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David S. Rosenberg

Curriculum Vita

110 Third Ave · New York, NY 10003 +1(510)541-3897 · [email protected] EDUCATION 2002 ­ 2008 University of California, Berkeley Research: machine learning, sequence prediction, natural language processing Dissertation Advisor: Prof. Peter L. Bartlett Ph.D., Statistics Harvard University S.M., Applied Mathematics (Computer Science focus) Yale University B.S., Mathematics, cum laude, with Distinction in Major Technical University of Budapest The Budapest Semesters in Mathematics study abroad program

2000 ­ 2002 1995 ­ 2000 1998 ­ 1999

PROFESSIONAL AND RESEARCH EXPERIENCE 2008 ­ Present 2005 ­ 2007 Sense Networks, New York, NY

Developing algorithms for analyzing large-scale spatiotemporal data.

Recommind, San Francisco, CA

Consulted on natural language processing problems related to internet chat rooms, including conversation thread separation and message-type classification.

2005, Seattle, WA

Consulted on machine learning techniques, including non-parametric regression, for real estate valuation.

2000 ­ 2002

The MITRE Corporation, Bedford, MA

Analyzed techniques for inverting cryptographic one-way functions. Used generative and discriminative techniques to classify helicopter radar signatures. Applied the restless-arm bandit framework to a problem in radar scheduling.

Summer 1997

DIMACS REU, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Working with Prof. Sven Dickinson, developed algorithms for choosing landmarks to use for robot navigation. Used C++ and the LEDA library to implement a graphical environment for testing these algorithms.

Summer 1996

Computer Science Dept., Yale University, New Haven, CT

Working with Prof. Bradley Kuszmaul, implemented "Simple Cilk," a parallel processing system for a network of workstations, using C and MPI.

AWARDS 2001 The MITRE Corporation Special Recognition Award for "the discovery of a key security vulnerability in a proposed ... design for a future generation of the Global Positioning System (GPS)" Yale University's Anthony D. Stanley Prize for "excellence in pure and applied mathematics" Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society for "top 1/8th of Technical Majors" University of Maryland Programming Contest, 1st Place Team

1998 and 2000 1997 1994 PAPERS

"Multi-View Point Cloud Kernels for Semi-Supervised Learning" D. Rosenberg, V. Sindhwani, P. Bartlett, and P. Niyogi IEEE Signals Processing Magazine, vol 26, no 5, pp 145-150, Sept 2009

"An RKHS for Multi-View Learning and Manifold Co-Regularization" V. Sindhwani and D. Rosenberg International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2008

"Rademacher Complexity of Co-Regularized Kernel Classes" D. Rosenberg and P. Bartlett Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AIStats), 2007

"Mixture-of-Parents Maximum Entropy Markov Models" D. Rosenberg, D. Klein, and B. Taskar Proceedings of Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI), 2007

TEACHING EXPERIENCE Spring 2008 Spring 2006 Fall 2003 Fall 2003 SKILLS General Programming Java, C, Hadoop Mathematical and Statistical Programming R, Mathematica, Matlab Foreign Language Hungarian (conversational) David S. Rosenberg Page 2 of 2 June 11, 2012 CS 281B/Stat 241B: Statistical Learning Theory, Prof. Peter Bartlett Stat 210B: Theoretical Statistics, Prof. Michael Jordan CS 281A/Stat 241A: Statistical Learning Theory, Prof. Peter Bartlett Stat 2: Introductory Statistics, Prof. John Rice


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