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Opening: Fr. Milledge called the Parish Meeting to order at 11:08 a.m. followed by the opening prayer. Handouts: Agenda 2012 Parish Meeting Minutes November 13, 2011 Annual Budget Worksheet 2012 2012 Stewardship Program Report Communications Report 2012 42nd Annual Convention February 21-23, 2013 Junior Warden Annual Report 2012 Clergy Report November 18, 2012 Income and Expense Statement (Unaudited) October 2012 Clerk Affirmation: John Velaski made the motion to affirm the Vestry Clerk, Dodie Matlock. Beth Woods seconded. Motion passed. 2011 Parish Minutes: Fr. Milledge asked the congregation if there were questions or corrections to the 2011 Parish Minutes. Bill Ramsey made the motion that the November 13, 2011 Parish Minutes be approved. David Somerville seconded. Motion passed. Finance and Budget Committee Reports: Treasurer's Report ­ Carol Farrel: Carol explained the different banking accounts and their balances as of 31 October 2012 were as follows: Bank of Pensacola $10,651.81 Money Market (restricted) 20,910.66 Checking Money Market 60,774.43 Savings 5,705.46 Dave Somerville made the motion to approve the Treasure's Report, Bill Ramsey seconded. Motion passed. 2013 Budget Finance Committee Representative - Collins Pratt: Collins explained the only difference from the 2012 budget and the 2013 budget is cleaning services for the church. ($135 per week, annually $7020.00). Chuck Barnett spoke of a cost of living increase ($725) that was not shown on this work sheet. That would increase the balanced to $123,966.00. Kathy Vail made the motion that the 2013 Budget be approved with the additional $725 cost of living increase. Beth Woods seconded. Motion passed. Committee Report: Stewardship Report ­ Viven Welch submitted her report in writing, see attached hand out.


Communications Report ­ Viven Welch submitted her report in writing, see attached hand out. Episcopal Church Woman (ECW) ­ Connie Chamberlin spoke of some of the ECW accomplishments from the pass year. o ECW was instrumental in getting the cleaning services added to the budget o Financed the cabinets and counter tops located in the Parish Hall o Brought two (2) educational seminars to St. Monica's during the year o Conducted two (2) successful clothes closets o Manned the Resale Shop during the first and third Saturday o Sunday the 25th of November 2012 is the next ECW meeting Crusillo ­ Kathy Vail is St. Monica's liaison for Crusillo. The Crusillo community has scaled back a bit this year. Kathy stated that there are normally four weekends per year but this year only three are scheduled. Hopefully, the first Sunday of the month after church the Crusillo grouping will gather for about forty-five (45) minutes. You don't have to have attended Crusillo to come. Everyone is welcome. Next year we will do an Agape dinner. Kathy will be in on Staff at Beckwith for the September Crusillo. There will be Crusillo weekends in April, September and November. If you are interested in attending please contact Kathy Vail. Band of Brothers ­ Fred Woods explained that the Band of Brothers is an opportunity for St. Monica's to help out and do odd jobs around the church; projects that the Jr. Warden may need a helping hand with. We eat breakfast at 8. The gathering should be called the Band of Brother and Sisters, 8:00 a.m. the last Saturday in the month. Everyone is welcome. Quilters ­ Ann Philen stated the Quilters have eight (8) active members at this time. St. Monica's quilters continue to support Favor House and have completed between 50-60 quilts this pass year. The Quilters supported Favor House at the beginning of the school year with school supplies to help the children of Favor House. Altar Guild ­ Dave Somerville reported that the Chalice and Ciborium were reconditioned this year during the time we were using the wooden Chalice & Ciborium. Altar Guild members are Dave Somerville, Pauline Somerville, Mary Plantz, Connie Chamberlin, Chuck Barnett, Nancy Holland, Wander Shearer, Valerie Smith and John Velaski. Dave asked for volunteers for altar guild. If anyone is interested please see Dave Somerville. Flower Guild ­ Beth Woods represented the Flower Guild. Beth told the congregation that this year the church community fell down on members sponsoring the weekly flowers for the church. Beth reminded the congregation that we look to the church community to provide those flowers for the altar. Everybody has a special day and if you are interested, just let a member of the flower guild know. Another thing you can do is share the (cost of) flowers with someone else. The flower guild can do two (2) small arrangements and you can share them with someone that is sick, or someone in the nursing home. Christmas flower sign-up sheet will be on the table in the Narthex soon. Fr. Milledge stated he has the flower chart for next year. Choir/Baby Grand Project ­ Fred Woods: The choir currently has literature about the Baby Grand Project. It is all of our jobs as Christians to evangelize and spread the good news. The Choir's thought is that we turn St. Monica's into a Cultural Center and


promote a concert series. Kadi has friends/musicians who will come and play. (We need to) Get people in the habit to coming to St. Monica's especially when our visitors see what a great space St. Monica's really is. We can host maybe high school bands and make this an income generating source for the church. More than that, it will be a way to fill the seats and if they come four or five times maybe they will come on Sunday. This has got to be a (whole) church project for it to work. The object is to sell the 88 keys for $250 (each). If anyone has any questions, contact a member of the choir. Call for election of Vestry vacancies: Dave Somerville, Ray Farrel and Ron Giles have completed their term on the Vestry and will be leaving. Fr. Milledge announced the nominees for Vestry replacements: Ann Philen and Dan Ferguson. Fr. Milledge opened nominees from the floor. Bill Ramsey nominated Darlene Dickey, Darlene accepted the nomination. RonPhilen made the motion to close the nominations. Kathy Vail seconded. Motion passed. The new Vestry members are Ann Philen, Dan Ferguson and Darlene Dickey and must follow the guidelines (presented) for St. Monica's Vestry. Beth Woods nominated Amber Ferguson for the EYC Representative to the Vestry. Kathy Vail seconded. Motion passed. Melanie Velaski made the motion to affirm Ann Philen, Dan Ferguson, Darlene Dickey to the Vestry and Amber Ferguson as the EYC Representation. Kathy Vail seconded. Motion passed. Call from election of Convention Delegates: The Convention Delegate votes were taken and counted. The three (3) delegates are Collins Pratt, Viven Welch and Chuck Barnett. The three (3) alternates are Ray Farrel, Beth Woods (getting the same number of votes) and Angie Baker. The 42nd Annual Convention is to be held at the Majestic Beach Resort, Panama City Beach, February 21-23, 2013, see attached handout for more information about the convention. Junior Warden's Report for 2012 - Ray Farrel: Ray submitted his Jr. Warden's in writing, see attached. Ann Philen thanked Ray Farrel for a wonderful job as Junior Warden and the entire congregation stood and applauded Ray for his tireless and outstanding job as Junior Warden. Senior Warden's Report for 2012 ­ Chuck Barnett: Chuck thanked Ray for his wonderful job as Jr. Warden. Clergy Report ­ Fr. Milledge: Fr. Milledge submitted his report in writing, see attached. General Concerns: Kathy Vail acknowledged that she has been a member of this church of 21 years and this year's Stewardship spoke to her on a spiritual level and she thanked Viven Welch and the Stewardship Committee for an awesome job. Barbara Baker testified about another unsung hero. Barbara celebrated her daughter, Angie Baker, for volunteering her time to complete all the clerical duties for St. Monica's.


Ray Farrel thanked Chuck Barnett for his tireless job as Senior Warden. Ron Philen offered kudos to Viven Welch, our wonderful Communications Director. Greening of the Church will be the 16th of December, Parish Christmas Party on the 19th of December. The Choir Christmas Program will be on Sunday, December 23 at 6:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Service will be on Monday, 24th of December 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. Connie Chamberlin requested a CY-13 meeting. Fr. Milledge stated that all committees shall email their special event dates for the year to Chuck Barnett at [email protected] by the January 2013 Vestry Meeting. Prayer and Adjournment: Fr. Milledge closed the meeting with prayer at 12:10 p.m., and all in attendance recited The Lord's Prayer. Adjournment: Bill Ramsey made the motion that we adjourn, Jeffrey Woods seconded. Motion passed. Next Meeting: The next Parish Meeting Sunday, November 10, 2013



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