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Department of Statistics 101 Illini Hall 725 South Wright Street Champaign, IL 61820


Application for Applied Masters Degree Program in Statistics

Name: ____________________________________________ Date: ______________ Last First UIN: ________________________ Email: ________________________________

Current department: ________________________ Current degree program: Applied Statistics concentration of interest: Biostatistics Psychometrics and Behavioral Statistics Sociology Statistical Genetics Economics Other Semester you anticipate transferring to the Dept. of Statistics _________________ Semester you anticipate completing the Applied MS in Statistics _____________

You must be accepted into the program at least one year before receiving the degree


Ph. D.

GPA at UIUC ______ Previous educational history: School

GRE: Verbal Reasoning: ______ Quantitative Reasoning: ______ Analytical Writing: ______ Department Degree received (if any) GPA on 4-point scale

telephone 217-333-2167 · fax 217-244-7190

Prerequisites: Please give the semester you took the course and the grade you received, as well as the school if you wish to satisfy the requirement with a course at another institution:


MATH 241 - Calculus III (Calculus through vector calculus)


MATH 415 or 418 (Linear Algebra)


STAT 400 (Statistics and Probability I)

Proposed program of study, to be filled out in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies in Statistics. You must take 9 courses all together, constituting 36 graduate credit hours. At least 3 courses must be at the 500 level. Required: ____ STAT 410 ____ STAT 425 One of the following: ____ STAT 427 ____ Approved Internship

____ Simultaneous enrollment in another graduate program that uses statistics At least one more of STAT 424, 426, 428, 429, 525 and 571 (circle one or more) Other courses:

Your signature ____________________________________

Date _______________

Please submit to: Applied MS Program, Department of Statistics, 101 Illini Hall, MC-374. Include the form on the next page signed by your current Graduate Advisor.

Endorsement from Applicant's current program.

Name ____________________________________ Position __________________________________ Department _______________________________ I endorse the application of _____________________________ (student's name) to the Applied Masters program in Statistics. Signature ___________________________________ Date _____________


Note: This degree is intended to supplement graduate studies in other fields. Admission to the Applied MS in Statistics program requires that the student is already admitted for graduate studies in a related field at UIUC. The student must transfer temporarily to the Department of Statistics for one semester prior to completing the Applied MS degree, returning thereafter to the primary program.



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