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Book Report Outline I. Title, author, and date of publication


One or two opening paragraphs that give a summary of what the books is about

III. Another paragraph or two stating the author's main idea

IV. A paragraph discussing one special feature of the book, such as the characters, the setting, the action, or the author's style

V. A conclusion expressing your opinion of the book

Summary The summary should tease the reader. Check that your summary section mentions: the names of the main characters and a descriptive word or phrase about each one a description of the setting the conflict or problem the main characters face the high point of the story a hint about the ending of the book. Author's Main Idea In the middle of the section, tell the reader what you think the writer is trying to get across. This is a little different from telling what the book is about. Most writers hope that their readers will learn, experience, or understand certain feelings, ideas, or information. Use quotations or examples from the book that you think express the author's main idea. Special Features Every reader has a different way of looking at a book. What did affect you the most? Plot, characters, the action of the story, setting, or style? Pick the one that affected the most and say why. Back up your ideas by including one or two examples, facts or quotations from the book to convince the reader that the special features you noticed ­ plot, characters, setting, or style ­ make the book worth reading or avoiding.

Opinion This is your big windup and a chance to tell another reader just what you think of the book you read. Do you like the book? Why or why not? Do you find it exciting? Why or why not? Do you recommend this book? Why or why not? Be sure to back up your opinion with examples from it.


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