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CHAPTER 6.4 NOTETAKING STUDY GUIDE Winning Independence 1. The British march north under Cornwallis and important cities are captured: A) In Georgia: ____________________________________________ B) In South Carolina: _______________________________________ 2. Groups of Loyalists roamed the Southern backcountry and __________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3. Americans Fight Back: Weakened, the British go to Virginia: i. Where? ______________________________________________________ ii. Why? ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ iii. What happened? French fleet ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Washington with Patriots and French _______________________ ______________________________________________________ 4. The Peace Process A) Peace Talks: i. Where? ______________________________________________________ ii. When? ______________________________________________________ B) Terms of the Treaty: i. Britain recognized ______________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ii. The states were asked to restore ____________________________ ______________________________________________________ iii. The borders for the new United States were: North East South West __________________________________________________________________


CH 6.4 Notetaking Study Guide

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