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The Catholic Church of

45 Anderson Street, Raritan, New Jersey, 08869-1894 (908) 725-1008

St. Ann

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time July 4, 2010



The Altar Candles this week are burning for:

1. No Intention. 2. No Intention.. SANCTUARY LAMPS

Monday, July 5 ~ St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria Novena to St. Maria Goretti

9:00 AM Raffaele and Elizabeth Fusca Req. by: Daughter-in-Law Catherine Fusca

The Sanctuary Lamps are burning for:

Tabernacle Basilio Lamaestra as requested by John and Gloria.

Tuesday, July 6 ~ Feast of and Novena to St. Maria Goretti

7:00 AM Lisabetta Grande Req. by: Angelo and Catherine Viscariello 7:00 PM In Honor of Albert and Theresa's 55th Wedding Anniversary Req. by: Children and Grandchildren

Blessed Mother Theresa Condo as requested by Rosemarie and Jim Condo. St. Joseph Pasquale Armenio as requested by Nephew, Cosmo and Angelica. Liturgical Roles Weekend of July 4, 2010

Altar Servers 4PM Allyson Toolan James Toolan Ryan Mirra 7:30AM Thomas Brown, Jr. Peter DeSantis 9:00 AM Christina Vaz Evie Sullivan Kevin Sawtell 10:30 AM Patrick Grifone John Grifone Andrew Fontanetta 12Noon Nick Greco John Pugh Salvatore Wiecenski Lectors 4PM Cathy Stevens 7:30 AM Jim Janci 9:00 AM Rose Pacifico 10:30 AM Tina DiFabio 12:00 Noon Christine Carrara Ministers 4PM Carol Werner Jim Werner 7:30AM Frank Kerr Tom DeSantis 9:00 AM Sr. Dolores EM Elsie Lim EM

Theresa Walakonis PB

Wednesday, July 7

7:00 AM Lisabetta Grande Req. by: Nicola and Anna DiBetta 7:00 PM Attilio Bartolanzo Req. by: Josephine Goellner

Thursday, July 8

7:00 AM Mary Wilkinson Req. by: Daughter-in-Law Helen and Grandchildren 7:00 PM Angel S. Opida Req. by: The Opida Family

Friday, July 9 ~ St. Augustine Zhao Rong

7:00 AM Rosa Fusca Req. by: Mom, Dad, Maria, and Paola Fusca 7:00 PM No Mass

Edith Pena PB 10:30 AM Antonietta Falco Lena Iannetta 12Noon Joseph Mele Joanne Mele

Saturday, July 10

9:00 AM Marie Bartolaneo Req. by: Rose Pacifico 4:00 PM First Mass for Sunday Maru and Fred Riga and Anthony DiGraziano Req. by: Elizabeth and Antoinette

Sunday, July 11 ~ Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

7:30 AM People of our Parish 9:00 AM Melissa Sepsi Req. by: Aunt Clementina Guadagno 10:30 AM Louis Prieto Req. by: Wife, Theresa Truppi Prieto 12:00 PM Labarbera and Maria Dentici Req. by: Anne & Maria Dentici, Grandchildren

We ask God's blessing for the strengthening and healing of our sick and homebound. Please pray for: Victoria Andrews, Mary Arnold, Helen Baker, Sara Bonilla, Amity Bryson, Jaden Chambres, Rose Ciatarelli, Mario Cioffi, JoAnn D'Alessio, John R. D'Alessio, Mary Ann DeMaio, Fortunato Figliano, Kathleen Connors-Filardi, Frank Forte, Sr., Teresa Galaini, Melanie Heim, Jarrett Kertesz, Robert Kolans, Theresa Konkus, Bernadette Laggini, Brianna Larson, Louise Leoncavallo, Kevin Levine, Gail Levy, Victoria Lubrido, Joseph Mathewson, Verna Mattioli, Vincent and Rita Medordi, Dawn Melkowits, Shelley Moscetti, Luke Myers, Adelino Nunes, Yolanda Polidoro, Adam Romano, Victorino Rubia, Cosette Ruh, Anthony Sacino, Eric Jose J. Santos, Josephine Guide Sapp, Rose Sardo, Margaret Scano, Lyndsey Schultes, Jenna Schwall, Angelo Sena, Marion Sciarrone, Edwina Schurick, Edith Sherman, and Margaret ZanGrando.

Altar Flowers The altar flowers have been donated in honor of Brie Ronca's Marriage.


Sunday, July 4 7:30, 9:00, 10:30, 12Noon Mass Food Bank Gifts No Bingo Monday, July 5 9AM Mass ~ Novena to St. Maria Goretti Rectory Office Closed Tuesday, July 6 7AM Mass ~ Novena to St. Maria Goretti 7PM Mass ~ Novena to St. Maria Goretti 7:30PM BINGO(SC) Wednesday, July 7 7AM Mass 8:15-5:30PM LifeLine Screening (SC) 7PM Mass Thursday, July 8 7AM Mass 9AM Bus Trip to Atlantic City 7PM Mass PREP Teachers Meeting 7:30PM (CMR) Friday, July 9 7AM Mass 7PM Mass Saturday, July 3 9AM Mass 9:30AM Confessions 3-3:45PM Confessions 4PM Mass NATIONAL NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING AWARENESS WEEK ­ JULY 19-25, 2010 TRUST God has a plan for your marriage ..."a call to celebrate and reverence God's vision of human sexuality." MARRIED COUPLES: You can enhance your marital romance and build a better marriage! Both spouses are taught to understand the nature of fertility and work with it. NFP becomes a shared commitment! ENGAGED COUPLES: If you are interested in beginning your life together as husband and wife by loving one another naturally it is never too early to learn about natural family planning.

Call the Family Life Office/Diocese of Metuchen (732) 5621990 Ext. 1624 or e-mail [email protected] for more information or to register for classes at a location nearest your home.


In the hectic pace of a busy family, getting to Mass on Sunday can be a struggle. Between baseball games and scout meetings, dance lessons and play dates, going to Mass is one more activity competing for precious time. Yet, it is the most important thing you can do for your family all week. Why? Consider some of the ways your children benefit from weekly Mass. Tradition and Security: How many things do you still do today that you've done since you were a small child? No matter what other changes take place in their lives, the Mass is a constant to which your children can cling forever. Children Learn by Repetition through Consistency and from Example: When Sunday Mass is part of their regular routine, children learn how to maintain the habit of weekly attendance. Seeing the importance you place on this habit teaches them obedience and discipline.

Visiting the Rest of the Family: When in Church, our children are surrounded by the Body of Christ ­ people who care about and pray for them. Mass becomes an Oasis in an increasingly distracting world.

The Week Starts with a God-centered Focus: Attending Mass at the beginning of the week helps children learn that God comes first on Sunday and every day.

Are you a baptized Catholic who would like to receive the Sacraments of First Holy Communion and/or Confirmation? Do you have a relative who is interested in becoming a Catholic? RCIA classes will begin with an "Inquiry Night" on Thursday, September 30 at 7:30PM in the Rectory Conference Room. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call Deacon John Pacifico at 908725-1008 extension 121.

St. Ann Parish will sponsor a bus trip to Atlantic City on Thursday, July 8th at 9AM. For more information, please call Marge Corona at 725-1198.

Natural Family Planning Discount Coupon Valued at$10.00 (may be applied towards diocesan N.F.P. registration fee) Names ____________________________________________ Phone: ______________________ Date __________

JULY 4, 2010

Dear Sisters and Brothers: In recent years there has been increased interest in books and television programs that set out to teach people survival techniques, to be used should they suddenly find themselves stranded in some out-of-the-way place. Perhaps all of us, at some point, have wondered how we would survive if, unexpectedly, we were isolated far away with nothing more than the clothes we stood up in. How might we cope if, like Daniel Defoe's character Robinson Crusoe, we were shipwrecked and washed up on some distant shore? Whether in the Sahara or at the South Pole, in the jungle or on a mountain range, the need for shelter and food would soon become all-consuming as the instinct to stay alive began to take hold. While all this might sound rather fanciful, there are plenty of survival experts willing to offer guidance. Such people have been through intense training. They know what it means to be cast away in a deserted location without any of the basic necessities of life. One expert goes by the unusual name of Bear Grylls. Some of his books and television programs carry the title Born Survivor and in them he describes what it takes to live to tell the tale. And he's well qualified to comment. Having broken his back in three places while parachuting with an elite squadron of soldiers, he recovered and went on to climb Mount Everest aged just twenty-three. His experiences have taught him that it's possible to survive on very little as long as the spirit within is strong. Although in today's Gospel Lesson, St Luke doesn't tell us any of the names of the seventy-two whom Jesus sent out ahead of him, they must have been an impressive body of people. They had such faith in Jesus' word that they were prepared to do exactly what he asked them. They were to be trailblazers, seventy-two pioneers, all like John the Baptist, sent forth to prepare the way where Jesus himself would follow. But this was not to be a straightforward journey. It was more like an endurance test, a survival exercise. Jesus gave them very clear and precise instructions. They could take no money; they could carry no luggage; they must even go without footwear. In short, they must rely totally on providence and on the generosity of those who might welcome them, staying with those who were open, moving on from those who were closed. To all, whether welcoming or not, they should announce the nearness of God's kingdom. It may seem rather strange to us that Jesus should send these co-workers ahead of him with so little sustenance for their labours. But Jesus was teaching them, and those who received them, a powerful lesson about God's kingdom. To live according to the kingdom of God means less of a concern for the material things of the world and a greater concern for living the essence of the Gospel. These seventy-two disciples, were not abandoned to chance by Jesus. They were sent out on a survival mission, sent out relying on the Spirit of God. Even without the basic necessities for travelling, they put their trust in Jesus' word and came back not just having survived, but rejoicing. The survival expert Bear Grylls is also a committed Christian. He once described his faith as the backbone to his life, the thing that gave him strength and enabled him to face all the challenges and questions that came his way. By sending out the seventy-two with nothing to rely on but their faith, Jesus was inviting them to make his word the backbone of their lives, the rock on which they could stand firm, even when they lacked the simple things people normally need to be able to survive. Today's Gospel Lesson teaches us that we are all called to prepare the way for Christ by how we live and witness to our faith. It reminds us that sometimes material things can get in the way of following the Gospel. On occasion, no matter what our personal resources are, we are brought to the realisation that there are certain basic things that really matter in life: not least among these is faith. We probably don't need to abandon everything and walk around barefoot preaching the closeness of God's kingdom. But it's important to appreciate again the backbone, the bedrock, of God's presence, which, even if we have little else, remains always with us as the source of our rejoicing. I want to offer my prayerful thanks to all who made the Festa a great success--all the captains and workers who gave of their time, talent and treasure to provide our parish and community with five days of food, fun and fellowship. Special thanks for a job well done to Father Edmund, Donna Bontempo, Lou Falconeri, Jeff Bray, Josie Taddeo, Marge Corona, Jerry Maddaluna, Ann Farrigan, and the parish staff. In your charity, please pray for the sick and lonely--visit them if you can. Also, please remember to pray for all who have wandered from the Faith and all who have died, especially the parents of the babies who have been killed through abortion. May God always be pleased with us! Monsignor Michael Pastor


We are in need of three PREP teachers for the upcoming year. We need you to make our program a success. Please call Christine at the rectory ext.114

We are a Stewardship Parish

Your Stewardship in Treasure for this past weekend: Collection ..........................................$7,001.00

Thank you and May God Bless you abundantly!

Please remember in your prayers, the men and women serving in our Nation's Armed Forces.

Major Michael A. DeCicco, US Army Victor Dulay, Jr. U.S. Marine Corps PFC Samantha K. Garces , US Army Sgt. John J. Houser III, U.S. Marine Corps PFC Raymond Killough, US Army CW4 Michael Lopez, Jr. IC2 Lisa Miceli, U.S. Navy Major Michael Morella, US Army Sgt. Dan Neville, US Marine Corps PFC Daniel J. Salvo, US Marine Corps Corp. Jonathan Schultes, US Marine Corps Capt. Louis P. Simon, US Marine Corps PFC Jerome C. Sunga, US Army Jack Vara, U.S. Marine Corps Robert Wilson, U.S. Navy

May God bless them and keep them safe and also pray for the souls of those who have given their lives in service to our country. Please remember the Church of St. Ann in your will.

Thank you to the anonymous donor who so generously donated the newspaper subscription to one of our families in need. May God continue to Bless you for your generosity and great show of stewardship! SAINT ANN'S BLOOD DRIVE AUGUST 22, 2010

The Saint Ann's Summer Blood Drive will be held on Sunday, August 22nd. We are in need of volunteers for the following fun tasks: Make Telephone Calls Bake Set- Up/Clean ­Up Work in the children's activity corner This is a great opportunity for Confirmandi and Scouts to earn fun service hours. Please call Terry Mayewski at: (908) 722-1368 If you would like to help.

Congratulations to the following winners from the 2010 Festa: Joe and Sharon Forte $7,097.50 Super Summer Splash 50/50 B. VanLouvender Basket Donated by Angelone's Florist Lisette Bergery Pearl Necklace

"The harvest is rich," Jesus tells the seventy-two in today's Gospel, "but the workers are few." The situation is the same today. How can I help with God's harvest? Am I called into the field? Am I one who could provide food or shelter or wages to those who toil in the fields of the Lord? (See Luke 10:2)

The following little ones were baptized in


Angelina Patricia Albanese Daughter of Richard and Lori Albanese Abel Fernando Robles Son of Julio and Carolina Robles Maximo Joaquin Navarro Son of Luis and Suzanne Navarro

Please note: The Rectory Office will be closed on Monday, July 5. The office will reopen on Tuesday, July 6 at 9AM.


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