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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hawkeye Community College a&P SCHool

1501 east orange Rd., waterloo, iowa


DIRECTIONS: From U.S. Hwy. 20, take Exit 230 (Hwy. 21), go South on Hwy. 21 two miles to East Orange Rd., turn left (or East), go approximately one mile to sale site. Watch for signs.


First Class


Sale Site PHone 319-296-4423

aiRline ConneCtionS

Limited service into Waterloo on Northwest Airlines or various airlines into the following cities: Cedar Rapids, Iowa (one hour drive); or Dubuque, Iowa (one hour and 40 minute drive).


HOTEL HEADQUARTERS Heartland Inn 1809 LaPorte Rd. Waterloo, Iowa 319-235-4461 Holiday Inn Express 2141 LaPorte Rd. Waterloo, Iowa 319-233-9191 Hampton Inn 2034 LaPorte Rd. Waterloo, Iowa 319-233-2044 Fairfield Inn 2011 LaPorte Rd. Waterloo, Iowa 319-234-5452

Return Service Requested

PUBLICATION PRINTING · WATERLOO, NE 68069 · (402) 779-4696

H H H aiRCRaFt H H H

1974 Piper PA31-350 Navajo Chieftain; N-7514J, S/N 31-7405405; AFTT 5,740 Hrs.; Lyc. TIO-540-J2BD Engines. L/E: TSO 1,421 Hrs.; R/E: TSO 1,773 Hrs. Aircraft has Colemill Panther II Conversion w/ Hartzell 4-Blade Q Tip Props and Winglets. Has Most Instruments, No Radios. Has Airframe and Engine Logs and Last Flown in 1994. Also Has STC Paperwork. Sells w/No Bill of Sale, Title Search of N# Reflects Problems.

1969 Hadley Page Jetstream HP-137; N-4770, S/N 240; AFTT 5,740 Hrs. Garrett TPE 331-3U Engines. L/E: T.T. 6,403 Hrs. (Hot Section Done at 5,762, Replaced 1st Stage T Wheel); R/E: T.T. 4,949 Hrs. (Hot Section Done at 4,308, Replaced 1st and 3rd Stage T Wheels and 1st and 2nd Stage Stators) (w/New Hartzell Model B3TN-5K Props). Aircraft is Mostly Complete Minus Radios. Has Complete Airframe and Engine Logs. Last Flown in 1986.

Cessna 310E, U3B; N-8160E, S/N 60-6064; AFTT 10,352 Hrs.; Cont. IO520E2B Engines. Aircraft has Colemill Executive 600 Conversion w/3-Blade Props, Cleveland Brakes and STC Paperwork. Has Military Hard Cards and Partial Logs. Last Flown in 1988. Has No Data Tag. Cessna 150J N-872ND, S/N 15070017; Cont. 0-200A Engine. Aircraft Has McCauley Fixed Pitch Prop, Cleveland Wheels and Brakes, Missing Some Radios and Instruments. Aircraft Has No Log Book and No Bill of Sale. Will Be Sold As Parts Plane. t (PICTURED BELOW)

1958 Cessna 150 N-5590E, S/N 17090; AFTT 2,400 Hrs. Cont. 4 Cyl. Ground Power Engine. Aircraft Used As A Taxi Trainer. The Wings Have Been Cut Just Outboard of the Wing Struts. Aircraft is Otherwise Complete. Has A McCauley Fixed Pitch Prop and One Airframe Log and Airworthiness Certificate. Last Entry 1976.

1967 Cessna 150G N-2964S, S/N 15066864; AFTT 3,800 Hrs. Cont. 0-200A Engine. Aircraft is Complete Minus Radios. Has Cleveland Wheels and Brakes. Has Airframe and Engine Logs, and Airworthiness Certificate. Last Flown in 1984.

: All Aircraft Will Need To Be Hauled Out On Trailers And Will Be Sold As Student Training Aircraft.


H H H SHoP eQuiPment H H H

Tronair Mdl. 15A7603-1000 Cabin Pressurization Unit S/N 2802040701 3-Phase 20 H.P. Motor, 0-13 PSI Pressure Range, 0-275 SCFM Flow Range, 300° Fahrenheit Max. Outlet Air Temp has K-2403 CPU Adapter for Sabre 65 (New 2004 Never Been Used)

(3 Ea.) Christie Type B-8 Rectifier Output 200 Amp 28V DC Christie Type B-9 Rectifier Output 400 Amp 28V DC Tronair Mdl. 05-3005-1100 Hyd. Mule, 5606 Fluid Flows Up to 10 GPM and Up to 5,000 PSI Magnaflux Type DRC-523 Magnaflux Bench 6' Bed, 3,000 Max. Amps Output, AC, Demag Ring ServiFlex Mdl. T417-A Fuel Flow Test Bench, Dual Direction Drive Pad, Flows Up to 365 PPH (3 Ea.) Sets of Spark Plug Gapping Tools Sun Mdl. BST-11 Battery/Starter Tester Allen Alternator, Generator and Magneto Test Stand (6 Ea.) Cyl. Hold-Down Fixtures (8 Ea.) Recip. Engine Build Stands (5 Ea.) Engine Tear-Down Parts Carts w/ Cylinder Holders Snap-On Coil and Condenser Tester Mdl. MT335 Storm-Vulcan Mdl. U-30 Rod Alignment Fixture Cylinder Heat Stand Heathkit Small Ultrasonic Cleaner Goodall Mdl. 300 Bench Top Drill Press Marquette 6, 12, 24 Volt Battery Chargers Sears 6, 8, 12 and 24 Volt Battery Chargers Brake Bleeder Pots Walker 4,000 Lb. Engine Hoist (2 Ea.) Tail Stands (4 Ea.) Fairbanks-Morse Mdl. 41-3156 3,000 Lb. Platform Scales Prop Blade Working Table Prop Balancing Stand Lincoln Mdl. AC-225 Arc Welder (2 Ea.) Welding Tables (6 Ea.) Recip. Engine Run-up Test Carts (9 Ea.) 2-Place Bottle Carts JoyBar Tow Bar and Misc. Tow Bars Vacuum Pump Allison Engine Stand

Marathon Mdl. PCA-131 Nicad Battery Charger/ Analyzer

Cessna Mdl. SE-589 Hydro Test Mule Up to 3,000 PSI (3 Ea.) Sioux Mdl. 1695 Valve Seat Drivers w/Stone Dressers (3 Ea.) Meyers 28" 8 Ton Tripod Jacks (2 Ea.) Type B-6 36" 10 Ton Tripod Jacks (2 Ea.) Ward Aero P/N 2-169 24" 6,000 Lb. Tripod Jacks

Blue M Mdl. DL-122C-2 Electric Oven 572°, 20"W x 20"T x 20"D (2 Ea.) Regent 36" 30 Ton Tripod Jacks 60" 30 Ton Tripod Jack Chadwick Mdl. 177M-6 Blade Balancer w/Strobex Mdl. 135M-10B Blade Tracker Marvel Tail Rotor Blade Balancing Tool Kit

Borroughs Dual Cyl. Heat Table Burton Pitot Static Test Set Mdl. MB-1A Military Pitot Static Test Set Revere Elect Aircraft Scales P/N C-46500, 50,000 Lb. Per Cell Banner Mdl. 82E000 Spark Plug Cleaner/Tester AC Spark Plug Vibrator Cleaner

(2 Ea.) Sioux Mdl. 1680 Wet Cylinder Working Tables w/Driver and Stone Dresser

H H H HanD toolS and teSt eQuiPment H H H

Staveley Nortec-19E Flaw Detector w/Probes Airborne Mdl. 343 Pneumatic Pressure Test Set MD-1 Fuel Qty. Test Set Merc-Tronic Mdl. 98 Lead Tester Owatonna A200S Alternator Servicing Tool Set Lyc. Connecting Rod Counter Weight Bushing Removal/Inst. Tool (4 Ea.) Timerite Indicators Bendix Magneto Timing Tools Borroughs Valve Seat Installer Reamers and Cutters Differential Cyl. Compression Gauges (2 Ea.) Eastern Mdl. E25 Timing Indicator Eastern Mdl. E10 Cold Cyl. Tester (8 Ea.) Magneto Synch Boxes Slick Magneto Tool Piston Ring Compressor (2 Ea.) Valve Seat Install Tools Ward Aero Alternator Analyzer Burroughs Mdl. BT-60C Test Fixture Sunnen Cyl. Hone Radial Engine Carb. Tools Marvel Schebler Carb. Tools Dial Indicators Turbo Charger Tooling Radial Engine Cylinder, Intake Nut and Specialty Tools Sweeney Mdl. 7065 and 7075 Torque Testers 0-6,000 In. Lbs., 0-500 Ft. Lbs. Sweeney Torque Tester Mdl. 71A 50-500 Ft. Lbs. Prop Turning Bars Jo-Line 4700 Ft. Lb. Torque Wrench TCI Torque Tester Mdl. FT1000F Sweeney Prop Wrenches (2 Ea.) Cable Tensiometers Mdl. C-8 Hose Mandrels Cherry Max Mdl. G749A Rivet Puller (3 Ea.) Pneumatic Rivet Hammers (4 Ea.) Pneumatic Drills Pneumatic Sheet Metal Nibbler (4 Ea.) Pneumatic Rivet Squeezers Rivet Cutters and Hole Finders Clecos (3 Ea.) Pneumatic Rivet Pullers Prop Protractors (10 Ea.) 2-Jaw Gear Pullers Parker Beading Tool Set Tubing Flare Tools Imperial Tubing Bender Rivet Sets Zyglo Black Light Kit Strut Pump (3 Ea.) Multi Meters BK Precision 20 MHZ Oscilloscope Mdl. 2120B (2 Ea.) Heathkit RF Signal Generators Several Oxy/Acetylene Hose Sets and Regulators

Panametrics Epoch 11B Digital Ultrosonic Flaw Detector Mdl. 2200 w/Test Blocks and Probes Kell-Strom Turbine Tools Includes Part #'s CPWA 30049-2, 30075, 30056, 30069, 30049-1, 30239, 30369, 30044-1, 30050-5, Several Duplicates Borroughs Connecting Rod Bushing Reaming and Alignment Tooling Kit 8097C, 8072C and 8042C for Lyc. and Cont. Rods


H H H RamP eQuiPment H H H

Clark CT40 Tug 4,000 Lb. D.B.P., 6 Cyl. Flat Head, Gas, Manual Trans. Hobart Mdl. 488 25 H.P. 600 Amp 28V Generator Cart

Aircraft Tug Mdl. JG-40 Chrysler 6 Cyl. Gas, Automatic, 4,000 Lb. D.B.P. Kurz and Root Mdl. GAMA1 Generator Cart 28V DC 70 Gal Fuel Cart

Sun Mdl. D-6 Hyd. Mule Test Cart 10 GPM at 3,000 PSI, 5 GPM at 5,000 PSI 220/440 3 Phase Turbine Heater Cart Boeing Mdl. 502-7D

Davey Mdl. MC1A Airstart Cart 15 CFM at 3,500 PSI, 4 Cyl. Wisconsin Gas Engine Herman Nelson Mdl. GT 3090D Portable Heater Cart

(2 Ea.) Hobart GPU Start Cart P/N 2361 30KW, 28V DC, 8 Cyl. Gas Chrysler Industrial Hemi Engine 400,000 BTU Portable Heater Mdl. BT400-30

H H H tRaining aiDS and Cutaway engineS H H H

Avotek Mdl. H37 Hyd. System Training Board, Has Cylinders, Hand Pump and Accumulator (4 Ea.) Nav. and Landing Light Training Boards (All Have Landing Lights and Motors)

TA System A-7D Aircraft Electrical Systems Training Aid, Has Functional Nav. Lights and Beacon, Inverters, Switching Panels and Circuit Breaker Boards, Uses 220V 3-Phase Motor TA Systems F-105 Fire Detection and Warning Systems Training Board. Has Fire Detection Sensors, Wiring Harness and Panels. Cessna RG L/G Cabin Section Training Aid Complete w/all Gear Boxes, Actuators and Main and Nose Gear

(3 Ea.) Actuator and Hyd. Training Aid Boards w/Electric Motors, Multiple Actuators and Accumulators TA Systems A-7D Hydraulic Power/Landing Gear Training Stand, Dual Motors and Hyd. Pumps, Multiple Actuators, Accumulators and Reservoirs (2 Ea.) Landing Gear Training Aids



Good Selection of Aircraft Engine, Accessory, Airframe and Instrument Cutaways and Training Aids

(4 Ea.) Janitrol and Southwind Cabin Heater Training Aid Stands Aircraft Brake Training Aids Instrument Panel Training Board (2 Ea.) Fire Detection and Over-Heat Training Boards Chadwick Whirligig Mdl. 10 Calibrator/Trainer Ignitor Box Training Board Aircraft Elect Training Board Good Selection of Training Slides and Instructional Videos

Curtis Wright R-3350 Cutaway Engine w/Prop and Rotating Elect. Motor

Turbine Engine Cutaway on Stand Westinghouse Turbine Engine Cutaway on Stand

H ReCiP. and RaDial engine CoReS H

H tuRBine engineS H

(3 Ea.) Lyc. 0-540 Engine Cores w/All Accys. Cont. GTSIO-520G Engine Core (2 Ea.) Cont. 470 Engine Cores

Lyc. TIO540-A2B Engine Cores Cont. IO-470-VO Engine Cores Continental W670-240 Radial Engine

Allison T63-A700 Engine on Stand Westinghouse J34-WE-48 Engine on Run-Up Stand

(5 Ea.) Westinghouse J34-36A Engines in P2-V Neptune Nacelles on Carts (Most w/Hard Card Logs)

H wHeel and H BRake inV.

Various Wheels 5" and 6" Goodyear Multi Disc Brake Assys. Goodrich 21-1/2 x 3-1/2 Expander Brake Assy. Several Brake Pucks and Linings Several Master Cylinders

ReCiP. engine inV.

(2 Ea.) Starter Ring Gears Lyc. H2AD Case w/Crank (2 Ea.) Lyc. 540 Cases Lyc. 4 Cyl. Case Lyc. Oil Sumps Cont. Oil Pan (14 Ea.) Lyc. and Cont. Camshafts (12 Ea.) 4 and 6 Cyl. Camshafts Radial Engine Baffling, Rocker Box Covers and Inv. Engine Gasket Board (3 Ea.) GE J85-GE-7 Engines Garrett GTC-85-37-2 APU on Test Stand Allison TF41-A1B Turbine Engine on Maintenance Stand Allison TF41-A1B Turbine Engine on Transport Cart J-65-W7D Turbo Jet Engine on Transport Cart (2 Ea.) Allison T-63 Shipping Cans

lanDing geaRS H and inV. H

(3 Ea.) Piper Retractable MLG Assy. Cherokee MLG Assy. (4 Ea.) Piper and Misc. Nose Forks (2 Ea.) Beech L/G Box Assys. Beech L/G Motor Beech Retract Rod Bonanza MLG and Wheel Assy. Early Bonanza L/G Trunions and Legs Prestolite and Misc. L/G Hyd. Power Pak Piper Nose Gear Trunion Cardinal Nose Gear Steering Collar (2 Ea.) Cessna Spring Gear (3 Ea.) Sikorsky Nose Strut Assys. Mooney L/G Braces and Inv. Scott Tail Wheel

Lycoming and Cont. Engine Inv. to Include Oil Pumps, Connecting Rods, Push Rods, Push Tubes, Internal Gears, Pistons, Bearings, Through Bolts, Intake, Tappets, Counterweights, Rocker Box Covers, Rocker Arms, Intakes, Several Pistons, Engine Valves.

aCCeSSoRieS and inV.

(2 Ea.) Bendix Starter Generators P/N 30B58-3 Lear Siegler Mdl. 23046 and 8013C Starter Generators (Disassembled) Lear Siegler Starter/Generator Mdl. 2381-023 (2 Ea.) Airesearch Air Starters Mdl. ATS25 and ATS50 (5 Ea.) 12 and 24 Volt Starters (32 Ea.) 12 and 24 Volt Alternators (3 Ea.) MA3A Carbs. (5 Ea.) MA4-5 Carbs. (5 Ea.) RSA-5 Fuel Injection Servos (6 Ea.) RSA-10 Fuel Injection Servos (2 Ea.) Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies (15 Ea.) Fuel Injection Dividers Cont. Fuel Injection Pumps (8 Ea.) Bendix Dual Magnetos (15 Ea.) Bendix 6 Cyl. Magnetos (3 Ea.) Bendix 1200 Series Magnetos (8 Ea.) Slick 4 Cyl. Magnetos (12 Ea.) Slick 6 Cyl. Magnetos (5 Ea.) Eisemann and Misc. Magneto Cores Good Selection of Slick and Bendix Magneto Housings, Armatures, Harnesses, Gears, Snap Couplings, Distributor Blocks, Hardware, Etc. (8 Ea.) Prop Governors (10 Ea.) 12 and 24 Volt Generators (10 Ea.) NAR 6B Carburetors NAR 4B Carburetor (5 Ea.) PS5C Pressure Carbs. (45+) Tach. Generators (7 Ea.) Oil Coolers Several Wet Vac. Pumps Dry Vac. Pumps (6 Ea.) Fuel Selector Switches (9 Ea.) Garrett and Solar Turbochargers Garrett Turbo Controller and Waste Gate (12 Ea.) Boost Pumps to Include Lear, Thompson and Pesco (29 Ea.) Mechanical Fuel Pumps (7 Ea.) Jack and Heinz E4 Starters (4 Ea.) Large Radial Engine Carburetors Several Fuel Sending Units (18 Ea.) Thompson and Pesco Engine Driven Fuel Pumps (10 Ea.) Hyd. Pumps (12 Ea.) Southwind and Janitrol Heaters Linear Actuators Accumulators (2 Ea.) Flap Motors Delco Bushings, Armatures, Field Coils, Hardware, Etc. (10 Ea.) Starter Drives Carb. and Fuel Injection Inv. to Include Float Bowls, Housings, Gaskets, Needles, Throttle Arms, Floats, Shafts, O/H Kits and Hardware. Starter Nose Housings Several Actuator Motors Disassembled Starter, Generator and Alternator Inv.

PRoPelleRS H and inV. H

CylinDeR CoRe

(3 Ea.) Lyc. 320/360 Cylinders (4 Ea.) Lyc. 235 Cylinders (3 Ea.) H2AD Cylinder (10 Ea.) 540-J2BD Cylinders (18 Ea.) E Series Cylinders (2 Ea.) Cont. 470 and 520 Cylinders (3 Ea.) 65/0200 Cylinders W670 Cylinder Sensenich 80" Wood Prop Sensinich 62" 4-Blade Wood Test Club Sensenich 4-Blade Wood Test Club Prop Hamilton Standard 43D50 3-Bladed Prop (10 Ea.) Hartzell Constant Speed Props Wood Prop Large Wood Prop Hub (4 Ea.) Hartzell 3-Blade Prop Ham. Std. Prop Beech Electromatic Prop

(4 Ea.) Fixed Pitch Props (3 Ea.) Prop Blades Hamilton Standard Prop Inv. Prop Spacers, Hubs, Clamps, Springs, Domes Prop De-Ice Rings


HeliCoPteR H H H inV. H H H

(2 Ea.) Bell M/R Transmission and Mast. Assy. P/N 212040-001-39 (2 Ea.) Sets of Bell Helicopter Ground Handling Wheels Hughes 269 T/R and Transmission Tools Bell 206 Swash Plate and Misc. Inv. Bell 206 T/R Blade (1 Set) ERA Aviation Helicopter Auxiliary Fuel Tanks 70 Gal. P/N 41228-200 New Bell 205 Firewall Panel Bell Helicopter Environmental Control Unit Eastern Cargo Hook Hughes 369A Stabilizer Fin Janitrol Tail Pipe Heat Exchanger P/N 204072-263 Small Helicopter Ground Handling Wheels Bell Misc. Instruments, Valves, Elect Inv., Hoses and Controllers

H aiRFRame and H miSC. inV.

Cessna 150 Fuselage N-4376U (8 Ea.) Cessna, Piper and Beech Control Surfaces (15 Ea.) Fabric Control Surfaces (5 Ea.) Cessna, Rockwell and Piper Rudders (2 Ea.) King Air Heated Windshield (5 Ea.) Engine Mounts (9 Ea.) Fuel and Oil Tanks (7 Ea.) Mufflers Turbo Transition Exhaust Pipes and Couplings Throttle Quadrant Misc. Actuators and Motors Engine Control Cables (2 Ea.) Jet Engine Tail Cones Air Boxes

H H tuRBine H H engine inV.

PT-6 Engine Inv. to Include Blades, Bearings, Filters, Discs, Probes, Rings, Stators Allison 250 Inv. to Include Turbine and Compressor Wheels, Nozzle Shields, Gear Shafts Turbine Fuel Nozzles Turbine Engine Blades, Burner Cans, Filters, Housings, Stators and Various Other Internal Parts (4 Ea.) Ignitor Boxes



H H H inStRumentS H H H and aVioniCS

(55+) Instruments to Include Vertical Speed, Exhaust Temp., Air Temp., Oil Temp, Fuel Qty., Fuel Flow, Turn and Banks, PSI Tach., Airspeed, Gyros, Compass, Battery Temp., Amp Meters, Battery Temp., Percent RPM, Fuel Flow, Etc. Global GNS-500A Nav. Unit KN65A DME

H H H eleCtRiCal inV. H H H

(5 Ea.) Landing Lights (10 Ea.) Voltage Regulators Instrument Lights and Panels Nav. Lights Electrical Inv. to Include Cannon Plugs, Reverse Current Relays, Solenoids, Elect. Panels, Controllers, Wire, Etc.

H H H HaRDwaRe H H H

Hardware to Include Turn Buckles, AN Nuts, Nut Plate, AN Fittings, Adel Clamps, Screws, AN Bolts, Cherry Rivets, AN Solid Rivets, Hose Clamps and MS Packing and Seals

H H H miSCellaneouS H H H

(46 Ea.) Cases of Turbine Engine Oil (6 Ea.) Cases of 5606 Hyd. Oil (4 Ea.) Oxygen Bottles (16 Ea.) Nicad Batteries Good Selection of Misc. Hardware

manualS, miCRoFiCHe H H H and ReaDeRS H H H

Overhaul/Parts Manuals to Include Piper, Navajo, Apache, Aztec, Cherokee, Twin Comanche, Cheyenne, Beech 18, F90 King Air, Baron, Bonanza, King Air 100, Skipper, Bell 206, Bell 47, Cessna 150, 172, 177, 180, 210, 206, 310, 337, 207, 320, 401, 402, 411, Jetstream 31, Jetstream HP137, Beech Jet 400, Gulfstream 1, DC-9, Falcon 10, PT-6, Garrett 331, TFE 731, Rolls Royce, Lyc. 235, 290, 320, 360 and 540, Cont. W/670, 65/200, E225, TSIO-360, 0-470, 0-520, GTSIO520, Pratt R-1340, R-2000, Slick Mag, Woodward Prop Gov., Prestolite, Fars and Advisory Circulars, Misc. Microfiche, J-34, J-85, Prop and Various Accessory Manuals. (Approximately 200 Manuals) Falcon 10 Service Manuals, Various Aircraft Wiring Manuals (3 Ea.) Microfiche Readers

auCtioneeR'S note: Hawkeye Community College has closed their A&P School and have contracted with Starman Bros. Auctions to liquidate all aircraft, equipment, tools, engines and inventory at public auction. There are some good aircraft equipment training aids, etc., being sold. If you are an A&P school, a supplier, or just need inventory, equipment or aircraft, do not miss this auction.

Everything sells "AS IS, WHERE IS," with no warranties implied or expressed. Neither the auctioneer nor owners shall be liable for any incorrect description, fault, or defect. Everything positively sells to the highest bidder. Payment must be made in full day of sale. No property removed until settled for. Auctioneer not responsible for accidents or stolen property. All counts are approximate.

teRmS: Cash, Certified Funds, or Company Check ONLY if accompanied by Bank Letter of Guarantee!! NO EXCEPTIONS! Wire Transfers will be accepted with a 20% nonrefundable deposit day of sale. We also accept MasterCard and Visa. A 3% Buyer's Premium will apply to this auction. If payment is Cash, Check, Certified Funds or Wire Transfer, the 3% Buyer's Premium will be waived.


Flying aiRCRaFt teRmS

Must be Cash or Certified Funds. A company check will be accepted ONLY with an IRREVOCABLE Letter of Credit from your bank. If a Wire Transfer or Bank Draft is used, we need a 20% NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT Day of Sale via one of the above mentioned forms.



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