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Joint Committee on Biosafety Cabinetry Draft Meeting Summary June 18, 2008 Issue paper 2008-2 Illustrations J. Hunter began the discussion on each illustration. Revisions were proposed by the JC. J. Hunter stated he will update these prior to balloting. R. Powitz recommended reviewing Standard 170 definitions of work zone and surface zones for harmonization. Changes recommended included: Figure 2&3 keep radius as stated for cleanability Language in standard states interior work surfaces defined as flat bottom could not have any edges. Exposed interior surface, D. Phillips questioned if there is a rule for this. A5 and A6 label nebulae A7 label split A7 change label to cylinder A14 show cabinet on stand A15 add anemometer in illustration and change from to above A16 add above instead of from A16- reword- no more than 4 inches put this in applicable figures A18 same rewording E1- R. Gilpin posed a location question E2-4 figures were not redrawn. Those have actual numbers and he posed this to the group. Canopy cabinet figures have prescribed numbers for design/ construction. The group agreed this should be more generic. R. Powitz recommended a task group be formed to work on annex E. Volunteers included M. Cipriano and R. Gilpin. Motion: D. Phillips motioned to add the anemometer orientation to the illustrations. The motion was seconded by R. Gilpin Discussion: None. Vote: Motion passed. Motion: S. Williams motioned to change requirement of spacing between piatic tube and fan inlet from a minimum of ½ fan diameter to a maximum. The motion was seconded by R. Gilpin. Discussion: None. Vote: Motion passed. Motion: J. Hunter motioned to approve the illustrations as amended. The motion was seconded by R. Gilpin. Discussion: None. Vote: Motion passed.


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