rooms. Detailed recommendations to isolate spaces from noiseproducing areas including band and coral areas, gym, offices, corridors, and commons were developed.

We worked closely and effectively with the teams at NAC and Bethel School District in designing acoustical recommendations for this uniquely laid-out school. The 168,ooo sq ft building contains three `houses', each with teachers offices, conference areas, and a center commons space. The building also contains a 400-seat auditorium and a 2,000-seat main gymnasium.

Early design model


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

State-of-the-Art Space Modeling


McGranahan Architects Chris Lilley, AIA, Principal 253.383.3084 Completed in 2004

Scope Acoustical design recommendations were designed to cover all aspects of the new Arlington High School and Performing Arts Center. The proposed building is a comprehensive facility covering 52 acres, designed to house 1,600 students, with core spaces sized to allow the school to be enlarged to accommodate 2,000 students. Challenges Developing a performing arts auditorium for the community of Arlington which would satisfy requirements for drama, orchestra, choral, and band performances. Solutions The performing arts auditorium was modeled using EASE to develop absorption, reflection, and diffusion characteristics for the space. These elements, which were carefully developed to be durable and longlasting, were incorporated into the space plans. Highlights off the 700-seat-theater include an orchestra pit, a large stage area, modified fly loft, direct access to the fine arts wing of the new school, and state of the art sound and lighting systems. Additional Involvement Interior absorptive treatments were specified in the band, coral, gym, library, halls, and commons. Particular attention was made to control mechanical noise from mezzanine units. Recommendations include extensive use of perforated ceiling and wall treatments to control reverberant noise.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Contact Us


Acoustics can be confusing. It has its own language, standards and guidelines, materials, and methods. We would like to extend an officer from the team at SSA to answer questions regarding sound and vibration. Questions regarding absorption coefficients, spring deflection, or local codes are frequently received and answered by phone, mail, fax or email to: Mail: SSA 222 Etruria Street, Suite 100 Seattle, WA 98109 (206) 839-0819 (206) 839-0824

Phone: Fax: Web:


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222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Appendix A: Education References

Tacoma School of the Arts

McGranahan Architects Michael McGavock, AIA, Principal: 253.383.3084 Provided design recommendations for sound isolation to adjacent building occupants, interior room treatments for practice spaces, and main performance space and stage.

Washington High School, Tacoma

Erickson McGovern Architects Gerry Pless, AIA, Project Manager: 253.531.0206 Renovation of existing high school. Completed design services for architectural, engineering, performing arts, sound systems and environmental noise control. Evaluated all areas of WAC compliance for Health and Safety (246-366-110)

Bush K-12 Campus - Seattle, WA

Steve Southerland, AIA, Miller/Hull Architecture: 206.682.6837 SSA Acoustics completed acoustic treatments for renovated portion of the existing school and the new classroom addition.

Laventure Middle School

Hutteball & Oremus Architects, Jack Hutteball, AIA, Partner (246) 366-1100 Completed design services for architectural, engineering, construction noise and environmental noise control. Evaluated all areas of WAC 246-366-110 compliance for Health and Safety.

Tacoma Middle School #11

Northwest Architectural Company Colin Jones, AIA Principal Architect: 206.441.4522 Completed design services for architectural, engineering, performing arts and environmental noise control. Evaluated all areas of WAC compliance for Health and Safety (246-366-110)

Bonney Lake High School, Sumner

Erickson McGovern Architects Tzzy Wong, AIA, Project Manager: 253.531.0206 Completed design services for architectural, engineering, performing arts and environmental noise control. Evaluated all areas of WAC compliance for Health and Safety (246-366-110)

Mason Middle School, Tacoma

Architects Rasmussen Triebelhorn Peter Rasmussen, FAIA, Principal: 253.572.5511 Completed design services for architectural, engineering, performing arts and environmental noise control. Evaluated all areas of WAC compliance for Health and Safety (246-366-110)

Lucille Umbarger Elementary, Mt Vernon

The Henry Klein Partnership David Hall, AIA, Partner: 360.336.2155 Completed design services for architectural, engineering, construction noise and environmental noise control. Evaluated all areas of WAC compliance for Health and Safety (246-366-110)


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Central Washington University, McConnell Theater Remodel

Studio Meng Strazzara , Charles Strazzara, AIA, Principal: 206.507.3797 Provided detailed recommendations and design guidance for the replacement of the mechanical systems serving the space to achieve an NC 30. Completed commissioning services for the renovated building, and completed field testing to verify the noise criteria of the theatre.

University of Washington Conibear Shellhouse - Seattle, WA

The Miller/Hull Partnership, LLP, Katie Popolow, AIA, Project Manager SSA provided aspects of acoustical design in the renovation of the existing shellhouse, including the addition of a dining hall, classrooms, team training rooms, a computer learning center, and an office space.

Cornish College of the Arts - Seattle, WA

Cornish College of the Arts, Vicki Clayton: 206.726.5006 Designed recommendations for the renovation of a six-story concrete building. Worked to make full utilization of all classroom spaces possible by tailoring design recommendations to fit with existing building materials, aesthetics, and appropriateness for working art studio spaces.

Shoreline Community College 2900 Building - Shoreline, WA

Schacht/Aslani Architecture Kirsten Wild, Project Manager: Our team completed architectural, mechanical, and engineering acoustics for new building, Worked to ensure equipment noise levels would not exceed noise criteria (NC) in occupied spaces, as recommended by ASHRAE guidelines. Engineered solutions for vibration isolation of all mechanical equipment from building structure.

Gordon College, New Hampshire

PCI Architectural Company, Drew Queen, Project Manager: 603.623.8811 The project involved the addition of two buildings to the campus. SSA completed detailed evaluations of each building for sound isolation between spaces, room acoustics for training and teaching spaces, and mechanical noise and vibration control.

Grays Harbor Community College Spellman Library Expansion - Aberdeen, WA

Schacht Aslani Architects, Cima Malek-Aslani: 206.443.3448 Provided architectural and mechanical design services including comparative review of the acoustical properties of the existing space to the new design. Provided vibration isolation of mechanical system and recommendations for interior absorptive treatments.

Clover Park Technical College, Bldg 25 Modernization - Lakewood, WA

McGranahan Architects Matt Lane, Project Manager: 253.383.3084 SSA designed architectural and mechanical acoustical solutions for classrooms and labs to achieve compliance with state standards for noise control, appropriate room acoustics, speech ineligibility, and adequate absorptiveness of machinery noise.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

SSA - Statement of Qualifications - Theatre Design - Acoustics - Multimedia

Appendix B: Additional References

Bremerton Civic Center

LMN Architects James Cade, AIA, Principal (206) 682-3460 Developed design recommendations for council chambers for room absorption and diffusion. Provided sound isolation for mechanical equipment, loading dock and wall type selections.

9th and Virginia Condominium Tower

Mithun Architects, Jennifer Hawkins, AIA, Project Manager (206) 971-3401 Developed design recommendations for high-rise condominium project. Recommendations included architectural sound isolation between units, plumbing sound isolation, rooftop mechanical equipment, and environmental noise control.

QFC Stoneway ­ Traffic Noise Study

Woodman Construction Lachlan Pries Foss, General Contractor (425) 454-3621 Competed detailed environmental noise assessment of truck traffic associated with planned QFC Grocery Store to surrounding residential community. Provided mitigation measures to property lines within 20 feet of loading docks. Appeared at Design Review Board and answered community questions concerning project design and noise levels.

Lakewood City Hall

Merritt + Pardini Architects Lee Pardini, FAIA Partner Provided recommendations for mechanical noise control and interior room acoustics for offices, courtroom, hearing examiner's room and private offices.

South Terminal Expansion Project, SeaTac Airport

NBBJ Architects Gordon Phillips, AIA Senior Associate (206) 621-2404 Provided advanced design an analysis of aircraft noise to new terminal building and concourses. Provided specific recommendations for wall and roof types to control aircraft noise levels. Provided interior treatments for absorptions and mechanical noise and vibration isolation.

Boeing Metrology Lab

DLR Group Kim Paulson, PE, Principal (206) 461-6000 Provided advanced analysis of vibration and mechanical noise for new metrology laboratory. Provided specific details and recommendations to achieve very low vibration tolerances.

Concrete Batch Plant - Environmental Noise Study

City of Edgewood Doc Williams, Associate Planner (253) 952-3299 Completed environmental noise assessment of planned concrete batch plant planned for a location within the industrial zoned area of the City. Conducted site monitoring and presented noise control. Evaluated all areas of WAC compliance for Health and Safety.)testimony at the Design Review Board regarding environmental impact of trucking noise to the surrounding community.


222 Etruria Street #100 Seattle, WA 98109 (P) 206.839.0819

William F. Stewart

SSA Acoustics

Senior Consultant in Architectural, Mechanical and Environmental Acoustics


MS Engineering Acoustics, U. S. Naval Post Graduate School BS Architecture, University of Maryland HVAC Design, University of Washington

Representative Projects

Mason Middle School ­ Tacoma, WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Arlington High School, Arlington, WA Performing Arts/Architectural/Mechanical Bethel High School - Bethel, WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Tacoma Middle School #11 ­ Tacoma, WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Bethel Middle School ­ Spanaway, WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Jason Lee Middle School - WA Mechanical Acoustics Bellingham Technology College ­ WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Pioneer Elementary School ­ Arlington, WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Washington High School - WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Rogers High School ­ WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Rainier Beach HS ­ WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Northshore Middle School ­ WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Stevens Elementary School ­ WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Tumwater High School ­ WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Lister Elementary School ­ Tacoma, WA Architectural/Performing Arts North Thurston High School ­ Lacey, WA Architectural/Performing Arts Komachin Middle School ­ Lacey, WA Architectural/Performing Arts


2000-Present: Managing Partner, SSA Acoustics 1995-2000: Principal, Consultant in Architectural, Mechanical and Environmental Acoustics at BRC Acoustics, Seattle, WA, specializing in Architectural Acoustics issues affecting, performance centers, schools, retail spaces, condominiums/apartments, courthouses, airports and offices. Mechanical Acoustics and vibration mitigation and analysis for industrial facilities, ships, pump stations, and health care facilities. Analyzes HVAC mechanical systems and education facilities for noise control and vibration isolation, using the latest computer analysis and field equipment. Conducts noise impact studies, which include analysis, prediction and measurement of noise and vibration sources for industrial, transportation, medical, education, office, and mixed-use facilities. 1974-1995: United States Navy. Directed the use of advanced underwater acoustic systems for the detection and recovery of objects. Directed operations of a deep ocean dive complex, engineering plant and communications for underwater recovery of military property. 1995 Masters Thesis: Evaluated the use of surface waves to detect buried objects. Research included evaluating attenuation and azimuthal dependence of surface wave propagation and detection using a three-element array to direct surface waves.


Institute of Noise Control Engineering CEFPI, CSI, AIA, American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

Mohamed Ait Allaoua

Consultant in Architectural, Mechanical and Environmental Acoustics



MS Architecture - National Institute for Advanced Studies in Architecture Blida, Algeria MS Acoustics - School of Architecture La Defense, Paris, France. Diploma of Advanced Specialized Studies in Scientific Fundamentals of Architectural Acoustics University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France. Specialization Diploma in Computer-Aided Design in Architecture - School of Architecture, Paris Conflans, France.

Representative Projects

Arlington High School - Arlington, WA Architectural/Sound System Design New Tacoma Middle School Architectural/ Interior Treatments North Thurston High School - Lacey, WA Treatments for choral/orchestral room. Arlington Elementary School - Arlington WA Architectural/ Environmental/Sound System Bethel High School - Bethel, WA Acoustical treatments for theater. Monroe High School - Monroe, WA Acoustical treatments for band room. Seattle Academy of Art & Sciences Sound isolation between band/music room. Woodmoor Elementary School - Bothell, WA Acoustical treatments for classrooms. Canyon Park Junior High School- Bothell, WA Architectural Acoustics Laventure Middle School - Mount Vernon, WA Architectural Acoustics New Bonney Lake High School - Sumner, WA Architectural/ Interior Treatments Northshore Junior High School - Bothell, WA Architectural/ Sound System Design Evergreen Elementary School - Lakebay, WA Architectural Acoustics Horizon Elementary School - Lacey, WA Treatments for multi-purpose room. Komachin Middle School - Lacey, WA Architectural / Interior treatments Newport High School - Bellevue, WA Sound System Design Grays Harbor Community College Library Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Maritime Research Campus - Seattle Sound isolation between classrooms


2000-present: Managing Partner, SSA Acoustics 1997-2000: Technician\Consultant in Acoustics at BRC Acoustics. Seattle, WA. 19961996: Acoustical Technician at Open Rome Paris, France. Conducted environmental noise studies and prescribed mitigation measures. 1995-1995: Acoustical Technician at Open Rome, Paris France. Noise control and sound isolation of commercial and residential units, including acoustical measurements, noise analysis, and written reports of recommendations. Environmental noise analysis and mitigation of rail noise. 1992-1992: Internship at the University of Nanterre - Paris. Acoustical analysis and recommendations for an amphitheater at the University of Nanterre, Paris France. 1988-1992: Architect at Society of Technical Studies and Architecture in Medea, (SETAM), Algeria. Architectural design of office buildings, multi-family dwellings, single family residential, hostel, renovation of theater.


Council of Educational Facility Planners CEFPI AIA Seattle Chapter

Anita Perkins, PE

SSA Acoustics

Consultant in Architectural, Industrial, and Mechanical Acoustics


Professional Engineer State of Washington BASc in Mechanical Engineering University of British Columbia

Representative Projects

The Bush School Renovation & Addition - Seattle Architectural/ Mechanical Acoustics Tacoma Middle School #10, Tacoma, WA Mechanical Acoustics Mason Middle School - Tacoma, WA Mechanical Acoustics Arlington High School - Arlington, WA Architectural /Mechanical Acoustics University of Washington Conibear Shellhouse Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Wing Luke Elementary School, Seattle, WA Architectural and Mechanical Acoustics Seattle Central Community College Science and Technology Building, WA Bonney Lake High School - Sumner, WA Architectural and Mechanical Acoustics Forest Ridge Sacred Heart Theater- Bellevue, WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics UW Health Sciences G-Wing Renovations-Seattle Advanced Analysis of Vibration and Isolation Central Washington University McConnell Theater Remodel - Ellensburg, WA/ HVAC Noise University of Washington Golf Center EIS Environmental Noise Analysis Sarah J Anderson Elementary- Vancouver, WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Washington High School, Tacoma, WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics University of Washington Primate Research Center Vibration Study, Seattle Bellingham Technical College, WA Hazen High School - Renton, WA Larchmont Elementary School - Tacoma, WA Maple Elementary School - Renton, WA Bethel High School No. 3 - Bethel, WA Cornish College of the Arts -Seattle


March 2001-Present: Consultant, SSA Acoustics, LLP. Industrial, Mechanical, Architectural Acoustics, Vibration Analysis Completes measurements and data analysis of airborne noise and structural vibration using laboratory and field equipment and computer programs in accordance with applicable standards. Calculates and predicts performance of mitigation measures for design applications. Analysis of mechanical systems. 2000-2001: Keen Engineering Inc., Seattle, WA Project Manager International Division. Mechanical Engineer in Training. Responsible for project management, engineering design, and marketing. Consultant in HVAC, plumbing and fire protection field with specialization in energy efficient and sustainable design. 1996-2000: Keen Engineering Co. Ltd., Canada Project manager and design engineer. Mechanical Engineer in Training. Responsible for project management, engineering design, and marketing. Consultant in HVAC, plumbing and fire protection field with specialization in energy efficient and sustainable design


ASHRAE Puget Sound Governor

Wm. Lee Davis

Senior Consultant in Theatre Design and Planning

SSA Theatre


July 2005 -Present: SSA Acoustics, LLP Senior Theatre Consultant Responsible for programming, space planning, and conceptual design; directs technical documentation and specifications development, project management, construction coordination, and installation inspections for theatrical equipment and seating. 1999-2005: Stagecraft Industries, Inc. Portland, OR Project Manager / Electrical Dept. Manager Wholly responsible for timely and profitable completion of over 30 custom stage rigging and lighting installation projects valued at over $5.5 million, including contract administration, budget and schedule maintenance, risk analysis, safety plan, customer service, coordination and negotiation with owners, design professionals, consulting engineers, municipal authorities, contractors, and end-users. Previously responsible for day-to-day operations of the Electrical Department, including product design and management, project management, technical service, purchasing, inventory, and staff mentoring and development. 1996 ­ 1999: Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. Project Manager ­ Consultant Group Served as one of two founding Project Managers of ETC's Consultant Group, which actively worked with Architects, Theatre Design Consultants, and Lighting Designers to specify, design, and manage the installation of state of the art lighting control systems. Solely managed the installation of large custom lighting systems for hundreds of venues.

Representative Projects, Stagecraft Industries: East High School -Anchorage, AK South Anchorage High School-Anchorage, AK Mesa Arts Center- Mesa, AZ Crystal Cathedral -Garden Grove, CA UCSD Cal IT2 - La Jolla, CA Eastside Performing Arts Center-East Palo Alto, CA Alhambra Performing Arts Center, Martinez, CA Sunset Cultural Center - Marina, CA Adams State College - Alamosa, CO University of Missouri Touhill PAC, St. Louis MO Lakeridge High School - Lake Oswego, OR Portland Cable Access Studio - Portland, OR Action Sports Cable Network Studio- Portland, OR Summit High School - Bend, OR OSU - Memorial Union Ballroom, Corvallis OR Utah Shakespeare Festival, Cedar City UT Sammamish High School - Bellevue, WA McIntyre Hall PAC - Mt. Vernon, WA Grays Harbor College Bishop Cntr -Aberdeen, WA CWU McConnell Hall Theatre- Ellensburg, WA Museum of Glass - Tacoma, WA Seattle City Hall TV Studio- Seattle, WA AT&T Seattle Center - Seattle, WA Experience Music Project - Seattle, WA ISU Performing Arts Center, Pocatello ID Hernando Performing Arts Center -Hernando, MS West Linn High School -West Linn, OR Nathan Hale High School -Seattle, WA Graham-Kapowsin High School -Spanaway, WA Auburn High School No. 4 -Auburn, WA Representative Projects, E.T.C.:

Santa Fe Opera House Apollo/Lyric Theatre of New York Boston Symphony Hall Fort Worth Performing Arts Center New Jersey PAC Oriental Theatre of Chicago LG Arts Center of Korea

John C. Keiffer

Acoustical Consultant



MS in Applied Physics East Carolina University BS in Physics East Carolina University

Representative Projects

McKenna Elementary School - Yelm, WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Tacoma Elementary School No. 37 Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Clover Park Technical College - Tacoma, WA Mechanical Acoustics Kennydale Elementary School - Renton, WA Environmental Acoustics Lake Tapps Elementary School - Sumner, WA Mechanical Acoustics Mt. Rainier Lutheran High School - Tacoma, WA Architectural/Mechanical/Environmental Juanita Elementary - Kirkland, WA Mechanical Acoustics Evergreen High School - Lakebay, WA Environmental Acoustics Eisenhower Middle School - Everett, WA Architectural/Mechanical/Environmental Minter Elementary School - Gig Harbor, WA Environmental Acoustics Medina Elementary School - Medina, WA Mechanical Acoustics Harbor Ridge Middle School - Gig Harbor, WA Architectural/ Mechanical Acoustics Snoqualmie Elementary School No. 5 Mechanical Acoustics Hodson Hall, Skagit Valley College-Mount Vernon, WA Architectural/Mechanical Acoustics Yelm High School - Yelm, WA Mechanical/ Performing Arts Acoustics


September 2003 - Present: Acoustician, SSA Acoustics, LLP. Mechanical, Architectural, and Environmental Acoustics, Vibration Analysis. Completes measurements and data analysis of airborne noise and structural vibration using equipment and computer programs in accordance with applicable standards. Calculates and predicts performance of mitigation measures for design applications. 2002-2003: Geo-Marine, Inc., Newport News, VA Noise Analyst, USAF Air Combat Command Division. Serves as a member of the ACC-GMI team working on the implementation of a Biological Opinion that requires surveys and monitoring of four threatened and endangered bird species in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the planning and supervision of the noise monitoring tasks and crew for this project. Additionally responsible for providing environmental noise assessments and AICUZ data collections for the USAF. 2001-2002: Michael R. Yantis Assoc., Inc., Seattle, WA. Acoustician. Responsible for providing analysis of mechanical system noise and vibration. Evaluated structural vibration using finite element modeling techniques. Routinely conducted sound and vibration measurements. Generated documentation detailing mitigation measures.


INCE Acoustical Society of America ASHRAE Society for Experimental Mechanics

Matthew Lambert

Consultant in Theatre Planning and Design



January 2005-Present: Consultant, SSA Acoustics, LLP. Theatre Planning and Design Consultant Responsible for planning and designing public assembly facilities and their technical equipment. Analyzes site, event types, audience sizes, construction and operating budget. Develops building program, probable construction costs, initial building design, stage features, and technical systems configuration. Ensures functionality of all building elements. Completes detailed design of specialized production equipment, and insures quality of completed project. 2002-2004: Knudson & Ward, Inc. Seattle, WA Consultant in Theatre Planning and Design Plans and designs public assembly facilities and their technical equipment. Designs and develops building, technical systems, stage features. Works to ensure proper functioning of all performer and audience support spaces, and overall quality of built project. 1999-2002: Stagecraft Industries Inc. Portland, OR Project Engineer - Theatre Planning and Design Designs and installs theatrical stage systems for school auditoriums, stages, and studios. Constructs stages and studios, contracts theater equipment, integrates systems for stage and studio lighting systems, and inspects safety for theater rigging and lighting systems.

Representative Projects, Knudson & Ward:

Roosevelt High School - Seattle WA Stadium High School - Tacoma, WA Kentridge High School - Kent, WA Tacoma School of the Arts - Tacoma, WA Sammamish High School - Bellevue, WA Arlington High School - Arlington, WA Bethel High School No. 3 - Spanaway, WA Yelm High School - Yelm, WA Newport High School - Bellevue, WA Aberdeen High School - Aberdeen, WA Eastside Catholic High School- Sammamish, WA Nathan Hale High School- Seattle, WA Hanford High School - Spokane, WA New Mount Tahoma High School - Tacoma, WA Arlington High School PAC - Arlington, WA Interlake High School - Bellevue , WA Cleveland High School - Seattle, WA Bothell High School - Bothell, WA CWU McConnell Hall - Ellensburg, WA South Puget Sound Community College Olympia, WA Seattle University Pugot Auditorium - Seattle, WA

Representative Projects, Stagecraft Industries: East Grand Rapids High School-E. Grand Rapids, MI North Clackamas High School-North Clackamas, OR Centralia College Performing Arts & Instructional Building - Centralia, WA Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts - University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Seattle Academy Visual & Performance Arts Center

References Dan Alder, Project Engineering Supervisor, Stagecraft Industries, Inc. 5051 N. Lagoon Ave Portland, OR 97217 (503) 286-1600 Peder H Knudson, Principal, Knudson & Ward, Inc. 80 Yesler Way, 3rd Floor Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 343-7090 / (206) 769-9032

Dawn Nelsen



February 2005-Present: SSA Acoustics, LLP Specifications Writer and Editor Writes and edits specifications for all aspects of Theatre Specifications sections. Organizes, standardizes, retrieves, communicates, and exchanges construction information including written material specifications to be included in a formatted set of specifications for architectural acoustics, mechanical acoustics, and sound system design.


Representative Projects

at Knudson & Ward, Inc.: West Seattle High School, Seattle, WA Yelm High School, Yelm, WA Wilson High School, Tacoma, WA Mount Rainier High School, Tacoma, WA Newport High School, Bellevue, WA Aberdeen High School, Aberdeen, WA Hanford High School, Richland, WA Alma High School - Alma, AR Stanwood High School, Stanwood, WA Renton High School - Renton, WA Hamilton High School, Hamilton, MT Roosevelt High School, Seattle, WA Bethel High School, Bethel, WA Sammamish High School, Bellevue, WA Interlake High School, Bellevue, WA Kentridge High School, Kent, WA Cleveland High School, Seattle, WA Nathan Hale High School, Seattle, WA Eastside Catholic High School, Sammamish, WA Bothell High School, Bothell, WA Tacoma School of the Arts, Tacoma, WA The Overlake School, Redmond, WA Central Valley High School, Spokane, WA University High School, Spokane, WA Fife Junior High School, Fife, WA University Preparatory Academy, Seattle, WA Redmond High School, Redmond, WA Mountain View High School, Auburn, WA North Valleys High School, Washoe County, NV Emerald Ridge High School, Puyallup, WA Lewis & Clark High School, Spokane, WA Spanish Springs High School, Washoe County, NV Capital High School, Olympia, WA Camas High School, Camas, WA Edison High School, Fresno, CA White River High School, Buckley, WA Arlington High School, Arlington, WA Mount Tahoma High School, Tacoma, WA Stadium High School, Tacoma, WA

1999-2004: Knudson & Ward, Inc., Seattle, WA Specifications editor, accountant, office manager Responsible for specification writing and editing for all aspects of Specifications sections for Theatre Design including, Stage Drapery, Stage Rigging, Pit Filler Panels, Orchestra Shell, Auditorium Seating, Pit Lift, Stage and House Lighting Dimming and Control, Worklight Relay Panel and Controls, Stage Lighting Wiring Devices, Stage Lighting Fixtures and Accessories, Auditorium Lighting Fixtures. Executed all office operations including payroll processing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, quarterly taxes, coordinating project schedules, creative thinking, and problem solving. 1996-2000: Office Manager and Inventory control Responsible for payroll processing, inventory control, shipping and receiving, hiring, training, selling, and customer service, marketing.


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