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About Rick: When Rick Gutierrez takes the stage, he does so with 17 years of stand-up experience behind him and an irreverent mix of powerful, strong, and thoughtprovoking material. Finally, timeless material from a Latino voice that bridges all cultural and social bounds. Rick's show has played literally from one coast to the other in any type of venue imaginable: comedy clubs, colleges, concerts, corporate events, country clubs. Rick has something for all of them. The widespread appeal of Rick's hilarious observations have earned him appearances on NBC, Showtime, as well as HBO, and have even taken him off the stand-up comedy stage recently into the world of feature films. His dedication to generating new material results in an ever-evolving act that is never complacent and his ability to bring that material to life on stage is second to none and always leaves audiences craving more.

Rick Gutierrez

San Antonio, TX [email protected]

Comedy Clubs: Funnybone Comedy Club St. Louis, MO Matt Barhans Rivercenter Comedy Club San Antonio , TX Ben Huerta (210) 229-1420 Looney Bin Comedy Club Little Rock , AR Jeff Jones (505) 280-6296 The Comic Strip El Paso , TX Bart Reed (915) 581-8877 Other Clubs: Icehouse, (Pasadena, CA) Improv (Hollywood, CA), Laugh Factory (Hollywood, CA), Funnybone (Fairview Heights, IL), Funnybone (Springfield, IL), Funnybone (Baton Rouge, LA), Go Bananas (Cincinnati, OH), Loony Bin (Wichita KS), Loony Bin (Oklahoma City), Hyena's (Fort Worth, TX), Hyena's (Arlington, TX), Comedy Showcase, (Houston, TX), Laff's Comedy Club, (Albuquerque, NM), 8th Street Comedy Club, (Odessa, TX), Wild West Comedy Club, (Odessa, TX), Loonee's Comedy Corner, (Colorado Springs, CO), Crazy Times Comedy Club, (Corpus Christi, TX), Laff's Comedy Cafe, (Tucson, AZ)

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Worked with: Chris Fonseca Denver, CO (719) 201-2605 Todd Yohn North Carolina (336) 749-9119 Robert Hawkins Dallas , TX Other Comics: George Lopez, Gabriel Iglesias, Brad Upton, Marc Ryan, J.R. Brow, Isaac Witty, Chad Daniels, Ben Creed, Mike Lucas, Patrick DeGuire, Johnny Cavanah, John Bizarre, Todd Glass, Dee McNary, Basile, Steven Hirst, Chris Cannon, Mark Britten, Ron White, Diane Ford, Cleto Rodriguez, Kim Kerly, Kenny Smith, Colin Molten, Scotty Goff, John Evans, Steve McGrew, and countless others. TV Appearances, Feature Films, and other Media Latino Laugh Festival the Show, Showtime Network NBC Friday Night Videos, NBC Loco Comedy Jam, Si' TV Home Box Office, HBO Tortilla Heaven ­ Feature Film The Hard Way ­ Feature Film

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