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Robert Starmach

1975.03.30 Mobile: + 44 (0) 7908162064, +48 (0) 781380912 Availability: 9 March 2009 Role Type: Contract Visa Status: EU/Polish Citizen e-mail: [email protected]


Twelve years of experiences in building HA ecommerce and communication systems based on Internet and enterprise technologies. Designing, implementing, managing and supporting Web/Unix systems since the beginning of professional career. Certified Weblogic and IBM pSeries Specialist. Strong Web and JAVA/J2EE applications development background. Full project and systems life cycle support experiences. Experienced in designing, building and supporting middleware infrastructure in Investment Banking environments (Citigroup). Responsible for strategy of middleware systems, managed and supported infrastructure over 150 various class UNIX servers at mobile operator (ORANGE.PL: EAI, CRM, Self CustomerCare systems, 1mln users Mail system). Developed, managed and supported fast growing internet services in internet portal (EO/AHOJ.PL: webmail, dating service, edisk). Understands IT operational processes in worldwide organizations (change control/incident reporting, ITIL aware). Can translate nontechnical business needs into technical requirements (SLA/OLA defining). Goal oriented, selfmotivated, well organized, openminded, team player. Can plan and coordinate project activities. Ability to work with minimum supervision.


Technical: Oracle/BEA Weblogic, JBoss, Sun One Webserver/IPlanet, Apache/Tomcat, JAVA/J2EE, Unix (Linux ­ RedHat, Suse, Debian), Solaris, AIX, Unix Scripting, Xen VMM, PKI/SSL, TCP/IP routing and protocols, Perl, IBM BladeCenter, IBM xSeries, Eclipse

Middleware/Unix infrastructure architecture design and implementation End to End troubleshooting New technologies test and evaluation Application design and development

Management: TCO analysis, costs optimization Implementation planning and leading implementation Capacity Planning analysis SLA/OLA and support processes defining

- 1/6 -


Citigroup: development of OFAC and SDN list feed java component for AML system implementation and adaptation non-standard and not-supported middleware to the corporate standards and security polices for Anti-Money Laundering System (fist mobile operator and 7th internet portal in 2007) designed, implemented and managed IBM Blade Center server farm environment for EAI system (about 80 RedHat servers) designed and managed middleware infrastructure of Postpaid/Pre2paid Customer on-line self-care system The Mother Ship Poland: ( former 5th internet portal in Poland ) designed and developed e-mail/webmail system SOS Internet: (internet provider) designed and implemented dial-up and e-mail platform INTERNET magazine (02/1999) ,,Best free e-mail service in Poland ("


Since December 2008 till March 2009 (Contract) Application Support Specialist at Citigroup Global Transaction Services Investment Fund Services

Skills: BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere, Sun Webserver/IPlanet, MSSQL, Siteminder and Oracle exposure, MS Windows, Solaris, Java, Java/Swing, Perl, Python, SQL, HTML, XML/XSLT, Unix scripting, J2SE/J2EE , TCP/IP, HTTP, PKI/SSL, UML, Eclipse, Ant, XMLSpy, Visio, MS Project, GNU tools

java/swing applications development for support administration tasks java components development for business processes support SQL reports design and development required by business customers MSSQL Administration middleware and application configuration analysis application support and users' problems troubleshooting

Since April 2007 till February 2008 (Contract) Web Middleware Unix Support Specialist at eSystems department Citigroup London (Corporate and Investment Banking)

Skills: BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere, Sun Webserver/IPlanet, Siteminder and Oracle exposure, Solaris, AIX, RedHat, Java, Perl, Python, HTML, XML/XSLT, Unix scripting, J2SE/J2EE , TCP/IP, HTTP, PKI/SSL, UML, Eclipse, Ant, XMLSpy, Visio, MS Project, GNU tools, Planview devising middleware architecture creating technical projects and implementation schedule for new systems technical system implementation driving systems handover to BAU team processes support for BAU operation team adapting non-standard/not-supported middleware to the corporate standards and

security polices performing middleware security audits and configuration remediation performing Capacity Planning analysis

- 2/6 -


Since February 2003 till March 2007 IT Systems Senior Specialist at IT Development Department of Polska Telefonia Komórkowa (Orange Poland GSM Operator).

Skills: BEA Weblogic, SUN JES, JBoss, Apache/Tomcat,LDAP and Oracle exposure,Linux - RedHat/SUSE, AIX, Solaris, Java, Perl, HTML, XML,Unix scripting, J2SE/J2EE, SOAP, TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, SSL;UML, VMWARE, Xen,BMC Patrol, IBM Director, Adlex Page View ,Wily, Eclipse, Ant, XMLSpy, Visio, MS Project, GNU tools, Planview, IBM xSeries, IBM BladeCenter, IBM pSeries, SunFire, Nortel Alteon, EMC Celerra defining strategy in middleware infrastructure (J2EE servers, Web servers, Hardware) analysis and recommendations for new projects in infrastructure area Data Center management for middleware platforms creating technical projects and implementation schedule for new systems leading system implementation, managing people from different infrastructure areas during


researching and developing improvements for production systems, optimization of

infrastructure costs defining architectural and environment standards support for IT operation teams Capacity Planning analysis

Since January 2001 till February 2003. IT Manager and Software Design Engineer at Eo Networks.

Skills: Jboss, Apache, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux ­ RedHat/Debian, Zmailer, Java/J2EE, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, HTML, , XML/XSLT, SQL, Unix scripting, J2SE/J2EE TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, SSL, UML Eclipse, Forte4Java, Ant, XMLSpy, Visio, MS Project, GNU tools presales support product concept studies creating IT analysis and projects for customers analysis and preparation of detailed services functionalities preparation of developing schedule managing and leading of development team implementation stage coordinating in constant contact with customer building Personal Information Manager parts eoGroup framework

Since December 1999 to January 2001. Product Director and Software Design Engineer at The Mother Ship Poland Internet Holdings (AHOJ Internet Portal acquired later by 4Media).

Skills: Apache, MySQL, Linux ­ RedHat/Debian, FreeBSD, Zmailer, PHP, HTML, XML/XPath/XSLT, Perl, PHP, SQL, Unix scripting, TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, SSL, Visio, MS Project, GNU tools core development team member Internet portal concept studies analysis and preparation of detailed service functionalities designing and developing portal services building and maintaining fast growing communication services (Webmail, Internet File

Storage, Dating Service)

- 3/6 -


Since February 1999 to December 1999. Software Design Engineer and database administrator at Atom S.A. (Internet Partners/GTS Poland now)

Skills: Apache, MySQL ,Linux ­ RedHat, Solaris, Perl, C/C++ gcc/gdb, HTML,SQL, Unix scripting, TCP/IP, HTTP, SSL, Visio, GNU tools creating IT analysis and projects for customers developing and programming WWW services based on DB engines database management

Since June 1997 to February 1999. Main System Administrator at SOS Internet.

Skills: Apache, MySQL ,Linux ­ Slackware, RedHat, Sendmail, DNS/Bind, DHCPD, IPTables, Perl, Unix scripting, TCP/IP, GNU tools fully responsible for the company's all Internet services maintaining company Internet infrastructure administering and developing of free mail/www services developing other WWW services training company's partners

- 4/6 -


Application Servers: BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere, SUN JES, JBoss, Apache/Tomcat, Data Base Systems: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle exposure Operation Systems: UNIX (especially Linux - RedHat/CentOS, SUSE and Debian

distributions), AIX, Solaris

Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, HTML, C/C++ ,

XML/XPath/XSLT, SQL, Unix scripting, Pascal, Lisp, Prolog, Assemblers x86, 680x0, 8051

Technologies and Concepts: J2SE/J2EE ,Swing/SWT, XMLRPC, SOAP, RMI, Internet

Protocols especially: TCP/IP, IP Filtering - Iptables/NAT, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, SSL;UML,Object Oriented Programming, Multi-tier Architectures, Client ­ Server, Virtualization - VMWARE, VirtualBox, Xen, Distributed Computing Environments - Parallel Virtual Machine/Mosix, UNIX API, Windows MDI/MFC, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Finite State Machines, Extreme Programming, ITIL Management Systems: BMC Patrol, IBM Director, Adlex Page View ,Wily Applications and Tools: Eclipse, Forte4Java, Ant, XMLSpy, Borland Builder C++, Microsoft Visual C++, Poseidon for UML, Visio, MS Project, GNU tools (vim, cvs, gcc, gdb, make, bash,ksh, sed, awk), Planview Hardware: IBM xSeries, IBM BladeCenter, IBM pSeries, SunFire, Nortel Alteon.


Master degree in Applied Computer Science. Thesis: "Analysis of compression algorithms for processing and transmission in network environment" (2002) Warsaw University of Technology; Department of Applied Mathematics and Technical Physics (1995-2000) Kielce University of Technology; Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1994-1995)


0B0-104 BEA Weblogic Server Administration AW18 AIX 5L Jumpstart for UNIX Professionals (passed Test 222: pSeries Administration and Support for AIX 5L V5.3) SL-425 Architecting and Designing J2EE Applications SA-225-S10 Solaris 10 New Features for Experienced Solaris System Administrators OO-226 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML RH253 Red Hat Linux Networking & Security Administration BEA Tuxedo: System Administration SL-351 Advanced Business Component Development With Enterprise JavaBeans


- 5/6 -



Anti-Money Laundering System Customer Due Diligence System Citigroup Webfarm in EMEA Region

Orange Poland:

PTK Enterprise Application Integration Platform (EAI) Postpaid/Prepaid Customer self-care Various CRM and customer care systems Brand mark change from Idea to Orange Mail system (1mln users) for portal

EO Networks:

PR24 MTV Classic ycie Warszawy Webmail dla Gruner & Jahr oraz Bauer Internet File Storage with web access

The Mother Ship Poland (AHOJ.PL):

Mail engine and Webmail interface Dating Service

Internet Partners:

Job Service ( now) Gas station database Publication System Publication System UniaPolska/Exit Stock Exchange quotation Worked on implementing Netscape ExpertSeller for Citibank

SOS Internet:

Free e-mail system

Dial-up system


Born in Kielce, Poland, Polish citizen. Polish (native) and English (fluent), German (basic). Driving Car License. Owner of The Red Faro Desing & Solutions Ltd. Interests include: sciencefiction books, sciences related to physics, astronomy and technology, social psychology, mountain bike riding, skiing, martial arts (Taekwondo trainings from 1995). Linux enthusiast, in spare time Java developer and small housing estate network administrator.

- 6/6 -


Robert Starmach Resume

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