TUCK EVERLASTING FINAL TEST STUDY GUIDE Name: _______________________________________

Part I: Character Identification: Write the name of the character in the blank beside each description of that character. 1. Only 10 years old, about to turn 11 2. Mother of Jesse and Miles 3. Puts Winnie on a horse and "kidnaps" her 4. First meets Jesse by the spring 5. Looks like he's 17 or 18 years old 6. The older of the two brothers 7. Walks many miles to meet her boys 8. Has a music box 9. Quite fond of a toad that comes to her yard 10. Takes Winnie for a ride in a rowboat Part II: Quotations: Write the name of the character who said the following. 11. "I'm not exactly sure what I'd do, you know, but something interesting--something that's all mine." 12. "Please child...dear, dear child...don't you be scared." 13. "Well, boys. Here it is. The worst is happening at last." 14. "...Why, heck, Winnie, life's to enjoy yourself, isn't it? What else is it good for? 15. "Believe me, Winnie Foster, it would be terrible for you if you drank any of this water. I can't let you." 16. "We just are, we just be, like rocks beside the road." 17. "The boys don't be home very much." 18. "Did you hear that? That's the elf music I told you about." 19. "I'm one hundred and four years old." 20. "I can't think why you're so upset. Did you really believe you could keep that water for yourselves?" 21. "My wife, she finally made up her mind I'd sold my soul to the Devil. She left me." 22. "It pains me to think how your ma and pa will worry, but there's just no way around it." 23. "Well then, seeing you know, I'll go on and say this is the finest thing that's happened in ---oh--- at least eighty years." 24. "It's no use having that dream. Nothing's going to change."


25. "I want to grow again, and change. And if that means I got to move on at the end of it, then I want that, too..." Part III: Contrasts: Tuck Everlasting deals with many contrasting elements. Write the specifics from the story which support the contrasts listed. Example: life ­ The Tucks were alive; they could not die. death ­ Eventually Winnie died. 26. right__________________________________________________________________ wrong_________________________________________________________________ 27. neat___________________________________________________________________ messy_________________________________________________________________ 28. love___________________________________________________________________ hate___________________________________________________________________ 29. happy_________________________________________________________________ sad___________________________________________________________________ 30. choice_________________________________________________________________ no choice ______________________________________________________________ Part IV: True or False: Write true or false next to each statement. If the statement is false, write it so it is true. 31. Jesse wanted Winnie to wait until she was 15 to drink from the spring. 32. Miles' wife knew the stranger's grandmother. 33. Winnie was able to make a difference. 34. Winnie thought to herself that Mae must not be hanged because she would die. 35. Miles killed the man in the yellow suit by hitting him with a club. Part V: Fill in the blank. 36. Winnie tells the constable that the Tucks did not _____________________ her. 37. Jesse suggest to Winnie that she drink water form the spring when she is ________. 38. If the man in the yellow suit dies, Mae will go to the _____________________. 2

39. The man in the yellow suit tells the Fosters he will take Winnie home in return for their _________. 40. The man in the yellow suit tells the Tucks he plans to ____________ the water from the spring. 41. Winnie offers to help the Tucks get Mae out of ________________________. 42. The Tucks know that Winnie did not drink Jesse's water when Angus sees her ________. 43. When the man in the yellow suit tries to force Winnie to go with him, Mae hits him with a _________. Part VI: Sequence of Events: Put a number next to each event to put them in chronological order (the order in which they happened). 1 = first; 9 = last. 44. An unusual summer storm hits Treegap. 45. Winnie Foster is found unharmed. 46. Winnie Foster, age 78, dies. 47. Mae Tuck is put in jail for murder. 48. Mae Tuck escapes. 49. A horse is stolen outside of Treegap. 50. Winnie Foster disappears. 51. A stranger dressed in a yellow suit arrives in Treegap. 52. The Fosters sell their wood. Part VII: Significant Items: Explain the importance of these things to the story. Write in complete sentences. 53. Mae Tuck's music box: 54. The Tuck's cat: 55. The Tuck's horse: 56. The spring water by the huge ash tree in the woods: 57. The "T" Angus Tuck carved in the ash tree: 58. Angus Tuck's shotgun: 59. The gallows at the Treegap jail: 60. Winnie's toad: Part VIII: Figurative Language: Write a definition for each of the following figurative language terms. 61. personification ­ 3

62. hyperbole ­ 63. simile ­ 64. metaphor ­ 65. onomatopoeia ­ 66. imagery ­ Part IX: Short answer: Using complete sentences, answer the following questions: 67. When does the author say that things seem interesting to a person? 68. What did Winnie do with the spring water Jesse gave her? 69. When the Tucks were breaking Mae out of jail, what good thing happened? 70. What does the man in the yellow suit want from the Fosters? 71. What happened to the Treegap Wood? 72. In light of the overall theme of Tuck Everlasting, Winnie's death can be considered: 73. "The man in the yellow suit raised his eyebrows, a nervous petulance came into his voice." The word petulance means: 74. What type of person was the man in the yellow suit? 75. "...Tuck was not looking at her...he was gazing at the body on the if he were entranced and--yes, envious..." What was Tuck envious of? 4

76. What is the overall theme of Tuck Everlasting? 77. Miles and Jesse are different in how they view life. Contrast their views.

Part X: Listing: Create a list of all the images of wheels, circles, and cycles in the novel.





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