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Fixed Price Projects

About StangaOne1 Founded in 1999 as Stanga.Net, the company is an established provider of a wide range of high-quality software services. StangaOne1 offers offshore outsourcing at competitive rates due to the fact that its development center is located in one of the prime outsourcing locations in Eastern Europe, Sofia. In recent years the latter is emerging as a software development leader because of the large number of educated professionals in the fields of mathematics, computer sciences, engineering and Internet technologies. With over 150 high tech specialists, StangaOne1 is your technological partner for outsourcing multi platform programming services for Europe and North America.

The Fixed-Price Project Concept

StangaOne1 takes into consideration the client's specifications, requirements and budget to ensure programming services of the highest standard. A team of software designers, engineers and project managers closely monitors and directs each stage of the project to guarantee that the client's goals and objectives are fulfilled on time and within the agreed financial constraints. The price of the project is fixed in the very beginning and is based on development effort in terms of days that StangaOne1 will expend on completing the project in accordance with the client's requirements.

Target Project Type

This type of approach is most appropriate for undertakings where the project scope is clearly documented by the client, or where the client is in a position to provide sufficient information for StangaOne1 to compile an exhaustive specification before the start of development work. StangaOne1 commits to completing the project according to the defined scope, on time and within budget.

Project Management

Drawing on its diverse experience in the field, StangaOne1 has developed an individual approach to project management. The company combines extensive expertise with recognized best practices to provide a high-quality management service.

Bulgaria 43 Cherni Vrah Blvd, Sofia 1407, Bulgaria Tel: + 359 2 819 60 60 Fax: + 359 2 819 60 70 France 115, avenue de Paris, 94160 Saint Mandé Tel: +33 1 53 66 64 00 Fax: +33 1 53 66 66 67 Israel 11 Ha-Yezira Street, 43663 Raanana Tel: +972 9 740 09 45 Fax: +972 50 681 14 79


The team includes a project coordinator who is in charge of the communication with the client and acts as a contact person regarding any issues related to the project. The project coordinator sends to the client weekly reports on the current status of the development work.


Payment is usually divided into two to three installments tied to key development phases. On each payment date the client receives an invoice for the respective amount that is payable by bank transfer. Payment terms are specified in the project proposal.

Change Request Management

Modifications that are requested by the client following the project start date are subject to additional estimation and subsequent payment. The client receives a report from StangaOne1 that details the effort that will be involved, as well as the expected impact on deliverables and planning. Upon the client's confirmation, the project plan is updated and the modifications are implemented accordingly.

Team Members

StangaOne1 is in charge of team and project management. If required, team members can be replaced at company's discretion. Where appropriate, during the different stages of the project StangaOne1 can add to the team resources of different profiles.

Sick Leave

If a team member is indisposed for a period long enough to influence significantly the project and delivery agreements, StangaOne1 is responsible for providing a substitute person with the necessary qualification. This is not to affect payment by the client in any way.

Annual Vacations

The planned annual vacation of team members is taken into account during project planning. The client is not charged for the duration of a team member's vacation.

Hardware and Software

The fixed-price service presupposes the provision of a team that is equipped with the necessary hardware and software required to complete the project in accordance with the defined scope and within the agreed

Bulgaria 43 Cherni Vrah Blvd, Sofia 1407, Bulgaria Tel: + 359 2 819 60 60 Fax: + 359 2 819 60 70 France 115, avenue de Paris, 94160 Saint Mandé Tel: +33 1 53 66 64 00 Fax: +33 1 53 66 66 67 Israel 11 Ha-Yezira Street, 43663 Raanana Tel: +972 9 740 09 45 Fax: +972 50 681 14 79

time frame and budget.



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