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Presentation Assessment Rubric

Graduation Challenge

Before Giving a Presentation the student must have: (1) Completed at least 30 hours of his/her Community Learning Experience. (2) Handed to his/her CVU advisor the Community Consultant Verification Form. (3) Completed his/her Tri-Search Paper and have it in the jury process. To achieve the standard the Presentation must: A. Meet the three requirements listed below: (1) No more than 2 minutes of the presentation can be audio-visual materials. (2) The presentation must be 8 to 12 minutes in length. (3) A tangible product must be integrated into the presentation. B. Achieve or exceed the standards in all the categories in the rubric below. Exceeds Standard Achieves Standard Does Not Achieve Standard

'Strong and engaging


introduction provides overview of presentation; presentation supports introduction; conclusion reinforces main points in memorable fashion.

'Introduction provides

overview of presentation, speech supports introduction and ends with appropriate conclusion.

'Introduction does not

give overview, organization is unclear, or speech ends without conclusion.

'Main ideas are


presented with depth and effectively supported with facts, vivid details, and engaging examples.

'Main ideas are

supported with appropriate facts, examples, and details.

'Main ideas are

unclear; facts, examples, and details are lacking or fail to support ideas.

'Presenter makes


insightful connections to personal experience, tangible product, and reading/research.

'Presenter makes

relevant connections to personal experience, tangible product, and reading/research.

'Presenter does not

make relevant connections to personal experience, tangible product, and reading/research.

'Presenter maintains

Physical Expression

eye contact with audience; communicates passion for topic with energy and poise; and uses gestures effectively.

'Presenter maintains

some eye contact with audience, refers to notes sparingly. Presentation appears rehearsed; distracting mannerisms are controlled.

'Presenter rarely makes

eye contact, reads from notes extensively, or appears insufficiently rehearsed. Distracting mannerisms interfere with communication.

'Speaker has excellent

Voice control of volume, articulation, and speaking rate; uses emphasis effectively to provide drama and engagement.

'Speaker has adequate

volume and clarity, speaks at appropriate rate, and communicates interest.

'Speaker is difficult to

understand because of problems in volume or clarity; speaking rate too fast or too slow.

Visual Aids

'Visual aids

significantly enhance the presentation.

'Visual aids adequately

support speech.

'Visual aids not visible,

not used effectively, or of poor quality.



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