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Starkville Martial Arts Academy Judo Syllabus

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Section 1: Rokkyu 6th Grade Yellow Belt:

Nage Waza Koshi Waza (any) Grip `n' Drag Ko Soto Gari Seoi Nage (any) O Soto (any) Osae Komi Waza Kesa Gatame Yoko Shiho Gatame (Throwing techniques) Any hip technique Minor outside reap Shoulder throw (typically will be Eri-S-N) Major outer technique (typically will be O-S-Otoshi) (Ground holding techniques) Scarf hold Side four quarters hold

Uphill escape from any ground control hold Principles Move and Grip Push into the hole Keep toes alive in groundwork Keep chest to chest on the ground Situations Attack an advanced, weighted foot and throw into a rear hole Attack a hidden, weighted foot and throw into a forward hole Attack a trespassing, weighted foot and throw into an intervening hole Transition any throw into a ground control position


Ichi San Go Shichi Ku Goshi/Koshi Gatame Seoi O Harai Kyotsoke Seiza Randori Matte Tori

1 3 5 7 9 Hip Hold Shoulder Major Sweep

Ni Shi Roku Hachi Ju Nage Waza Soto Ashi

2 4 6 8 10 Throw Technique Outer Foot Falling ways Bow Begin Partner

Attention Ukemi Kneel Rei Free Practice Hajime Stop Uke Person doing technique

Section 2: Gokyu 5th. Grade Orange Belt:

Nage Waza O Goshi Koshi Guruma Tsuri Goshi Tai Otoshi O Soto Otoshi O Soto Gari O Uchi Gari Ippon Seoi Nage Eri Seoi Nage Renraku Waza Big hip Hip wheel Lifting hip Body drop Major outer drop Major outer reap Major inner reap Single arm shoulder throw Collar shoulder throw (Combination techniques)

Front to back and back to front combinations Kaeshi Waza O Soto Gaeshi (Counter techniques) Major outer counter

Osae Komi Waza

Kami Shiho Gatame Tate Shiho Gatame

Upper four quarters hold Straight four quarters hold

Uphill escape to a counter hold Bridge and roll escapes Breaking down a turtle (1/2 nelson, cowboy etc.) Shime Waza Hadaka Jime Kansetsu Waza (Choking techniques) Naked choke (Joint locking techniques) Armpit crushing arm lock Leg arm lock

Uphill escape to Ude Hishigi Waki Gatame Kesa Gatame with Ashi Gatame Principles Driving leg and angle of attack Climbing into grips Power side Locking hand Situations Turning the turtle Opening space on the ground Using the hole to escape hold-downs Terminology Shiai Yuko Ippon Chui Hansoku-Maki Kuzushi Kake Kansetsu Shime Competition 1/4 Point Full Point Yuko Infraction Disqualification Disturbing Balance Moment of throw Joint Strangle

Koka Waza-ari Shido Keikoku

Small Point 1/2 Point Koka Infraction Waza-ari Infraction

Tsukuri Zanshin Otoshi Tai

Fitting to throw Finishing Drop Body

Section 3: Yonkyu 4th Grade Green Belt:

Nage Waza Tsuri Komi Goshi and variants Harai Goshi Yama Arashi Uki Goshi Ko Uchi Gari Tani Otoshi Ko Soto Gake Kaeshi Waza Tani Otoshi (Rear counter to koshi waza and seoi nage) Trespassing attack countered by Tsubame Gaeshi Renraku Waza Hip to foot combo Hand to foot combo Osae Komi Waza Kata Gatame Ushiro Kesa Gatame Mune Gatame Sit up escapes Circle holding drill Shime Waza Kataha Jime Kata Juji Jime Kansetsu Waza Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame Ude Garami Crushing cross arm lock from a throw Entangled arm lock Single wing choke (as a sit through for a turtle) Opposite cross grip choke Shoulder hold Reverse scarf hold Chest hold Lifting pulling hip Sweeping hip Mountain storm Floating hip Minor inner reap Valley drop (as an attack and defense) Minor outer hook


Make partner carry weight Keep knees off of mat Move on balls of feet Hands in front, elbows in Situations Transitions from standing to ground Terminology Osae komi Hantei Wazari awasete Ippon Yoshi Ushiro Hiza Tsuri Hold Down Split Decision Compound Win Continue Reverse Knee Lift Toketa Sono Mama Sore Made Kuzure Tomoe Broken Don't Move That is All Modified Circle

Section 4: Sankyu 3rd. Grade Brown Belt:

Nage Waza Hane Goshi Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi Hiza Guruma Tomoe Nage Sumi Gaeshi De Ashi Harai Sukui Nage Morote Gari Renraku Waza Foot to foot combo Kaeshi Waza Tawara Gaeshi Bale throw (counter to Morote Gari) Kichuki Taioshi Dead tree drop Inside leg step around followed by hip throw against hip attack Osae Komi Waza Kuzure versions of all previous Springing hip Propping lifting pulling foot Knee wheel Circle throw Corner throw Advancing foot sweep Scooping throw Double hand reap

Legs over escape Leg over (roll) escape from Kata Gatame Uphill turn from Ushiro Kesa Gatame Sit-up from Kesa Gatame Shime Waza Okuri Eri Jime Gyaku Juji Jime Kansetsu Waza Ude Hishigi Hara Gatame Ude Hishigi Waki Gatame Principles Controlling partner's mobility Attacking the weighted foot Balance lines and shoulder rotations Situations Inside leg step around countering Terminology Yudansha Migi Shizen Tai Jigo Tai Renraku Waza Black Belt Holder Right Natural Posture Defensive Posture Combination Mudansha Hidari Sutemi Kaeshi Waza Nage No Kata Non Black Belt Left Sacrifice Counter Form of Throws Stomach crushing arm lock from a turtle Armpit crushing arm lock from a turtle Sliding collar choke Reverse cross choke

Section 5: Nikyu 2nd Grade Brown Belt:

Nage Waza Uchi Mata Uki Otoshi Okuri Ashi Harai Ashi Guruma Maki Komi Waza Inner thigh Floating drop Sliding foot sweep Leg wheel Inner winding techniques (Variations include: Ko Uchi, Soto, O Soto, Harai, Hane and Uchi Mata Maki Komi)

Renraku Waza Uchi Mata combinations Kaeshi Waza Yoko Guruma as a Seoi counter Tomoe counter to Tai Otoshi Osae Komi Waza Sankaku Gatame as an attack, as a defense, and as a choke, hold or arm bar Shime Waza Nama Juji Jime Sode Guruma Jime Kansetsu Waza Ude Hishigi Hiza Gatame Ude Hishigi Ude Gatame Principles Fox trot and stutter stepping Inside gripping Situations Multi-sided attacking Terminology Ayumi Ashi Tsuri Ashi Tsugi Ashi Tai Sabaki Chu Gaeri Ura Koho Yoko Normal walking Brushing Foot Step Sliding Foot Step Body Movement Mid-air forward breakfall Rear Back Side Knee crushing arm lock Arm crushing arm lock Normal cross choke Sleeve wheel choke

Section 6: Ikkyu 1st Grade Brown Belt:

Nage Waza O Guruma Sumi Otoshi Seoi Otoshi Harai Tsuri Komi Ashi Kata Guruma (and variants) Yoko Otoshi Renraku Waza Left to right and right to left combinations Kaeshi Waza Ushiro Goshi Counters to Ko and O Uchi Osae Waza Kata Osae Gatame Shime Waza Ryote Jime Tsukkomi Jime Kansetsu Waza Ude Hishigi Te Gatame Hand crushing arm lock Waki Gatame breaks from standing lapel grip Principles Be a lid to the hole Entering attack space Situation Using adversarial psychology to create opportunity Two Hand Strangulation Thrust Choke Shoulder pressing hold Reverse hip (counter to Hip throws) Major hip Corner drop Shoulder drop Sweeping lifting pulling foot Shoulder wheel Side drop

Section 7: Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt:

Nage Waza Utsuri Goshi Kubi Nage Ura Nage Uki Waza O Soto Guruma Kaeshi Waza Uchi Mata Sukashi Shime Waza Jigoku Jime Hell strangulation Inner thigh slip Changing hip throw Neck throw Rear throw Floating technique Major outer wheel

Section 8: Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt:

Nage Waza Ude Garami Nage Obi Seoi Nage Yoko Gake Yoko Wakare Hikikomi Gaeshi Kansetsu Waza Different situational uses for all arm locks from previous requirements Arm entanglement throw Belt shoulder throw Side hook Side separation Push-pull counter (modified Sumi Gaeshi)

Section 9: Sandan 3rd Degree Black Belt:

Nage Waza Kani Basami Ude Gaeshi Obi Otoshi Te Guruma Kibusi Gaeshi Shime Waza Different situational uses and variations for all chokes from previous requirements Flying scissors Arm throw Belt drop Hand wheel Heel trip


JUDO -- Way of Gentleness

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