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Dodie Osteen -- in her own words.

Dolores (Dodie) A. Osteen wrote the 76-page pamphlet "Healed of Cancer" in 1986; she then offered an edited version in 2003 (22 years after diagnosis). This pamphlet covers her story in her own words. The booklet covers her cancer battle, starting with a week of in-hospital testing and the diagnosis on December 10, 1981 of "metastatic adenocarcinoma of the liver," with a large tumor in the right lobe and two smaller tumors in the left lobe. The diagnosis was the result of C.T. scans, several biopsies, and G.I. scopes during a week-long hospital stay. Local Houston oncologists consulted cancer experts at both M.D. Anderson (Houston) and St. Lukes (Cincinnati). The doctor spoke to her husband John: "Pastor, your wife has metastatic cancer of the liver. With or without chemotherapy, she only has a few weeks to live. We can treat her, but it will only slightly prolong her life." With no optimistic medical options available to her, and a prognosis of "a few weeks to live", Mrs. Osteen turned her emaciated 89-pound body over to her evangelical Christian faith. An amazing recovery began, without either medical treatment, change in diet or exercise. Mrs. Osteen is alive and well today. Her pamphlet begins: "I am so thankful to be alive today to bring you a message of hope!" The pamphlet outlines her approach to fighting cancer and the biblical scriptures upon which she focused. It also concludes with statements by three physicians familiar with her case. She explains: "I do not advise anyone to do what I did just because it worked for me. The doctors gave me a few weeks to live with or without chemotherapy, and I chose not to have it. But God leads and directs each of us individually. This is the way he led me in my faith."

Dodie's pamphlet states her case, and includes statements from three physicians who witnessed her illness and recovery periods; and two of these saw most of her medical test data. The "Healed of Cancer" pamphlet can be purchased for about $2, either online ( or by mail to: Lakewood Church, P.O. Box 23297, Houston, TX 77228-3297.


Microsoft Word - dodie osteen combined text 22 feb 11.doc

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